Tickety Toc Apparel and Sleepwear Line Review {Giveaway}

Tickety Toc

Tickety Toc is a Disney Jr. and Family Channel animated series, which follows the fast-paced, energetic, comedic adventures of twins Tommy and Tallulah, and their remarkable friends, as they race against time to keep the clock ticking and chime in the time.

My son loves Tickety Toc, he even signs the theme song every-time the show is on! Do you have little Tockety Toc fans at home as well? Now, young fans of the series have a chance to wear the new licensed long-sleeve tops from NT and cozy sleepwear from Paris Geneve that feature the characters from Tickety Toc.

Tickety Toc Top

We received a sample of one of their long-sleeve tops with Tommy and his friends to review and my son was very excited to be able to wear a top featuring his favorite characters. When he wears the top he keeps telling his friends about it and showing them his cool Tickety Toc top.

The full line of Tickety Toc apparel and sleepwear is now exclusively available at Walmart stores in Canada, with select styles available online at Walmart.ca. You can check it out now.

Tickety Toc

The long-sleeve top is made of 100% cotton jersey and it comes in sizes 2T-4T. I love the soft, breathable material and that the top is easy to machine wash and dry.

Be sure to check out the new line at Walmart as the tops are perfect for back to school time!

Apparel to go back-to-school in style!

Product: Tickety Toc long sleeve tees for girls and boys

Price: $7

Sleepwear to help young heroes dream big!

Product: Tickety Toc long sleeve 2-piece pyjama set for boys

Price: $12


One lucky Canadian reader will win a Tickety Toc  long-sleeve top. Enter to win below via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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  1. My younger son is 🙂

  2. My grandson is 🙂

  3. Yes! He love Pufferty!

  4. My son loves tickety toc!

  5. My niece and nephew love it!

  6. my granddaughter is

  7. My little granddaughter is!

  8. my kid likes the characters

  9. My nieces and nephews love comfy bright clothes!

  10. Yes my little one does enjoy Tickety Toc

  11. My granddaughter is a fan, however my grandson is not.

  12. This is the first time of I have heard of it.
    So I don’t think

  13. First time hearing about them

  14. Never heard about them.

  15. We are Tickety Toc fans!! I really love the owl, hes so funny 😀

  16. My niece is a fan

  17. just learn of brand

  18. They are! It’s a cute show.

  19. Not yet, but I think we should head to Walmart this weekend and make them a convert!

  20. My little grandson loves to watch Tickety Tock. He loves Pufferty the train.

  21. My son would love it….he has seen it and just can’s stop talking about it.

  22. I have not heard of Tickety Toc before. Looks to be a cute series.

  23. They have watched it a few times

  24. Both my kids love it!

  25. I have never heard of this show until now. My daughter is a little too old for it and my son a little too young yet.

  26. My kids are too old for this show but my nephew is the perfect age!

  27. I never heard of Tickety Tock before but it’s super cute 🙂

  28. i’ve never heard of them i’ll have to look into them!!

  29. my 5 year old son and my 4 year old daughter both LOVE this show!

  30. My son is!

  31. nope, but going to look them up!

  32. My daughter loves this show!

  33. my kids are fans

  34. I didn’t think my son had heard of this show before but when he say the photo he said it’s Tickety Toc. Then he said mommy I want that shirt. So I would love to win this contest for him. Thank you.

  35. My 2 yr old Jax loves tickety toc and pufferty! He dances around instantly!

  36. my grandson is.

  37. I honestly don’t think they’ve ever seen it – but that’s not an issue – I know they’d love this anyways. We don’t subscribe to any TV service, so we miss out on things.

  38. I’m not sure when my 2.5 girl became a fan but she knows the whole song… lol

  39. I’m not sure when my 2.5 girl became a fan of Tickety Toc but she knows the whole song… lol

  40. First time i have heard of them but the kids would like it.

  41. Yes! My son loves to watch Tickety Toc and is a huge fan.

  42. not yet but i’m sure he will be

  43. yes she is

  44. My oldest loves it!! Love on demand! Lol. Wish the episodes were longer. Lol

  45. September 11-No; but I hope my ggrands will be!

  46. We’ve never heard of tickety toc before, so now, but how cute are they!

  47. I have a 3 yr. old grandaughter that would love to wear one of those t-shirts.

  48. I have no kids but my niece just love them!

  49. I’ve never heard of them til now, i’m sure my little girl will like them, will have to check them out!

  50. My son is a huge Tickety Toc fan.. He loves Tommy and Telula and Pufferty the Train.. I always feel bad for the owl 🙂

  51. To be honest, I have not heard of this show, but it looks like a cute show.

  52. soon will be fans!

  53. Yep…we love Madame Au Lait.

  54. she will watch it sometimes – depends on her mood 😉

  55. My son loves it!

  56. No, we’ve never heard of this show but my kids are a fan of clothes 🙂

  57. my great grandson will love it

  58. my grandson is still to little to watch TV and like something

  59. Not yet, but they will be!

  60. Sophie loves tickety toc.

  61. my 4yr old and 1yr old sons are obsessed with this show!

  62. My children are not Tickety Toc fans … yet 😉

  63. Haven’t hear of it until now.

  64. My 2 year old daughter loves Tickety Toc.. it mesmerizes her!

  65. My little guy goes nuts for tickety tock

  66. My grandchildren are Tickety Toc fans.

  67. chime time! my son is a huge fan.

  68. my daughter most deffinately is!

  69. My three year old daughter loves this show:)

  70. Yes, they are fans.

  71. yes!!!!! 🙂

  72. Yes, my granddaughters love it.

  73. not yet!

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