Fun 2017 Netflix Resolutions

One of my personal New Year’s resolutions for 2017 is to read more books. This weekend I finished one book and started a new one, so things are going great so far. Reading is fantastic, and I am spending most of my evenings reading now, but I also love movie nights with my family. On Netflix, there are seriously so many great shows to watch and finish watching.

Just for fun, I filled out this Netflix sheet with my “2017 Netflix resolutions”. Can’t wait to watch some of these. What are YOU streaming this year? Do you have any favourites so far?


Disclosure: I am part of the Netflix Stream Team. I receive perks as a member. However, all views and opinions in this post are my own.

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11 responses to “Fun 2017 Netflix Resolutions”

  1. Yes, so many shows. So
    Little time hahah

  2. Have been watching The Gilmore Girls and need to catch up on Orange is the New Black

  3. Well this would make for resolutions that I’d keep, that’s for sure! Can’t wait to watch the new seasons of Game of Thrones, OTNB and Walking Dead!

  4. Hubby and I are trying to find a show we would both enjoy together. When it comes to shows and movies we don’t really share the same tastes. We loved Bloodline and Stranger things so waiting for the next season to come out. Until then the hunt is on. Thinking we might check out The Crown

  5. I love Netflix and the variety it offers. I recently finished watching The Crown and was really impressed by the acting and story line.

  6. Great idea????????

    I told myself more reading as well
    And I am learning to draw and studying how to play chess

  7. I’m finishing the new Gilmore Girls series right now and then Midsomer Murders.

  8. Great! I have so many to watch shows on my list. Definitely can’t wait for stranger things season 2

  9. I just watched the series The Fall. Loved it.

  10. It’s great that you have Netflix list… Honestly, there are so many shows I want to watch and then I forget, because others are added.

  11. Oh my watch list is huge this year and it keeps growing!!!!

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