We’re a grazing, snack-loving family that plows through at least two boxes of crackers a week.  We’re also a gluten-free family, so are used to eating plain old tooth-chipping rice crackers.  This week our eyes were opened to new snacking possibilities: we received samples of Thornhill Farms Rice Bites to try and review.  These are not plain old tooth-chipping rice crackers. These are gently crispy, delicious gluten-free rice crackers in a variety of flavors at a reasonable price. Yahoo!

thorn hill rice bites

Thornhill Farms Rice Bites are a healthier-for-you choice for people who are searching for gluten-free options for their diet, as well as those who simply prefer gluten-free products and they come in yummy flavors like Applewood Smokey BBQ, Sea Salt and Vinegar, Black Pepper and Sea Salt.  They are a great addition to a snacker’s menu and they are really affordably priced compared to most gluten free snack options.  They taste great alone or dunked in hummus or potato soup.

rice thornhill

Let me say this: compared to plain old tooth-chipping rice crackers, these Thornhill Farms Rice Bites contain more ingredients (like soy and corn) and are higher in fat and sodium. BUT, compared to traditional fried potato chips and other snacks on the market, these are definitely healthier. And it is because of the additional ingredients to these rice crackers that the texture is so pleasant to chew.  They are crispy, but to a degree that my four-toothed baby can successfully chomp through them without scratching the roof of her mouth with a rogue cracker edge.

While it doesn’t say so on the packaging, I searched for Thornhill Farms on the Non-GMO Project website and to my delight it says Thornhill Farms products are currently in the process of becoming Non-GMO Project certified. This gives me way more confidence eating their products, especially at such an affordable price point.

So in addition to being reasonably priced and available at a wide variety of stores, these Thornhill Farms Rice Bites are Certified gluten-free, baked not fried, and are free of trans fats, cholesterol and MSG. So whether you are celiac or not, these crackers are a great snack option at home or on the go.  The bag is just the right size for a few people to share.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

Allison Baltzersen is a mother of two baby girls and blogs about her bumblings through green parenting over at Funny Shade of Green.