handprint art tutorial

We are still on holidays today and with both kids at home I decided to do a fun art project with them. I love displaying my little one’s artwork at home and I thought about creating colourful handprint art that could be displayed in my toddler’s nursery.

I like rotating our artwork every season and this handprint art project is perfect for the new season and for my son’s nursery.

He also loved it once I put it up on his wall!

handprint art tutorial

What you will need

  • Blank Canvas or Large Piece of Paper (size of choice)
  • Washable non-toxic paints (in various colours)
  • Small Paintbrush
  • Wet towel
  • Dry towel


  • Find an area where you can create the artwork (a big table/floor) prepare it by covering it with newspapers and have your child wear old clothes that can get dirty.
  • Pick your favourite colours of paint and pour into separate bowls or plates, ask your children to help decide.  Have plenty of towels ready.
  • Explain the process and show them how it will be done, you can practice without using paint first so they are prepared and understand the process.
  • Brush your little one’s hand with the paint using the paintbrush, make sure to spread the paint evenly over the entire hand.
  • Guide their hand to the paper and gently press down on their hand, count to 3 and gently lift their hands. If they are older they can do that themselves. Have the children take turns.
  • Wipe the paint off their hand with the wet towel, dry and repeat with each colour.
  • Allow for the canvas/paper to fully dry.
  • Good work! You are done! Wasn’t that super easy? Now find a nice spot to decorate!

handprint art tutorial

What I love the most about this is that there is no need to buy a frame or anything expensive, great to keep up on the wall for a few weeks/months and then replace with some new art. Plus I always write the date on their handprint artwork and save it, their little hands grow SO fast!

When was the last time you did handprint artwork with your little ones?