The Stayfree Absorbency Challenge

stayfree challenge

Isn’t it funny how a lot of women are uncomfortable talking about feminine care products? We use them every single month for most of our lives and rarely talk about the many options out there…

So, when I was given the opportunity to do an absorbency ‘blue liquid’ pad challenge at home to see how Stayfree Ultra Thin pads perform alongside their competitors I was very interested to see the results.


You know those pad commercials with the blue liquid in the cup? I was sent a kit with everything I needed for the challenge and did something similar. It was actually fun to do, it’s not like you get to do a pad absorbency test everyday at home! See my video with the full challenge below:

After performing the test, The Stayfree Ultra Thin pads clearly came out on top among the rest. All real time, no TV effects or tricks, pretty cool right?!

What do you think of the test results?

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Stayfree, however all views, opinios and results are my own.



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11 responses to “The Stayfree Absorbency Challenge”

  1. They look good in your test. However I’d like to choose my own pads as the comparison pads that way I would choose good ones that I like and only if they are worse than the Stayfree ones would I really accept this test as being fair.

  2. Hmm yes I agree with Elizabeth’s comment above. I have seen these demos being done at trade shows and mall kiosks and they are fun to watch…I haven’t had any issues with Stayfree. They do keep me drier than some other brands.

  3. Not sure which pad that they compared Stayfree to but I expect that it is a cheaper competitor…

  4. That looked like a fun test. Would like to try Stayfree soon, thanks for posting.

  5. I’ve been using Stayfree products for quite some time….seem pretty reliable to me!

  6. That’s a cool test. I know I’ve seen them before as well, but it seems so much more real when you see it for yourself.

  7. Thnaks for doing the test,I like the ouotcome

  8. I’ve used Stayfree products for 20 years and haven’t found any other feminine hygiene products that compare!

  9. Nice demo. I didn’t realize that certain competitors didn’t absorb as well.

  10. I’m impressed by the results!

  11. Wow I’ve been using something else but this makes me want to try it or switch forever, happy with the results from this video

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