Our Netflix Watching Preferences

With so many options available, picking a show that we all want to watch during family movie night and as a couple, once the kids go to bed, usually takes us some time. However, thanks to the multitude of choices available on Netflix, there is always something new and fun to watch together.

The boys both love cartoons but their show choices are very different with their three-year age difference. Think Paw Patrol vs Voltron. Thankfully, they both love Disney movies, and we can always agree to watch a Disney movie together. They are also both LEGO fans, so LEGO series and movies are always a hit for both as well.

Our Netflix Watching Preferences

While I have my own series I watch by myself, like Jane the Virgin, Girlboss and Gilmore Girls, there are some series both my husband and I enjoy watching together. Some of our favourites are OITNB, House of Cards, Master of None, Brain Games and Black Mirror, to name a few.

The latest show we have all been enjoying as a family is “The Worse Witch.” It has a fun Harry Potter vibe, and we are all big Harry Potter fans. What are some shows you enjoy watching as a family or with your significant other? Share some of your own recommendations below.

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Netflix. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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11 responses to “Our Netflix Watching Preferences”

  1. We watch together , hubby and i are watching the Ranch , its funny 🙂 the shows he don’t like i watch alone lol

  2. Hubby and I share different tastes in shows and movies but there are a few we have found that we watched/watch together that we ended up really liking. Bloodline, Riverdale, hes into house of cards not me and right now we just started getting into Ozark

  3. I live alone so I get to pick and choose whatever I fancy. I loved watching The Queen, Sherlock, a couple of Scandinavian programmes and at the moment I’m nearly finished watching Ozark.

  4. I finished what there was of Ozark so will have to find something new later on tonight.

  5. Netflix is awesome, always something new to watch

  6. We have watched Downton Abbey and loved it.

  7. Currently enjoying sitcoms from years past.

  8. I enjoy The Walking Dead, Girlboss, Outlander, The Kingdom, etc.

  9. I absolutely love Daredevil, Jessica Jones and all the other Marvel series.

  10. There are so many good shows and movies on Netflix it’s sometimes a struggle to decide what to watch next. I’ve just finished the new episodes of Broadchurch so it’s something new again tonight.

  11. So many great options on Netflix!! I’ve noticed their movie selection has improved a lot since a few years ago.

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