ClimbBase5 Review {Metro Vancouver’s Largest Climbing Gym}


I am far from an avid climber: every couple years I boulder around and generally get bored after a few minutes, so when we booked in for a two-hour long climb at ClimbBase5 in Coquitlam, I honestly wondered how we would pass the time.

Two hours in however, I wondered where the time went.

On entering, we were greeted by Keith… who was very welcoming, friendly, and just the right mix of laid back and enthusiastic to get us pumped but relieve our apprehensions about climbing a 45′ wall. He was also great with kids, which was awesome since we had our four-year-old daughter with us… and unfortunately she inherited my general mistrust of anything new.

She didn’t want the harness on at first so he skipped past it and casually offered it again, once she felt more comfortable with the whole thing.

He managed to challenge us all enough that we left feeling accomplished. He also knew exactly when to chime in with words of encouragement or guidance.

I was glad that he pushed me just enough to finally get why it is that so many people love to climb. It’s exhilarating to get to the top when you’ve overcome some moments where you’re not quite sure you’ll make it past the next hold.

The gym itself was awesome. I would imagine an experienced climber would be able to spend the better part of a day in there without doing the same course twice. I personally loved the 45′ rope climb and rope latter. Where else can you do that strapped in?

My daughter noticed a birthday party going on, with a great little side room with tables and such. The kids looked to be having a great time. She decided she wants to have her next birthday here with Keith.

And now I get it, the top is a rewarding place to be at any age.

Disclosure: I received free family passes to ClimbBase5, however all views and opinions stated here are my own.

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Allison Tai is mother to two young girls, Amelita and Seren. She is also an elite obstacle course racer and fitness coach. You can find her blog at where she muses about her life as an athlete, and her life as a mom.

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29 responses to “ClimbBase5 Review {Metro Vancouver’s Largest Climbing Gym}”

  1. I have never tried Rock Climbing but it looks like fun. Im glad you had a good coach, Keith must have been doing this for a long time. What a great idea for a birthday party. I’m going to look into Rock Climbing in our area! Thanks for a great share 🙂

    • Keith sure did help the whole “fun” piece. It’s different but almost anyone can do it.

  2. Great post, thanks for sharing!

  3. I wonder how far I would make it up the wall.

    • There’s easier holds… you’d probably surprise yourself!

  4. I wish we had something like this in my area,it would get the kids out

  5. Ooo this looks like so much fun!

  6. Amazing!! Wish we had a place like this in my town!

  7. I like in Vancouver but I have never been here! I would love to check it out soon although I’m sill a newbie!

    • You should! It’s great fun!

  8. Looks fun but I would fall on my behind if there wasnt ropes holding you there! It looks really high and although I amnot afraid of heights, it would be a lot of work.

    • Letting go of the wall was freaky but they are so good. You’re practically held up by a rope the whole time.

  9. this wouldn’t be for me but hubby would try it

    • It’s fun to watch too!

  10. one of my sons does this (he’s an adult) and just loves it. I can’t say it would be my kind of thing but thankfully we all like different things and activities 🙂

    • Couldn’t agree more!

  11. We took my nieces rock climbing and they had a BLAST. I would be terrified, lol. They were like little monkeys up there. Can’t wait to take them again.

    • Oh I was terrified too. Every time I reached the top this happened:

      “OK, let go now.”
      “Let go?”
      “Yes, let go.”
      “Me? Let go? Know?”
      “Yes, you can let go know.”

      • lol yep, that would be me too. Except I would probably be crying throughout the entire exchange as well.

  12. That looks like so much fun! Been wanting to try something like this for a while now. Looks like everyone had a blast!

  13. That looks super fun!

  14. I really want to try rock climbing more than ever!

  15. It sure looks like fun time

  16. I love my local climbing gym; I sometimes take the boys with me, especially when I want to wear them out!

  17. I dont think I would make it very far up the wall

  18. Going up is not my problem its coming down lol

  19. Not for me with two crippled legs,but i would so love to do this

  20. this wouldn’t be for me but hubby likes doing it

  21. This climbing wall is awesome. I loved the way it was set up and the staff was so welcoming. I think you are very fortunate to have this building, especially if you like to climb.

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