Honeywell HPA-151C Air Purifier Review

Do you suffer from allergies? I am allergic to dust and fall pollen makes me sneeze like crazy, during the fall I often have red itchy eyes when I am outdoors. Reducing the presence of allergens inside my home is always on my mind since I know that pollen is easily transported indoors on clothes and shoes.

Air Purifier

I received the Honeywell HPA-151C Permanent Air Purifier to try out and I am very excited to use it to reduce my allergy symptoms and maintain good air quality for my son and my husband who suffers from asthma.

The Honeywell Air Purifier captures 99.97% of microscopic airborne allergens as small as .3 microns (smaller than the diameter of a single strain of hair!) from the air that passes through its filters and it has an ENERGY STAR® rating so you can feel comfortable running it 24/7.

The Honeywell HPA-151C is perfect for mid to large size rooms and I love the fact that it helps reduce unpleasant odors while capturing household dust, cooking smoke, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, pet hair/fur, tree and grass pollen.

My favorite feature of the HPA-151C Air Purifier is the fact that it has a permanent HEPA filter, it means I don’t have to buy filter replacements every few months. Instead, I can easily  vacuum clean the filter when it’s time (the device has an electronic filter indicator to remind you when to clean it). Saving money and resources this way!

Air Purifier

We installed the device in our living room and I like that it doesn’t take too much space since it is compact.  It is also not too loud and we can watch T.V while the device is on without problems.

If you or somebody in your family suffers from allergies then I recommend you try out a HEPA Air Purifier. The Honeywell HPA-151C has been fantastic and I am happy to be reducing the presence of allergens in my home.

Bellow are also a few useful tips to help you survive allergy season:

  • ·         Save Outdoor Exercise for the Afternoon and Evening
  • ·         Wear Sunglasses to Protect Eyes
  • ·         Shower & Change Clothes After Being Outside
  • ·         Keep Windows Closed
  • ·         Try a HEPA Air Purifier

Buy it:  ($179.98)  You can purchase the HPA-151C Air Purifier online at and other select retailers.

Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will win a Honeywell HPA-151C Air Purifier like the one I received. Enter to win via Rafflecopter below.  Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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261 responses to “Honeywell HPA-151C Air Purifier Review”

  1. I do suffer from allergies especially in the spring.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. Lots of fresh air ..and a box of kleenex sometimes allergy pill..that and forever dusting

  3. I have seasonal and dust allergies. I currently use allergy pills but I bet this would help soooo much.

  4. Yes, I suffer from allergies…I just took an allergy pill in fact! I also.have serious repiratory problems so this would be wonderful…thankyou for the chance!

  5. autumn is my allergy time

  6. My husband suffers from allergies. He takes allergy medicine but still has some of the symptoms.

  7. sister suffers from allergies. she uses air purifiers

  8. A “friend” is an allergy sufferer and has asthma and uses this air purifier. She swears by it. It’s mounted next to her bed, and is quiet enough that she sleeps through the night with it on, every night. She’s extremely allergic to… everything… even certain fabric softeners. The breathing problems she still has aren’t as a result of the filter failing, it does help, she’s just got a bad case of too many allergies to too many different things. I should probably be a gentleman and get one of these for when she spends nights here… maybe I’ll win? 🙂

  9. Me and my mother suffer from allergies. We had to clean the house very often to help with the symptoms.

  10. We suffer from allergies inside and out. Inside, we vacuum but we were thinking of trying a purifier.

    • That’s a good idea. I find vacuuming makes my allergies worse for a while afterwards because it stirs up all the dust.

  11. My husband has allergies and he just takes allergy medicine as needed.

  12. I have bad allergies all year round. I haven’t found anything that makes them go away though 🙁

  13. I use a saline rinse on a daily basis since I suffer from year long allergies

  14. Every person in my household has allergies. I suffer through mine, because I can’t do anything about them. Can’t take medications, no sinus rinses, I live in a dusty forest so I can’t really avoid anything… I just suffer.

  15. I sneeze and get a stuffy nose every morning! I’m in dire need of a purifier! Thanks

  16. My daughter and I both suffer from allergies and take medication when we just can’t stand the symptoms anymore.

  17. My daughter is sensitive to a lot of personal care products like soap, so in that case we have to be careful what we buy and make sure everything is free from perfumes etc.

