Using HP Printables to Plan Your Next Family Vacation!


Back-to-school usually means back to the old routine and the daily grind. Behind is the summer heat, those fun days at the beach, family camping trips and more. So what do you do?  Time to start planning or at least dreaming about your next scape, your next big family vacation!

Using HP Printables and the app on our HP Photosmart printer I have been scheduling weekly Travel Ideas printables to be printed automatically via the Web. Once a week my printer prints a sheet containing a collection of unique and authentic boutique hotels, tips about travel designations, chic boutique hotel specials, VIP offers, recipes from around the world and more. I usually tape the sheet to our fridge for all of us to read. My husband and I love the neat ideas and learning about new destinations.


Before scheduling the weekly Travel Ideas printable our travel destination that always came to mind for a family vacation was Mexico. An all inclusive resort is awesome and totally great for a family vacation but it is not unique or different. We are now actually talking about new and exotic places and it is exciting to think about what what places we will be learning about next.


If you love traveling or just want some inspiration delivered to your “tray” each week then be sure to check out the Travel Ideas from printables. You can set up delivery options right from your printer’s touchscreen, all you need is to be set up for wireless web connection an a free ePrint mobile account. Easy!

Disclosure: HP products mentioned in this post were supplied by HP Canada #printable

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12 responses to “Using HP Printables to Plan Your Next Family Vacation!”

  1. Always looking for the next destination, at least day dreaming about it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love to scan websites, view catalogues to find our next adventure. great idea for someone who likes to get travel info sent to them

  3. Needing some inspiration…definitely checking this out!

  4. Wow! I never thought of using printables to plan a vacation. I usually just use a printer for print out colouring sheets for the kids to colour when on the road/plane. Thanks!

  5. weekly travel ideas sounds interesting. we should do this!

  6. I have booked a trip to Varadero, Cuba just last night, we leave this Saturday, Eha!

  7. Thats some pretty cool stuff

  8. I would never have thought of using printables to plan a vacation,interesting

  9. Looking at you both at the beach,I am wondering if it will ever warm up

  10. Definitely checking this out!

  11. I’ve never heard of this before but it’s a great program for when you’re traveling

  12. This is great, and I’m now sorry that we bought an Epson. Next printer will be an HP again.

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