Get NUMI And Forget About Sweat Stains!

Do you worry about sweat stains in your clothes? Girl, you are not the only one! I remember wearing silk blouses daily when working at a corporate office before having the kids. On the extra stressful days, I was always worried about sweat and sweat-stains. I had to do a visual check before taking my jacket off in front of everyone at meetings. It was a NIGHTMARE.

How I wish I had a couple of NUMI undershirts to wear underneath my blouses back then. They are life changing!

NUMI undershirts are made here in Canada and designed to help regulate your body temperature, they are super soft and snug and they help extend the life of your investment pieces by preventing sweat-stains & body odour. You can wear anything that you want to wear without the hassle and cost of dry-cleaning. Making NUMI a must have in your closet!

The undershirts are made of 95% TENCEL® and 5% LYCRA. TENCEL® has an amazingly soft, fluid feel on your skin – think bamboo, but better! A hint of stretch and means it hugs the body just right.

Get NUMI And Forget About Sweat Stains!

I got to try their Signature Seamless undershirt and I am in love. I love that it has a reversible neckline, keeps me dry and it is super comfortable. I have the black undershirt but I love that they have a variety of nude colours to basically fit under any tops in your closet.  So amazing!

To order one, click and for more information, click HERE.


Get NUMI And Forget About Sweat Stains!

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with NUMI. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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10 responses to “Get NUMI And Forget About Sweat Stains!”

  1. That would protect so many of my favorite shirts. They sound like a miracle. Wish I had one in high school.

  2. Awesome!! I could use this in my wardrobe for sure.

  3. OMGI need a couple of these now!

  4. These sound good and very helpful. My son has something similar, not sure if it’s from numi or not but it seems to solve his sweat stain problem.

  5. Great that this undershirt can regulate your temperature. I would think it would make me hot and sweat more with it on. 🙂

  6. I have to buy a few of these undershirts. Whenever I have a presentation at work or a meeting it seems my sweat glands go into overdrive. You’re right it is embarrassing!

  7. These sound great, but sadly not in my size, but then nothing good or nice comes in my size

  8. These shirts sound amazing!

  9. It looks really nice on you, you’d be able to wear it as a t-shirt no problem! Would be super for summer.

  10. I got a bunch of these based on the raving reviews – wore one for the first time today with a new silk blouse – first day at a new company so I wanted to feel extra secure. Im SO disappointed though – it only made me hotter/sweat more. I sweated right through it and my silk blouse now has pit stains 🙁 and I didn’t even do anything ‘physical’ while wearing it 🙁

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