  18. my son and I have allergies to grass; we generally get by but sometimes need over the counter antihistamines

  19. daughter has problems, have to dust room weekly

  20. My Father suffers allergies so we shut the windows and have the fan on.

  21. Myself, my infant son, my husband and my dog all suffer from seasonal allergies. We use saline nose sprays and try to limit exposure. Would be great to win and add this to our list of coping options.

  22. I have asthma induced by allergies and have been researching purifiers when this contest opportunity popped up! Great website.

  23. My daughter suffers from dust, cat, wheat, pollen, etc etc. One thing we have done is although all the other bedrooms have carpet we did her in hardwood to help keep the dust down.

  24. Myself and my boys all suffer from allergies and it is no fun at all . my oldest son gets sick alot and has asthma as well so we do everything we can. We use extra covers on the beds and pillows and take medicine almost daily , but it never seems to be enough


  26. I do suffer from allergies. I just take pills to make them better but I wish that I didnt have too. This would be great to win

  27. My husband suffers from allergies

  28. My son suffers from them and he has to take meds

  29. Both my sons ad myself sufferf rom allergies. We take medicine and try to avoid triggers.

  30. This would be great for my son, he has allergies

  31. My husband has pollen allergies, and he tries to stay indoors when they get bad. This would be great for him!

  32. my son has allergies debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  33. I would love one of these. We suspect my husband has seasonal allergies. They don’t bother him too much, but this may help.

  34. I have asthma and allergies. We use a steam cleaner in our home on the upholstery to keep dust down.

  35. I have allergies. I use a nasal spray.

  36. My husband and I both have allergies. I used to have an air purifier, but it broke.

  37. My 3 young children all suffer with really bad allergies. To help them when the seasons get tough we use neilmed netti pot!

  38. We both get pretty bad seasonal allergies; we stock up on meds and hope for the best!

  39. Sometimes in the summer we get runny noses from the outside. I also react to dust so I keep the dust down by cleaning our furnace often 🙂

  40. no, no one in our household suffers from allergies,thankfully!

  41. You can ask anyone in my family- I suffer from allergies year-round. But I try to keep the house dust-free as much as I can (though those bunnies keep coming back). I never have a window open because it makes it worse. But I also take herbal supplements that actually help! But since my family likes the to have the front door open, it really doesn’t help. LOL

  42. This would really help with my son’s asthma.

  43. My husband, daughter and I all suffer from allergies. I take Claritin during peak allergy season

  44. No i don’t suffer from allergies (knock on wood) however I just gave birth to my baby boy and i wouldn’t want him to develop any so i’d love to have his air purified with this great product! 🙂

  45. My son has allergies to feather pillows and duvets, so we simply avoid having them in our house.

  46. I suffer from allergies when the leaves fall from the trees until the snow covers them. Medicine does not help my cough. I would love to try this to see if it would give me some relief.

  47. I suffer from seasonal and perennial allergies so I take allergy medication on a daily basis. Hardwood floors has helped a lot and washing bedding/pillows regularly has as well. I also make sure that my husband changes the air filter for our central air regularly. Even so, my allergies still bother me on a regular basis! Argghh!

  48. I suffer from allergies and I just take allergy medicine

  49. I suffer from minor seasonal allergies, and I just had a son 6 months ago, so I would love for him to grow up in a home with pure air!!

  50. Both my boyfriend I have allergies. To help make it a bit less painful I make sure I vacuum and dust often to keep our home as dust free as I possibly can

  51. I have mild allergies. I usually take allergy medicine.

  52. I have mild allergies and usually just suffer through them unless it gets too bad then I will take medication.

  53. My son & I both have allergies. Sometimes even medicine won’ help. We had reactin 2 hours before sleep time, at leat we can rest better but it always wears off earlier than the box said.

  54. My two sons and I all suffer from allergies. Spring and Fall are the worst. We get cold-like symptoms and take allergy pills. I don’t like taking medications, especially so often

  55. yes I do, to dust mites, cats, dander, grass, trees and a quite a few others. I take a pill daily, but an air cleaner would make it so much more bearable in the house

  56. I have mild allergies so usually I just try to live with it and sometimes take medicine if it gets worse.

  57. Allergies, Snow Mold *yikes* my son is asthmatic. Every winter I try to eliminate as many triggers that can cause asthma atttacks. I have glasses of water through my home to keep the air moist, when my son is at school spray Lysol throughout the house so the scent is dissipated by the time he arrives home. This humidifier would be absolutely Ideal – fantastic giveway.

    eva urban

  58. My daughter has pollen allergies in the springtime. We keep her bedroom windows closed to kep the tree pollens out.

  59. Pet allergies, but we love pets.

    We just make sure to get short haired and as little shedding ones that we can, but an air purifier would probably help!

