Warning: The following post openly discusses baby poop and the less appealing newborn odours!

My 3-year-old son has been potty-trained for over eight months. It has been a while since I last changed a diaper and I don’t miss it a bit. I will be back changing diapers full-time once our second baby arrives in a few months so I am definitively enjoying my last diaper free months for a while.

Before my son was born I had never changed a diaper in my life. My husband and I changed his first diaper together at the hospital after he was born and we continued our diaper duty for two more years.

I remember dealing with meconium and breastfeed based poop and both were not that bad to deal with.  The real”fun” starts when your child begins eating solid foods and then you have to deal with the dreaded toddler poop, seriously the smell!

Anyway! What’s with all the baby poop talk, right?  New babies smell so clean and sweet. I really can’t wait to have my newborn here so I can kiss his little tiny feet and inhale the sweet new baby scent.  The cuddles are always so sweet as well.

But let’s go back to talking about the less appealing newborn odours, like the time my son had his first poop explosion. We were getting ready to go to a birthday party and right after I finished strapping him into his infant car seat and we were ready to leave I realized he needed to have his diaper changed. I didn’t know how bad it was until I picked him up and saw that it all went on his back and it was coming out the side of the diaper all over his legs. Not what you want to see when you are already running late!

We ended up making it to the party over an hour and a half late and somehow just in time for cake, but it took a full bath, change of clothes and of course sanitizing his car seat.

Have you had anything like that happen to you before? Right when you are ready to leave to go somewhere? Big messes always seem to happen at the worse possible times! Do you have your own funny, outrageous stories to share? Would love to hear about them!

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