Teach Your Child to Read: Reading Program {Holiday Gift Idea – Giveaway}

Two year old learning to read!

The Reading Program: How to Teach Your Child to Read is a step-by-step program that helps parents teach their children how to read.  It is designed for children between ages 2 (who can speak) up to 6-7 years old.

This learning program focuses on phonics and developing phonemic awareness skills. After a child can speak, he can learn to say and recognize individual phonemes, and that phonemic awareness correlates with his ability to read as he gets older.

The program is divided in short lessons (some even just 5 minutes long) that are great to keep your child’s attention and avoid distractions.  I personally love the fact that there is no T.V or computer programs used at all, it is all about reading, repeating the phonemes and working together with your child.

Teach your Child to ReadThere are two lesson stages (one or two) depending on your child’s level.  Stage two is the more advanced level and it is designed for further reading skill development after the child has developed a solid foundation for reading by working on stage one.

At the moment I am working on the first stage with my 2 year-old and I love that we can follow the program at our own pace.  We practice when we do our reading during the day or at story time before bed. We are bonding, enjoying our time together and he is learning at the same time!

After a few weeks of following the program my son is more aware of the words in the books we read.  He actually follows the words as I am reading them now and he is starting to point at the words I read.  I am really excited to continue the program and I am looking forward to helping my son further develop his skills.

Holiday Gift GuideYou can find amazing videos of a young child (2 years 9 month old) reading after completing the entire Reading Program and a lot more information about this program on their website HERE. I recommend you visit the website to check out how you can get started with the reading program as well. Wouldn’t this make an amazing holiday gift for your family?

Win it: One lucky US/CAN reader will win a free copy of the Children Learning Reading Program standard package ($49.95 value). Enter to win below via Rafflecopter.  Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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78 responses to “Teach Your Child to Read: Reading Program {Holiday Gift Idea – Giveaway}”

  1. I read books to my children quite a bit when they were younger. I would love this for a family friend who homeschools. Thank you

  2. Thanks, this would be perfect!

  3. I read books to my children everyday. I have 3 in school & a 7 month old; everyone loves this activity because it’s the one time when they all get to be with me without any conflicts 🙂

  4. We read daily.

  5. I read to my baby everyday, and look forward to the day he can follow along with me! This book looks Fun and has very good reviews, I would love to win a copy!

  6. I read to my children daily.

  7. At least every evening, but the requests for extra reading come frequently.

  8. We are asked by my son’s Kindergarten teacher to read at least 20 minutes a night.

  9. We read every day! my daughter is eager to learn 🙂

  10. daily

  11. Every day as we homeschool 🙂

  12. Someone in the house reads to her everynight. It might be me, it might be my husband, it might be grandma 🙂

  13. We read books together every night. Usually my older DD’s French reader and then an English book after.

  14. i read to my granddaughter everynight. she is starting to read so she tries to read to me

  15. I read my son a minimum of four books a day and my daughter currently only gets one at bedtime but she is still really young with a really short attention span lol.

  16. My niece would love this. Thankyou, Ken

  17. almost every day

  18. Every day!

  19. We read everyday

  20. We read together on a daily basis. It is part of our routine!

  21. Great opportunity to get my sons ready for pre-school and kindergraten!

  22. We read multiple times throughout the day, and about 20-30 minutes before bed.

  23. When she was younger every day. Now she is 18, not so much. Would like to win for my nephew.

  24. We read almost every day!

  25. We read books to our children every day.

  26. We read books daily! My toddler loves to bring books to us randomly to read and we always try to read at least one before bed.

  27. My son loves books. I read to him all the time.

  28. i want this for my nephew… he is 10 months old and he is already super smart. i know he could really benefit from this!!

  29. We read almost every night.

  30. Every night before bed

  31. Not often enough now that there is a new baby in the house, he takes up a lot of our reading time 🙁

  32. thinking about homeschooling, would be a great resource.

  33. everyday at least twice

  34. We read a book every night before bed.

  35. We read to dd just about daily!

  36. We read to him every night

  37. We read every day!

  38. Probably every other day… I work alot, it would definitly be nice to read daily!

  39. this would be an awesome addition to my 19 month old son’s books!

  40. We read a book every night before bed.

  41. I read books with my son every day before bed

  42. We read books every day, all day long

  43. Daily my husband or I read to our son

  44. everyday or at least we try

  45. I read to my grandkids every time they visit. Grandma has special books that they really enjoy.

  46. I read books to my little one every night

  47. Multiple times a day, but always before bed. And eventhough she’s only nearly 2, she has to take a book to bed with her because mommy does!

  48. we read at least once a day at bedtime. Try to so another time during the day too.

  49. We read every day.

  50. Everyday

  51. I read to my son every night before bed.

  52. This should be done especially at bedtime every night, and they’ll dream about them, too! 🙂

  53. several times a day to the little one, and 15-20 min every night with my busy older one

  54. I read to my kids each day to give them a love for reading!

  55. My seven year old aand I read daily!!! My two year old and I often flip through books, and “try” to read them.

  56. I love educational resources like this – hope to win for my kids.

  57. everyday but my son doesnt sit still much so only at bedtime for now

  58. We read together at least 2x a day.

  59. i read to my grandchildren whenever they visit

  60. We read before bed every night and any other time my daughter wants to read during the day

  61. i read to/with my son every day!

  62. We read every day, more than once if the boys have their way.

  63. I read books with my kids every day.

  64. My husband or I read (past tense) to, or with, our girls, daily. Our oldest grew up to be a writer!!

  65. I read to my 7 year old son or he reads to me every night.

  66. We read books everyday. My son is two and brings me books all the time to have me read.

  67. Every night before going to bed 🙂

  68. I try to read to them every night.. My kids are homeschooled so I require my older two to read every day and I read to the younger two.

  69. I try to read to her at least every other day

  70. I try to read to my son as much as possible and am trying to teach him to read

  71. Right now we read at least once a day.

  72. this would be for my niece and her mom reads to her nightly

  73. Everyday!!

  74. We try to read everyday!

    jessicaahays at hotmail dot com

  75. Ty for the chance I would love this for my daughter

  76. I read to my children every night before bed!

  77. at least twice a day

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