  60. Suffer from soy and MSG allergies. Only way to control is t avoid eating any foods with these ingredients. Usually means scrutinizing labels and asking a lot of questions.

  61. No one seems to suffer from allergies in our home other then my MIL (who lives in her own apartment in our home).

  62. I am allergic to pollen, dust, pet dander and a few food allergies. I use claritin and it helps most times. I have had allergies most of my life but as an adult they seem to be getting worse each year..:(

  63. i am allergic to all thing and then i am on med but they do not work all the tim

  64. I have allergies and asthma so this may be helpful

  65. I was luckily allergy free until the last year, but now suffer from dust and pollen related allergies. Its horrible and frankly hinders any ability to enjoy being outdoors or even indoors. I would love to win this, so that I can feel great in my own house. Thank you!

  66. we do have some allergies, and we have a couple cats now so this would be great

  67. i am allergic to dust, so i need to clean very often, and i have a cat! a such air purifier will be greatly appreciated here 🙂

  68. I’m allergic to pollen. Sometimes I just have to stay indoors – hot baths or showers help to open airways again. thanks.

  69. Dust mites for my 6 year old – like crazy!

  70. some of the family have allergies. I use a special filter on the furnace and have the fan on low most days. it seems to help!!

  71. I would love to try this air purifier to see if it helps the allergies in our family.

  72. Hay fever in the spring and animal hair year round. Antihistamines work for me but I’d rather not have to take them.

  73. I have seasonal allergies but they aren’t too severe. My father has hayfever but we try to combat it with local honey

  74. I suffer from various seasonal allergies and I try to avoid the allergens when possible and take antihistamines.

  75. we could sure use one of these! my husband and i both have allergies – dust, mold and seasonal plant allergies. he takes a non-prescription antihistamine but i am currently nursing so i try to avoid any medications.

  76. I have seasonal allergies and 3 out of 4 of us have puffers for allergies. We have larger room size Honeywell air purifiers , vacum, windows closed etc

  77. I have mild allergies although I have never been tested – I perservere

    ontariohappychick at gmail dot com

  78. I suffer from mild allergies. I have to take allergy meds.

  79. I have seasonal allergies. I usually take an antihistamine.

  80. yes, just pollen during the spring. Best thing to do is avoid those places

  81. my mom has a pretty bad dust allergy. we have to keep everything virtually dust free or she cant stop sneezing and wheezing

  82. My hubby does. He usually just waits it out, but f it’s really bad he takes anti-hestamines.

  83. my allergies are horrible but everyone in my family suffers from them. we have to change our furnace filter every month to combat this issue and they’re very expensive. but it’s the only thing keeping us sane at the moment!

  84. My wife threatens to dump me because the cat is allergic. :C

  85. I have severe sinus issues and allergies. I do everything I can to relieve them. I may have developed allergies to my dogs but am not willing to let them go.

  86. I have allergies and I usually take over the counter medication

  87. I suffer from terrible allergies. Usually use allergy pills to relieve some symptoms.

  88. I just recently, last couple of years, notice certain times of year I get stuffed up. I take medication as I’ve learnt the early symptoms…itchy, watery eyes, stuffy nose, itchy throat….

  89. Seasonal allergies in our house hold. Dust is a usual and i try to clean and dust more.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  90. my son suffers seasonal allergies so he takes a daily kids anti-histamine

  91. I suffer from allergies, I’ve also purchased past purifiers, which haven’t really worked for me.
    Hopefully, I win and I can test out this product.

  92. I have allergies and asthma, as does my grandson, winning an air purifier would be wonderful.

  93. I have seasonal allergies. I just try to suck it up and deal with it.

  94. I have allergies and sinus problems 12 months of the year now. It is a constant battle and I would love to try this air purifier.

  95. I do not like alot of dust so I vacuum every single day.

  96. My husband has a lot of allergies. He uses mostly natural remedies to try to control them.

  97. I have allergies so I vacuum often

  98. Our family has allergies so we replaced our carpets with hardwood

  99. I have allergies and take medications for them.

  100. I keep the windows and got rid of our carpets.

  101. 3 out for 4 of us have allergies in our family. we took away all the rugs and carpets.

