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I was offered the opportunity to check out ANYTHING I wanted at SwimOutlet.com, in March, in Canada.  I live in the warmer part of Canada and it was still hard to look at all that swimwear, beach coverups, footwear and other summery kind of stuff.  I rallied and started to get excited to peruse all the great swim related gear for the whole family.  I checked out all the ladies swimwear from performance/sport specific suits to fashion swimwear.  They have. it. all.  Seriously, they have everything, from maternity, to long-torso, to large bust, they have it covered.


So the little voice in my head is all “Yeah let’s do this-let’s find a swim suit!”, that is until I clicked on the footwear tab.  I have been wanting a pair of ‘yoga-mat’ flip flops since I tried on my friends pair last summer.  They are like walking on fluffy-bunny clouds (they are that cushiony soft).  I chose the Yoga Spree 2 from Sanuk in fuchsia.  They come in several other colours from beige to red.   They are apparently vegan and vegetarian but I haven’t had a chance to taste them yet.  Sorry bad joke I know, but they do seem like they are very eco-responsible, the packaging was a bag made from taro root.  They have a rubber sponge outsole which has amazing grip.  I can attest to this as I HIKED in them, totally unintentionally.  I took the boys to the playground to try them on different surfaces and for some reason we decided to take the wooded trail home.  I was able to comfortably  climb up a dusty slope without killing myself.  And I think I looked pretty fancy doing it in my hot pink flip flops!


Now get this they were on sale so I had more money to spend!  Tough problem right?  I found a really pretty, bright cover up for the beach in the summer.  The Body Glove Niki Coverup is on sale for under $20.00!  I love the fit of it and the back scoops low which will look pretty over my two piece.  It is a wee bit more sheer than I expected but fine for the beach and ice cream shop mid summer.

And lastly I STILL had money left to spend so I added a pair SwimOutletof goggles to my cart.  We seem to lose goggles and need to grab them at the pool which is pricey at $10.00-$15.00 a time.  These Antifog Cabo goggles were on sale for $5.55.  Seriously!  My son has worn them around the house for TWO WHOLE days.  I would say he kind of looks Steam Punk retro cool if they weren’t bright blue and yellow, so really he  just looks like an odd duck.  An odd duck in fun goggles!  We tried them at the pool and he thinks they are great.  They are adult size but we have big-brainy heads in our family so they were just fine.

My parcel arrived quickly and was SwimOutletpacked well but not wastefully.  Everything I received was good quality and I appreciated that with the vast array of products and known brand names it was easy to find exactly what I wanted.  The prices were less than I expected which was such a pleasant surprise, it meant for myself I got the opportunity to choose a few items to test out.  I would use SwimOutlet.com again without hesitation.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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  1. Nice items,I will be so happy when the snow stops

  2. sounds like they have a nice wide range of swimwear, so plenty of choice for everyone. 🙂 If only it would warm up at long last, we had a massive 6C today, still better than the snow storms others had so I mustn’t grumble.

  3. Great selection of kids sun protection! And the prices are fairly reasonable!

  4. I think that all the items Tenille bought were attractive and a really good price. I would be very happy to shop at SwimOutlet.

  5. Wow! you scored some great deals! I will need to check this site out.

  6. The flip flops are cute. I used to have a pair that i loved and wore everywhere, but I’ve never found another like it.

  7. You got yourself some fantastic deals

  8. I can browse here for quite some time……love it!

  9. Had a quick look, wow they really do have everything! Those sandals are on sale right now…. I’m so tempted to get them as they would be perfect for those hikes in the summer.

  10. Kids sun protection is so important and they have such a great selection.

  11. They have such a wide range of swimwear for the whole family.

  12. They definitely have some awesome stuff

  13. Wow,they sure some nice items

  14. They sure have a large collection of beach wear

  15. Those were some great finds!

  16. Wow they have such a great selection of swimwear,something for everyone !!

  17. Always a challenge to find a suit that fits you just right. A nice selection can be had here

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