BIONIC Urban Stick Dog Toy {Review}

bionic urban stick

By Contributor: Brittany Hamilton

What pet doesn’t love a new toy to try? Skye sure loves when we find something new she gets to chew on and prance around the house with! We found the Bionic Urban Sticks and thought they would be a great addition to her toy collection.

Bionic toys come in different shapes and styles but they are all made of the same amazing rubber. From their website

Molecules of Bionic are three dimensionally inter-woven with each other, creating material Nano-connections that are bionic in strength yet pliable and bouncy. Bionic is engineered and made by a proprietary process, invented to meet the high energy play patterns of pets.

Bionic Rubber® is made from FDA food-grade materials that is 100% recyclable allowing us to create virtually no waste when we manufacture our products. Bionic Rubber® has been rigorously tested to ensure it is safe for your pet and that it does not contain any harmful phthalates, hormones, lead, cadmium, mercury, and natural rubber, Bisphenoal A, asbestos or latex.

Beyond the science – Bionic is a substitute for natural objects that dogs have been happily chewing on for millions of years. Bionic Rubber is practical; it floats, is dishwasher safe and will last a long time.”


I have found that the rubber is extremely high-quality and durable. Skye has been chewing on it daily for a while now and it doesn’t show wear like hear other toys have. If your puppy is a water dog at all the toy even floats! This makes playing at the lake a bit more fun when you get to chase your toy through the water.

When we first received the Urban Stick we noticed our puppy didn’t like it. I had found it originally had a strong rubber smell to it. A quick run through the dishwasher took away the scent and now Skye chews on it daily. We find it does hold her treats in the middle like it’s designed but she prefers to carry it around and without her treats.

Our only caution for it is that it will bounce if thrown onto floor in the house. So if your toddler is playing toss with it in the house make sure they don’t toss it on the floor where it might bounce against anything breakable.

We are very happy with the urban stick and are now looking into picking up more of their designs.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

Brittany is a working mom with five children in the home. Her family is her passion and writing is her chance to unwind. You can check out her own blog where she writes about the ins and outs of a large blended family!

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Brittany Hamilton

Brittany is a single mom to 5. She works full time out of the house within a family run business and runs an online co-op. Her family is her passion and writing is her chance to unwind.

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16 responses to “BIONIC Urban Stick Dog Toy {Review}”

  1. Cool dog toy!

  2. Very futuristic “bone” 🙂

  3. Love this maybe it would last longer with my dogs, they seem to go through toys in one day

  4. Wow!! That’s a really neat ‘bone’ for the dog.

  5. Never heard of Bionic dog toys! Definitely gotta look for them!

  6. My dog Harley could really use some new dog toys, I am sure he would Love to have this! Thanks for the idea!!

  7. that’s a cool looking toy

  8. Pets have it so good now days

  9. Sounds like a cool toy. Will look into it more for our pup.

  10. Urban Stick! What a great name. 🙂


  12. That looks like a chew toy that would last a long time.

  13. I had high hopes with Bionic since it was recommended to me, but when I gave it to my dogs, it did not last 2 hours. It would probably be a right fit for other dogs but mine tore through it like it was nothing!

  14. What a cool toy,thanks

  15. My pit bull chewed through it in 30 minutes. I haven’t found a toy that will last. Any suggestions?

  16. My 35lb dog had chunks chewed off in 10min. This toy has false advertising!!

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