  102. My husband has hay fever, which he just copes with. When I find that I have an allergic reaction to a product I just avoid it

  103. I have always had minor allergies, but they are getting worse as I get older. I try to vacuum and dust at least twice a week, which helps. I have cats and use a natural cat litter now which really helps.

  104. My husband suffers from allergies, we try to vacuum alot to keep the dust down

  105. Yes, I suffer from seasonal allergies but it is mild

  106. My wife suffered from allergy, we always go to family doctor to ask for perscription.

  107. This would be great for the bedroom to help sleep easier.

  108. We have a cat and 2 of us have allergies to pets. We love our cat and I’m sure this would help a lot. Plus my parents are vulnerable to dust allergens, so would look forward to making us of this.

  109. Both myself and my boyfriend suffer from allergies, mine are yea round. I have been prescribed many medications, but found they didn’t do enough, would love to try this.

  110. I live in an apartment and there was pets before I came here which I am allergic to. I would like to try this.

  111. 2 of us has allergies and we have 2 cats…would love have the Honeywell Air Purifier

  112. My wife has problems with allergies.

  113. my son suffers from allegries so this would be great to win. I try to reduce the amount of chemicals I use in the house

  114. I suffer from allergies and I try to vacuum often.

  115. Having to live with allergies is no fun, especially when they can lead you to an asthma attack.
    Scientific studies indicate that indoor air is many times polluted, than outdoor air.
    All the indoor airborne contaminates, allergens, bacteria, viruses, and germs our lungs are confronted with on a daily basis, calls for concern.
    There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of known and unknown toxins floating in our indoor atmospheric living quarters.
    With the invention of air purifiers, we now have control on being able to purify our indoor air.
    Air purifiers that feature HEPA and activated carbon filtration, along with ultraviolate lighting are necessary to accomplish the very task.

    home air purifiers

  116. My brother who lives with us suffers greatly from allergies and it doesn’t help that we have two dogs and a cat as well.

    • oops forgot to put what I do to help with allergies. We got rid of our carpet in our living room and I try to open the windows as much as I can. as well as dusting and vacuuming.

  117. I have allergies to dust and pollen. I just take a claritin.

  118. Yes, my daughter has asthma and I would love to win this.
    I and my son am allergic to mold.

  119. I am allergic to dust, mold and pet dander..

  120. This would be great. I have allergies and this would help a huge amount.

  121. I would love to try the Air Purifier, I don’t suffer from allergies, but good to have with all the bacteria floating around! 🙂

  122. I do! I am sick right now. I steer clear of fallen leaves and golden rod. I also make sure to get some meds from my doctor before the season really starts to kick in. bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  123. I used a similar one before it broke down and it was super helpful with my allergies esp at bedtime.

  124. As I get older my allergies seem to get worse! I have allergies all year round to everything environmental plus dust in the home. I’ve always used a humidifier but an air purifier would help tons!

  125. I don’t suffer from allergies (I thin) but I have asthma. Dust makes me choke, and cigarette smoke is not allowed in the house.

  126. I’m tired of breathing in all the dust in our condo. This prize would be great for the health of the whole family.

  127. Yes,my hubby & I both do. We use nasal spray & try to vacuum a lot.

    jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  128. I have been waking up in the middle of the night with a full-on allergy attack for weeks. I took out the bedroom carpet, am borrowing an air cleaner, had the furnace cleaned and tended to (it didn’t need it), and am now in the process of taping up all the duct work as I think the dust and carpet backing got down the ducts and they aren’t looking like it was a perfect job for whoever put them in. I would love to win one, I hate to think what this Filter Queen Defender is costing in hydro and filters:)

  129. My youngest son and I both are allergic to dust and mould. I vacuum frequently and I take Flonaise (nasal anti inflammatory) daily.

  130. I have server allergies to dust, dog, cat etc. We have all hardwood flooring (no carpet at all in the house) vacuum everyday. In the bedroom I have an old Honeywell humidifier that is use constantly. Also use a Nedi Pot twice a day.

