365 Things To Do With Paper and Cardboard {Review}

365 things to do with paper

Who doesn’t love a good book with inspirational ideas for collage pictures, models, crafts and more?  “365 Things To Do With Paper and Cardboard” is a wonderful book that encourages children to get creative and crafty, while reminding children to recycle paper from magazines and old wrapping paper to keep the fun activities eco-friendly.

to do with paper

I received a copy of the book and we absolutely love it. I am trying to do a few crafts a week with my toddler and I love that the book is jam-packed with fun projects and beautiful pictures and colours.  This is the perfect book of projects for the summer break.

Some of the actives that my son is excited to do include a set of cardboard dinosaurs, some cool foil bugs and the stand-up mini monsters. We did a couple of box monsters together and he had a lot of fun making funny faces for them.


I recommend you order the book if you have a toddler at home and you want activities that are easy and fun to do. I also recommend it as  a gift for teachers or caregivers of young children.

“365 Things To Do With Paper and Cardboard” is available online for $24.95 and at DeSerres stores nationally.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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  1. This book looks like a great resource for the summer. I am going to have to check it out!

  2. The monsters look adorable!

  3. that’s an awesome book

  4. I need to pick up this book!! I would love to do the crafts like this with my boys. I think Usborne also makes pretty awesome art books.

  5. Some of our favorite books are from Usborne! Love this cardboard/paper craft book…so many great things to do and make!

  6. This sounds like a fun book. I think that older children like my kids might enjoy it as well. I know my nieces and nephews would love it.

  7. This is terrific. I need a book like this to keep around for the ‘I’m soooooo bored, Mommy” moments!

  8. This looks like so much fun!! I’m sure my toddlers would love the activities.

  9. Pretty cool. I didn’t know there was so much we can do with paper and cardboard

  10. I love doing activities with the grandkids, thank you for the ideas

  11. The stand up mini monsters are cool

  12. Wow lots of great projects to do

  13. That is such a neat idea! I think I really need this for the kids!

  14. I need to get this book crafting and grandkids go together well

  15. I would love to do the crafts with my grandkids…

  16. Those monsters look adorable

  17. This book sounds great fun for the kids,they love making crafts

  18. The monsters look so cute !

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