BOB Ironman Stroller

I received the super lightweight BOB Ironman Jogging Stroller to review over month ago and both my husband and I have been using it to go out for jogs with our son. The BOB Ironman has a fixed front wheel, state of the art suspension and it is safe and easy to use.

I really like having the fixed front wheel because the stroller maintains stability at all times during our runs/jogs.  The lightweight wheels have pneumatic 16″ x 15″ tires and they also have aluminum alloy rims.

The stroller’s adjustable reclining seat is ultra-padded and made for comfort. The seat has a five-point padded harness to keep your little one secure while you exercise.

The Ironman’s adjustable suspension system allows for a smooth and comfortable ride. In fact the ride is so comfortable that our son has fallen asleep multiple times when we go for runs/jogs.

I would like to mention how easy it was to set up the stroller when we received it. There were not too many parts to assemble (just the 3 wheels and the fender) unlike other strollers and the manual was clear and easy to understand.

One feature that I like and find very useful is the hand brake. It helps provide rapid and dynamic stopping assistance and I like having it close to my hand when I need it.

BOB Ironman Stroller

The Ironman also has an adjustable multi-position canopy with a viewing window that allows you to keep an eye on your baby while you exercise. I love that we can make eye-contact without having to stop the stroller and we both like that.

The stroller’s handlebar is padded and very comfortable and I like having a wrist strap to keep the stroller secure at all times.  That same wrist strap also allows you to securely lock the stroller when it is folded.

Something else I love about the Ironman is the fact that the cargo basket is very spacious.  In addition to the cargo basket you also get the seatback pocket as storage space.  I like using the internal seat pockets to store small snacks for my son and small toys. He loves having his own little pockets to carry things.

BOB Ironman Stroller

The Ironman only weighs 23 lbs so it is a seriously lightweight stroller that seems to just effortlessly glide. This is a stroller that is really built for running.

I am very impressed with the quality of the stroller and how pleasurable it is to run and jog with it, the state of the art suspension, the attention to all the small details and how secure and safe it is.  I also love the fact that the Ironman is backed with a five-year warranty on the frame and one year on small parts and fabric.

We are very excited to continue our exercise routine with our son and we will be using the BOB Ironman in pretty much any weather conditions to go for runs/jogs with our son. We love to exercise and to be able to include our toddler on our runs makes all the difference; especially when he is secured safely in a high quality lightweight stroller we trust.

See our video showing how the stroller works here:

Buy it: (MSRP: $409)  You can find a BOB dealer near you HERE.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.