  131. I could use one for upstairs

  132. A great product – especially if little ones have allergies.

  133. I’d love to win this….seasonal allergies are a real problem !

  134. I get some seasonal allergies. We use bee pollen, raw honey, probiotics and essential oils! 🙂

  135. I am allergic to everything and take medication for the allergies

  136. All 4 of us suffer from Allergies and take allergy meds. 2 of us are on nose sprays and 2 of us suffer from severe asthma and are on heavy duty puffers. This would be a God sent to our family!!!!!

  137. with two of the family with allergies it would be nice to win

  138. our apartment is in the uptown area and there is alot of dust and dirt in the air . would be very helpful for my boyfriend who has bad allergies!

  139. Dust, it’s the worst! The only thing you can do is clean, clean, clean!

  140. my allergies are mainly releated to dust and to all perfumes – so i try to keep the place clean and avoid scented products.

  141. a little bit of seasonal allergies, usually reactine cures it right up comes at the beginning of summer .. this would be great because my house is soooo stuffy

  142. My daughter suffers…still learning about alleries. They are frustrating!

  143. I don’t suffer from allergies but do have asthma and copd so this would be very helpful

  144. Sounds amazing for your health.

  145. I have sinus trouble all year round. I have had some testing but they have found nothing. I dust and vacuum really good. I also let fresh air in. Cool air helps. I would LOVE to win this:)

  146. Andrea in our family suffers from alergies, I am not positive what she does besides sneezing all the time , I think she just sucks it up basically and doesn’t do drugs

  147. No one suffers from airborne allergies, but with a preschooler and a 6-month-old some fresh air would be lovely1

  148. I have allergies. I use a mattress cover and a pillow cover.

  149. keep the roomba running in each room a few times a week, wash down the blinds and windows.

  150. I have allergies, mostly to my dusty office and my darling pet cat whom I insist on holding and petting anyway.

  151. I guess dust and pet dander is what gets to me, so we have bare floors which are easier to keep clean.

  152. yes someone has allergies here and i do dust and vacumn everyday. i wash the linen on a regular basis to keep things cleaner.

  153. I have mild allergies but I feel like I am constantly vacuuming and dusting to try and keep them under control. My doc recommends using a saline nasal spray when I get really congested.

  154. We all suffer from allergies in our house. I find that it’s important to vacuum a lot.

  155. I suffer from all kinds of seasonal allergies, which I try to keep away with lots of meds.. Ugh!

  156. My oldest daughter suffers from bronchial asthma – dust and tree pollen are big triggers for her. I also am very prone ti lung infections and could use some relief.

  157. my mother suffers from alergies all year long.

  158. I seem to react to certain scents and my better half to seafood.

  159. My husband suffers from allergies. He takes medications for it .

  160. Both my husband and son have very bad allergies. We try to keep the house dusted and clean. Plus they have to take meds all year.

  161. I am only allergic to dust, it gives me such bad itchy nose!

  162. me and the hubby both have alergies i try to keep the dust out of the house and take allergiey medcations when needed

  163. hubby has allergies. we have removed most of the carpet in our home.

  164. I have allergies and try to keep the house dust free and have removed most of the carpets in the house.

  165. My son has allergies and he uses reactine

  166. Dust allergies

  167. My hubby does – sneezing and watery eyes

  168. I have crazy allergies year round. When I’m pregnant (as I am right now), it’s hard to find something to take.

  169. We all suffer from allergies and my sister actually recommended an air purifier. She says it has really helped her.

  170. My husband has allergies to various things

  171. Both my youngest and I have terrible allergies. They are mostly environmental and he takes allergy pills fairly regularly. I used to take them until I began a necessary medication that reacted badly with the allergy pills. The mix of the 2 brought my blood pressure extremely high so now, I sort of just suffer it out.

  172. great giveaway! Yes we suffer from allergies, we shower after hikes outdoors, wash clothes in “free” detergents, take OTC meds.

  173. I suffer from terrible allergies! I am allergic to pollen and pet dander and I live with my parents who have…count ’em….SIX CATS! This purifier would be a true blessing! Fingers crossed!

  174. I have allergies and I usually just suffer through them or take a hot shower

  175. My daughter and I suffer from seasonal allergies. I have been taking allergy shots and my daughter takes antihistamines to help her symptoms.

  176. I suffer from environmental allergies…… would love to try your air purifier to see if it helps

  177. Hi,

    Nice Blog,where you got lots of informative on this topic Air purifiers for allergies.Really Nice one.
    Thanks for sharing this information.

