Since introducing solids to my son a couple of months ago I have started to give my son water to drink after his meals. It is usually just a tiny bit and I purchased a sippy cup  for him to use.  The first time he tried it he was having some difficulty holding it and it was not easy to get him to drink from it.  Then I received the mOmma Non-Spill Cup & Dual Handle for review from Lansinoh Laboratories.  

I absolutely love its round ergonomic shape. It just works perfectly and my son can hold it super easily!  Something else I really love is how the mouth of the bottle/suction area never touches the floor or any surfaces as the bottle remains upright because of its shape.  It also comes with a protective cover so that adds extra protection. 

The mOmma Non-Spill Cup has a non-spill system that keeps the liquid in the bottle and delivers it only when the baby sucks. Perfect to avoid messes! 

It has been great for us because he really enjoys drinking from this bottle and he has no issues holding it and handling it! 

If you are introducing water/juice to your baby I recommend this cup because it is easy for baby to handle. You want them to feel comfortable and do it themselves and this cup works!