Food Huggers: Reusable Silicone Food Savers Review

food huggers

Food Huggers are a new product designed to wrap (hug) leftover fruits and veggies to keep them fresh until you need them next time.  By using these you will waste less food, keeping it protected without the need of plastic film, tin foil or plastic bags and making less garbage to end up in landfills.

Michelle Ivankovic and Adrienne McNicholas first launched Food Huggers on Kickstarter almost one year ago. The campaign was embraced and supported by over 5,400 individuals, raising more than $183,497 in just 30 days! I think the idea is brilliant and I have been using my set of Food Huggers all the time.

Food Huggers are perfect to keep food fresh in the fridge. With little ones at home I am constantly cutting fruits and veggies in half as they eat smaller portions and I use FoodHuggers now. Also great when I make meals and I don’t need to use an entire onion, squash and other veggies.


Each set of Food Huggers comes with four different sizes to ensure a good fit. You simply wrap it snugly around the leftover and put it away. They are made with 100% FDA quality silicone, BPA-Phthalate free and dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.

Food Huggers can even be used to cover small jars or cups. Great for when my son decides to save his morning smoothy or when storing sauces and soups.

avocado huggers

In addition to the set of four Food Huggers, we also received an Avocado Hugger, the set of two huggers has been specifically designed to keep avocados fresh. I love being able to make salad for lunch using half of an avocado and saving the other half for dinner, with the avocado staying fresh!  The Avocado Huggers have “pit pockets” that allow you to store your avocado with or without a pit. 

I love using the Food Huggers and I absolutely recommend getting a set if you are tired of throwing out vegetables and fruit leftovers that go bad and don’t stay fresh after storing. It’s also great not to use as much plastic to store things, I was using a lot of plastic film before.

Be sure to watch the following video to see the Food Huggers in action!

Sets of Food Huggers are available for $14.99 and the Avocado Huggers are $9.99.

Disclosure : I received a sample of a product to facilitate this review. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% mine.

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  26. This is a terrific idea. You save on plastic and you can see, in a moment, what food you are looking for in the frig. I find that covering with plastic is not the best answer. Sometimes the leftover is hard to find, whereas this set lets you know at once what you are looking for.

  27. Love this concept! Anything that cuts down on waste is golden in my books.

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