  178. Hi my name is Jasbir,
    I am the only one in my family that suffers from allergies. I am allergic to DUST! I mean dust? its everywhere. How do i get away from that? The only thing that i do is take reactin.

  179. I have allergies and it sucks >.<

  180. My husband has a sensitivity to dust, I have to dust all the time!

  181. I suffer from severe asthma and would need this air purifier. I need 2 types of pumps 4 times a day

  182. dust & pet dander makes all of us sneeze… my house now has hardwood floors

  183. I have to take anti-allergy medication

  184. mild allergy to dust and feathers…….I sweep at least once a day.

  185. We don’t really have allergies, but my husband’s been having some respiratory problems. Our doctor gave him a puffer to try.

  186. I am a huge allergy sufferer and we live in the country. I run an air purifier in my daughters room and we keep the dog to the main floor only and out of bedrooms. I also try to dust every couple of days

  187. my husband and three of my children all suffer from allergies. with my daughter, because she gets asthma with it, we have a warm air moisturizer in her room at night. everyone else takes allergy pills

  188. I have mild athsma (doc called restrictive airway disease), and my son has seasonal allergies.
    For him, we run a humidifyer at night, and vacuum sometimes twice a day.
    Since we are renters and not homeowners, making the switch from carpet to hardwood or laminate isn’t an option we have.

  189. This looks like a great thing, there is a lot of dust here with the trucks going by all the time , and air purifier would probably be a good thing in my house.

  190. I do not but my daughter does. Poor thing, always itchy nose and stuffy. About all we do is use medication to ease her symptoms and keep her room dust free.

  191. Both my daughter and I suffer all yr round.

  192. i do not but hubby and son do, we tore out all carpets and put hard floors in and i vacuum every day to help reduce the dust, and pet hair

  193. my son has seasonal allergies to ragweed and such. And i have allergies for dust. Pretty much we mostly just try to keep benedryl on hand if it is bad.

  194. My husband has asthma from allergies to dust and Pet dander.

  195. I am allegic to the seasonal like pollen etc. I am also allegice to sulphites. I use benedryl but I hate that because then I am too sleepy.

  196. My husband has mild allergies and we vacuum vacuum vacuum as often as we can.

  197. My oldest has mild allergies to dust and we took out all our carpet and put in hardwood floors. We also clean our place pretty often to prevent the dusts from settling.

  198. Our Son – we really try to keep his room very clean, washing down the walss and a lot of vacuuming

  199. I had lung surgery and have problem breathing–this would surely help me out.

  200. My husband suffers from allergies.. and they seem to be worse in the bedroom. We try to vacuum often, but an air purifier would likely help.

  201. my husband and daughter do. An extremely clean house helps a lot

  202. i would like it to reduce dust in our house!

  203. My boyfriend suffers from allergies and he goes to the dr when his allergies start to get bad.

  204. Love!

  205. I suffer from pollen and dust allergies and most times Reactine will help, but I think this Air Purifier would be wonderful.

  206. I have crazy allergies. to alleviate the symptoms, I take allergy pills when I go out. At home, I use a nasal rinse, nasal spray try to drink lots of water.

  207. I do at times I usually take a benedryal or something like it.

  208. I suffer from seasonal allergies. I have 2 dogs and a baby so it’s difficult but we try and keep the house as clean as possible by sweeping, dusting and washing everything regularly.

  209. I definitely have allergies. While everyone has their windows open in early summer I keep ours closed and start the air early.

  210. We’re lucky – no-one has any allergies here.

  211. my husband has alergeys he takes meds for them

  212. Yes, I have allergies. Depending on how bad the sniffles are, I take over the counter medications.

  213. My mom is sensitive to things like dust and smoke.

  214. We do not, but we would love to reduce the chance of affecting our friends or future children because of the cat hair (and dander) that I’m sure is everywhere in our apartment!

  215. My husband suffers from dust and seasonal allergies.

  216. My husband suffers from allergies. We just recently had the carpet throughout our house removed to try and reduce his symptoms. I would love to win this.

  217. I am allergic to everything so I could really use

  218. No one suffers from any allergies thankfully.

  219. I live in the desert, where everything blooms year round. That includes plants brought here by winter visitors from other states, countries, and continents. My allergies land me in the E.R. at least once a year with severe infections which often include ruptured linings in my sinuses. Any relief from allergies that I can get would be wonderful!
    P.S.- In case you’re wondering, I cannot move out of my state for a while yet, due to familial obligations.

