Peekaboo Beans: Join The Play Revolution, Kids were Born to Play!

Peakaboo Beans

Peekaboo Beans is a locally based company {from British Columbia} that was founded by Traci Costa back in 2006.  They offer innovative children’s playwear that is durable and high quality for children ages 3 months to 8 years old.  Right now their pieces are sold through over 100 retailers across Canada and in the United States. Pretty sweet!

I found out about Peekaboo Beans and their mission when I received an e-mail from them inviting me to join in their play revolution initiative. I am all for allowing our children lots of time for unstructured play so I knew I had to get involved

Here is what they say about it {be sure to watch their amazing video below}:

Our children are playing less than any previous generation, and this lack of play is causing them profound physical, intellectual, social and emotional harm. Experts say our kids are experiencing a PLAY DEFICIT.

Unstructured play is critical for future generations. Peekaboo Beans has a mission to raise awareness and educate parents on the importance of play. Let’s get back to play!

Definitively inspiring isn’t it?

I support their play revolution and I invite you to join them too as they raise awareness and educate parents everywhere about the importance of play time.  Please share this post and their YouTube video with your circle of friends and family!

We also got a chance to try out a hoodie from their Cheeky Monkey – Spring 2012 collection and I absolutely adore the “My Way” zip hoodie we received.  This cotton & spandex hoodie is super soft and I love its modern design.

I found the thumbholes adorable and I like the fact that the hoodie has a chin guard to avoid zipper irritation. And the best of all is that it is super comfortable for him to wear while he plays.

Peakaboo Beans Hoodie

I must talk about the packaging because it was very unique and beautiful. It felt like I was unwrapping a present when I received it {perfect when buying it as a gift for a loved one}.  The hoodie was wrapped inside a pretty  reusable shopping bag.  Yay for eco-friendly packaging.

The hoodie is machine washable and you can tumble dry it on low as well. I have washed it a couple of times and the material is still feeling soft and looking bright.

Be sure to visit Peekaboo Beans online to check out their Cheeky Monkey – Spring 2012 collection and all of their other designs. Plus don’t forget to share this post and video! Remember that kids were born to play!

Buy it: Shop online on the Peekaboo Beans website here, lots of adorable designs for little ones!

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9 responses to “Peekaboo Beans: Join The Play Revolution, Kids were Born to Play!”

  1. Going to have to check them out. I have such a hard time finding nice, cute, practical boys clothing. I do not want to dress my sons in Disney or skulls and that seems to be all there is out there.

  2. They seem to be of high quality.

  3. That striped hoodie is so adorable!

  4. April 24-I loved the video. I realize that play is very important to children. A recent study showed play (down on floor) may open the key to solving autism. A trial study showed that playing with autoistic children at least 3 hours a day did more to “open” up their personalities than anything else before. One boy actually interacted with his younger sibling –something he had never done before. They speak, hug and communicate.. I hope the magic of play will give hope to these children and their parents and help alleviate their burdens.-el03ro

  5. That hoodie is great, and I really am glad to see more companies using eco-friendly packaging.

  6. I strongly believe in free play or unstructured play, and the deficit (as noted above) in current generations of children really worries me; I work with kids and the fact that almost every aspect of their waking lives is laid out with supervized play groups, sports teams, drives of school work, etc. has created many timid kids who need to be told what to do, instructions on almost everything. They don’t have creative problem solving skills when with other children and need me to fix ALL their issues, they can’t seem to resolve anything. Its worrisome and frankly annoying as a teacher.

    I know that it wasn’t like this when I was a child (which wasn’t long ago, I was born in 1980). It just really worries me. So I appreciate this company’s ideals and stance.

  7. they clothes are so cute

  8. Definitely need to check around for this new canadian brand!

  9. cute fitted clothes, I like the eco packaging note too, zippers are a problem with children, looks like they have figured it out

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