Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet Review

Summer Infant Classic Comfort Bassinet
With our second child making his arrival this December I have been looking for the perfect bassinet for him to sleep in during the first months of his life.

I found a wonderful bassinet that fits our needs and will be perfect for our new addition. I am happy to introduce you to the Summer Infant’s Classic Comfort Wood bassinet.

The Fox & Friends Wood Bassinet from Summer Infant is a safe, compact, light and stylish wooden bassinet that can be wheeled into the parent’s room so baby can sleep by their side each night.  Our son co-slept with us and slept in a bassinet by our side until he was about 9 months and I am hoping to do the same with our second. Having a bassinet by my bed was wonderful last time since I was breastfeeding my son and he was always at arms reach during the night.

I also find that I am more comfortable and I am able to sleep better if my baby is in the room with me during those first months. I couldn’t imagine having my newborn in another room while I sleep, even with a baby video monitor installed.

I found that the bassinet was very easy to assemble and the instructions in the box were very clear with step by step diagrams. I assembled it all on my own at five months pregnant without having any issues.

Summer Infant Classic Bassinet

This wooden bassinet has breathable sides that allow for proper air circulation while baby sleeps. This is critical specially during the first weeks and months to reduce the risk of SIDS.

The Summer Infant Bassinet has locking wheels that allow you to move it to different rooms during the day time if needed, I really like being able to move it easily without having to lift it. I also like the large storage basket at the bottom that’s perfect to keep all of the baby essentials ready for when you need them.

Summer Infant Bassinet

Something that I appreciate is that the bassinet has a music and vibration feature that include nature and womb sounds. I remember that womb sounds were always very calming for my son when he was a newborn, he also really enjoyed vibrations.

This bassinet is great for babies from birth up to 15lbs or when they push up on their hands and knees. It has an adjustable canopy and  it comes with a removable mattress sheet, all with beautiful embroidery detail.

Summer Infant Bassinet

Finally, the bassinet is made of wood and it has a gorgeous dark cherry finish that compliments any home décor. I much prefer wooden furniture for baby over the plastic bassinets you can find at some baby stores. I really appreciate all of the details that make the Summer Infant’s Classic Comfort Wood bassinet unique and I recommend you consider it if you are looking for a bassinet for your next baby.


Weight: 23 pounds

Product Dimensions: 34.13 (l) x 23 (w) x 6.25 (h) inches

Price: $159.99

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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  1. Sending this link to my daughter, she is expecting her first baby right now. Thanks.

  2. I love bassinets, for some reason they just make me happy lol I’m a dork. This looks really beautiful and sturdy!


  3. This looks really nice! It’s classic but it is very modern as well! Love it.

  4. Great review!!! So happy you like it, and that your readers do too. We wish you all the best with the rest of your pregnancy. Stay well!

    • Thanks again for sending!

  5. I am also a big bassinet fan. I loved having my newborn close to me during the early months and it made the middle of the night feed not too bad. It looks like a beautiful bassinet and has such fancy features such as music!

  6. I love bassinets. But I think I like the fact that it looks fairly lightweight and moves easily. Means you can easily rearrange the room or even relocate it to another room if dismantling it isn’t an option.

  7. Oh that is so precious!

    It’s simple but it’s classic [too me]. I love it.

    Nothing more annoying than instructions that aren’t clear to understand. Glad to hear their diagrams and instructions are easy to follow [hopefully men can follow them too 😉 ♥]

  8. This bassinet looks great! I love the music and vibration feature …

  9. beautiful bassinet! I will recommend to my best friend who is expecting 🙂

  10. I love the look of it.

  11. Very informative!

  12. I had cradles for all of my children and loved using them. The last one I had was also a wooden one, made to last since it was already an antique. 🙂

  13. I just bought the Summer infant bassinet used where can I purchase the unit for the sound and vibration

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