My toddler spends most of the day running around and climbing on everything.  He is pretty clumsy and often trips, slips or bumps into things. Usually  with no damage or at worse a minor scrape or bruise.

As he becomes more and more physically daring he inevitably is going to get some more serious bruises from his little accidents, this is why I am happy to have Zax’s Kid’s Bruise Cream at home.

Zax’s Kid’s Bruise Cream™ is the first only natural Cream that has been approved by Health Canada to treat bruising in children (ages 2 – 11 years old)!

This Canadian made cream works quickly and effectively with the body’s natural healing system to help speed healing of bruises. The Kid’s Bruise Cream uses 10% Arnica Oil as the active ingredient along with Witch Hazel and it is Menthol free!

The Zax’s cream is soothing and moisturizing and it has a fabulously pleasant scent.  I like having it around because it works quickly and it is even good to use after booster shots if your little one bruises easily. Just be sure to apply as soon as the bruise related injury occurs for best results.

I recommend having this cream around the house if you have children, even more if they play sports like soccer or hockey.   And of course to deal with your own bruises if you have to. Visit the Zax’s website to receive a $2.50 coupon for your purchase, Zax’s Original Creams are widely available across Canada – Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall, etc.

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