Heinz Baby Food Pouches {Review}

By Contributor Tamara Goyette

Often you really want ease and portability when it comes to feeding your baby or toddler, and food pouches are a great way to have just that. You especially want this when you are going to be out and about, and you want to make sure you have a convenient, but also nutritious meal for your child that you know they will enjoy.

Heinz has a large selection of baby food pouches to select from for ages 6 months to 4 years old. When you see the ouches in store you notice that they are organized into different stages: Stage 2 for six months and up, Stage 3 for eight months and up, and Little Kids which is for kids one to four years old. Each stage has different fruit, vegetable, meat, and combination options. There are also organic food pouches that have the same great options. You will also notice when you see Heinz baby food pouches in store that they are colour coded. The organic ones are green, Stage 2 is blue, Stage 3 is a red, and Little Kids pouches are yellow.


I really appreciate that when I read the ingredient label on these food pouches, I know what is exactly in them. The labels also clearly indicate that there are no added sugars, salt, fillers, or artificial colours. There are also several gluten free options.

I have had so many people say how convenient these food pouches are, when they see my daughter eating one, and how they wish they had been around when their children were little. The flavours in these little pouches are great – yes I taste tested them. If you have a picky eater who may not like their veggies the combination pouches are great because they will never know that they are actually eating some vegetables!

Since I have a toddler, I simply put one or two of these in my diaper bad when I go out during the day with my daughter and I don’t worry about needing a spoon to feed her it. My daughter will happily eat a whole pouch in one sitting. If you have a younger child, bring a baby spoon with you and that way you can put some onto a spoon for them to eat. You can serve these food pouches at room temperature, warmed up when poured into a bowl, or cold. For warm days, I like to keep some of these pouches in the fridge so that the food pouch is nice and cool for eating. The pouches become a smoothie treat, without the mess of having to pull out the blender.

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Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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21 responses to “Heinz Baby Food Pouches {Review}”

  1. We love food pouches for on the go too.

  2. Of all the different brands of pouches out there, Heinz was the one my little girl enjoyed the most. If I remember correctly it was the mango yogurt one that was her favorite!

  3. food pouches are so handy and total life saver while on the go.

  4. it’s come a long way from little glass jars

  5. we love the pouches so easy om the gp and they store se easily.

  6. My daughter loved these when she was younger, I love that they’re so convenient and healthy!

  7. All four of my kids were big fans of these pouches. Yummy in their tummies!

  8. These pouches seem really great and I wished they had something like this when my girls were young, oh how times have changed

  9. looks great – i like the different colour for the two stages.

  10. I love that these products are sugar free, salt free and free from fillers!

  11. I wish these food pouches were around when my son was born…and he’s not even that old…just 5 years old. I think they are super easy to take on the go.

  12. What a brilliant idea these food pouches are, wish they’d been around when my children were small (20 yrs ago!). They’re ideal for trips and outings.

  13. My kids love the Heinz pouches, I always have a dozen in the car for emergency hunger situations.

  14. Just wondering, how are these working out, is there a lot of spillage

  15. They are great to stuff into your diaper bag for emergencies

  16. I love these mess free containers

  17. Its so easy for grab and go days

  18. Food pouches are certainly a brilliant idea .

  19. These are so easy to store and so simple to use

  20. I love the concept of the stages! When these first came out, I didn’t think they’d catch on, but they are so great!

  21. I guess for the active busy family these are good

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