If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I love sharing easy meal and dinner ideas on my Insta stories. And since last October, I have been using Fresh Prep to help me make delicious dinners in minutes, without having to do any shopping and meal planning beforehand.

Fresh Prep is a meal kit delivery service for people in Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, and the Okanagan that helps you make delicious dinners in minutes, using their fresh, prepared recipe ingredients that are delivered weekly to your front door. All you need to do after you get your weekly delivery is follow each recipe, cook your dinner and enjoy it.

Fresh Prep Add-Ons OptionsFresh Prep Add-Ons Options {My Favourites}Something else Fresh Prep offers is a unique selection of add-ons options. You can pick the add-ons and order them with each weekly delivery. Super easy and convenient. I’ve had a chance to try many of their add-ons in the past year and I have some favourites I would like to share with you here. 

  • Healthy Baked Goods

Who doesn’t loke fresh, healthy baked goods delivered at home?! They offer a selection of handpicked local baked goods to satisfy any craving.

My favourites?

To Die For Chocolate Macadamia Nut Banana Bread. Erin Ireland’s To Die Foor goods are such a hit! 

The Cashew Lemon Power Balls by Fresh Prep are another delicious and nutritious snack that we all love. 

Both of these are a must-try on your next order!


Fresh Prep Add-Ons Options {My Favourites}

Fresh Prep Add-Ons Options {My Favourites}

  •  Cold-Pressed Loop Juices

Healthy juices ready for you to grab when on the go! Yes, I love having some LOOP juices on hand in my fridge. They are made with simple ingredients, they are local and delicious. 

My fave is the Cold Pressed Blueberry Mint flavour, so refreshing.

Fresh Prep Add-Ons Options {My Favourites}

  • Easy and Nutritious Breakfast Options

I love that I can order oatmeal and ready to blend smoothies for breakfast with my weekly order.  Their Mixed Berry and Apple & Cinnamon Oatmeal by Oatbox is made with the freshest clean and natural ingredients and it is great as overnight oats too!

I love the convenience of their Raw by Robyn Smoothies as well. Great for boosting your immune system during the cold season! Brrrr.

Fresh Prep Add-Ons Options {My Favourites}

Fresh Prep Add-Ons Options {My Favourites}

  • School Lunch Meals For The Kids

I was so excited when I found out Fresh Prep was also delivering Kindermeals. I am already a fan of their kid-friendly wholesome pre-made meals (made in Vancouver!). Perfect for the kids to take to school and to help you save time on prepping meals.

These are great for those super busy weeks when you know you need the extra help! The kids LOVE these too!

I also love that you receive Kindermeals in clear plastic containers, which they will collect on your next delivery, clean, sanitize and reuse for a litter-less lunch. All you have to do is wash and return the containers to your cooler bag with the rest of your soft plastics from the kits. 

Fresh Prep Add-Ons Options {My Favourites}

  • Protein Add-on

The Small-batch cheddar from the Benton Brother’s add-on is amazing, their cheese is produced in small batches at Village Cheese Co. in Armstrong, BC, and aged for 6 years. Creating a wonderfully crunchy texture and a sharp, tart tang on the finish. So yum!

They also offer antibiotic-free, locally raised, farm-to-table chicken and top quality, Certified AAA beef.

Fresh Prep Add-Ons Options {My Favourites}

  • Ready to Eat Salads

These delicious salads are their latest add-on and I am so excited to try them on! The new Fresh Prep Salads are perfect for customizing your weekly meals. They’re healthy, delicious and convenient. They come in Hearty Italian Herb, Thai Peanut Crunch, Harvest Honey Mustard, and West Coast Kale.

Fresh Prep Add-Ons Options {My Favourites}

Fresh Prep Add-Ons Options {My Favourites}

Fresh Prep Add-Ons Options {My Favourites}

Fresh Prep Add-Ons Options {My Favourites}

Fresh Prep Add-Ons Options {My Favourites}

How To Order

To try any of the add-ons just log into your account, click “Order Add-ons,” and click on your selections to add them to your next delivery. Easy! You’ll receive add-ons with your next regular scheduled order.

If you are interested in trying it out FreshPrep for a week or more, feel free to use code: INFOSM18 for $36.75 off your first order. For more information, visit their website: Fresh Prep. You can skip any week or cancel at any time. So convenient!

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Fresh Prep. However, all views and opinions are my own.