  220. My son is allergic to cats, but our tenants have one. We keep the forced air vent in his room closed at all times, air out his room, and wash his bedding as much as possible.

  221. Yes my hubby and boys suffer allergies. We use drugs when it gets really bad. This would definately help out with the dust and pollen that bothers them. 🙂

  222. I don’t suffer from allergies but my other half does.

    We really aren’t proactive enough and don’t do much in the way of removing allergens from the home.

  223. I have allergies — usually a lot of sneezing in the morning and nasal congestion all day. I try to dust and vacuum frequently to help.

  224. Don’t have allergies but do like clean air while sleeping.

  225. I do. I take Claritn for it.

  226. Would absolutely love one of these air purifiers. Orek seems to be the very best of all the manufacturers.

  227. i do suffer from allergies pretty bad too! and the things im allergic to the most are cats and feathers and i have 2 cats and i sleep with feather pillows LOL but i also have asthma so dust affects me alot as well.

  228. i have terrible allergies and i kniw that this air purifier would make a huge difference. i usually get mine in the spring and i and screwed right til fall. If i get to stuffed up i put a towel over my head and stand ove er the sink and breath in the steam that helps a little with being stuffed up. I have tried all of the over the counter allergy meds and it only helps a bit so i think if i took the meds and had this purifier i would actually be ok….. I would be the happiest girl in the world if won!!!

  229. I suffer from allegys

  230. I suffer from allergies daily and so does my boyfriend. We just take antihistamines on a daily basis.

  231. I am allergic to my cat. I wasn’t as far as I know when we had gotten her but years after it was clear I was. So one thing we do is keep her out of my bedroom, and specially off my pillow!

  232. Thankfully, no allergy sufferers here. My mom, however; has really bad seasonal allergies.

  233. We all suffer from them to some degree, but my son’s been the worst.

  234. my boyfriend suffers from allergies in the spring. This air purifier would help him out a lot. When his allergies get bad,he has to go see his dr. for medication.

  235. My family suffers from environmental allergies, so we try to keep the windows closed.

  236. Yes, I have allergies and have not invested in an air purifier yet. Would be nice to win one.

  237. I am allergic to dust and molds. I try to keep the house clean and dust free.

  238. Several in my family suffer from allergies including dust, mold, hay fever, pets etc. We don’t do much other than suffer lol!

  239. We have allergies and use filters

  240. My daughter suffers from allergies and we just use a nebulizer.

  241. I’m allergic to cats, rodents, and dust. I have my husband clean the hamster cages for me, and try to shake fabrics outside when they get dusty (rugs)

  242. We have seasonal allergies–the pollen in our part of the country is terrible! And we have dogs that bring everything from the outside, in.

  243. |am an allergy sufferer, it is not fun at all, this would be great!

  244. Both my husband and daughter have allergies and I am constantly vacuuming and dusting to try to keep their symptoms at a minimum. We also use mattress covers and wash their linen at least once a week. This air purifier would be a God send.

  245. My cousin has them very bad, she locks herself inside when it’s really bad outside!

  246. I’ve suffered allergies while growing up, and now my oldest son (25 yrs old) has allergies. While growing up, my Mom kept our home spotless and dust-free with frequent cleaning. Additionally, she grew indoor plants, which helped improve the oxygen in the air.

  247. My husband and I suffer from seasonal allergies and take allergy pills. We have pets and friends and family are allergic to them. So this air purifier would be very useful for when they visit.

  248. would love one of these!

  249. My husband suffers from seasonal and pet allergies, as do the other members of his family. Some of them have to use medication.

  250. I have terrible allergies to animals and pollen and dust, and my toddler son and I both have asthma and are on daily therapy…you have no idea how much this would mean to us!

  251. It’s really good and pure air which very important at home or office. Come here and check out whether or not HEPA Air Purifier is really cheap or not. HEPA Air purifier review

  252. In case, you need to buy the best air purifier, please read review at 21stReviews.

  253. My friend suffers from allergies. He takes allergy medicine but still has some of the symptoms


  254. This would be perfect for me as I have medication that lowers my immune system. I’m prone to infections in the lungs and I had an air cleaner before but couldn’t affiord to continue buying the replacement filters.


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