Baby’s Best Designs: Organic BabyLegs and Socks {Holiday Gift Ideas}

Baby Legs

A few weeks ago I received a package from Baby’s Best Designs with a couple of BabyLegs leg warmers and socks for my son.  We tried BabyLegs leg warmers in the past and I love the fact that they are super practical and can be used with both infants and toddlers.

Both their socks and leg warmers are made with soft materials and high quality cotton blend. We received a couple of items from their organic collection as well and we love the feel of the organic cotton.

At home we have laminate floors and they are slippery, so we are big fans of BabyLegs socks because of their sole grippers. I find it is difficult to find toddler socks with grippers and I like that Baby’s Best Designs offers a big selection of styles and colors for both infants and toddlers.

Babylegs as arm warmersBabyLegs leg warmers are fantastic to use when potty training during the winter, they also make diaper changes a breeze with infants and keep little legs warm and protected from harsh surfaces. My 2-year-old loves wearing them as arm warmers right now. He can actually wear his favorite short-sleeve tees in the winter and stay warm.

Holiday Gift Guide

BabyLegs products are affordable and can be used for many years.  We really love them.

Be sure to check out the many fun and unique designs available for both little girls and boys here. These would make wonderful gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

Disclosure:  I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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14 responses to “Baby’s Best Designs: Organic BabyLegs and Socks {Holiday Gift Ideas}”

  1. I love the baby arm warmer idea for toddlers.

  2. Awesome idea! Great for my pregnant friend who is due next month.

  3. We <3 babylegs!

  4. Thanks Ang! I’m definitely liking that they have grips on the socks, I’ve always liked that feature on toddler socks 🙂

  5. I love baby legs! My baby will definitely be getting some leg warmers in her stocking!!

  6. Ooh these have grippers on them?? I find that they tend to slip a bit but if there are grippers..that is awesome especially since mine has just learned to walk a few weeks ago! Thanks

  7. November 30-I love these leg warmers and socks that have grips on them. I have a ggdaughter out in Fort Mac Murray and I think I will knit leg warmers for her, as she is a toddler and it is extremely cold out there. Hurrah for socks with grips on them!-elo3ro

  8. Now that my daughter has started crawling, I definitely need the leg warmers for her. She slides all over the place on the hardwood, and I think it must be so hard on her little knees.

  9. Great idea! Def need some!!

  10. I really like the grips

  11. My daughter said she loves their leggings

  12. Baby arm warmer idea for toddlers is a awesome idea

  13. This clothing including socks with grips on the soles is a winner with me. The leg warmers that may be worn as arm warmers sound like a winner as well. A child’s comfort helps keep them comfortable and happy.

  14. I like the idea for BabyLegs socks because their sole grippers are great for kids just learning to walk.

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