Airfryer: Crunchy French Fries with 80% Less Oil

Making perfectly crunchy french fries usually requires frying them in A LOT of oil. Not really healthy at all! We love French Fries but we don’t have them often and when we do I always feel guilty.

I use our Philips Airfryer (CAN). A new countertop appliance that drastically reduces the amount of fat or oil used by approximately 80% when making meals.

crunchy French fries

Airfryer: Crunchy French Fries with 80% Less Oil

This revolutionary appliance uses rapid air technology to deliver delicious meals without the extra fat. We made some deliciously crunchy French Fries to try it out and we loved the results,  very tasty and we only used 1 tbsp of oil! A winner for sure!

Airfryer: Crunchy French Fries with 80% Less Oil Recipe

Yield: 4

Airfryer Fries

crunchy French fries


  • 1.2 kg floury potatoes
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • salt, to taste


*Peel the potatoes and cut them into long, 8mm thick chips. (You can use a chip cutter for this.)

*Soak the fries in water for at least 30 minutes. Drain them thoroughly, then pat them dry with paper towels.

*Preheat the Airfryer to 160 degrees C.

*Put the friers in a large bowl, drizzle with the oil and toss to coat. Transfer them to the Airfryer basket. Slide the basket into the Airfryer and set the timer for 16 minutes.

*When the timer rings, slide out the basket and shake the fries. Adjust the temperature to 180 degrees C and set the timer for another 12 minutes.

*After 6 minutes, slide out the basket and shake the fries again.

*Fry until the timer rings and the fries are golden brown. Sprinkle with salt and serve on a platter.


crunchy airfryer french fries

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  1. this is an amazing airfyer, I won one from Philips just before christmas and i love it, no more greasy fries. I even use the no name fries and they turn out borwn and cirspy. Breaded fish I tried the other night and wow boy it took the greasy right out of it and they tasted great. I am going to try your recipe it sound great.

  2. Nice recipe! These look yummy!

  3. This is awesome, I love that it reduces amount of fat/oil by 80%, that is amazing!! I need to get one of these for sure!!

  4. Been seriously thinking of buying something like this as I worry about the amount of oil I use in making fries

  5. Oh I defo need this. I love fried foods but have to cut back….with this, I can enjoy my favourite foods again!

  6. I like the fact of using less oil, quite a bit less, but I don’t like the steps you have to continuously do.

  7. I prefer homemade french fries. This sounds awesome and much healthier!

  8. This would be awesome to own I have a T-Fal Actifry but it’s just not the same, you can’t put anything breaded in it because of the rotation, but with this one you can, I just don’t like the price of it, so I guess I will be just dreaming to own one

  9. I absolutely love crunchy fries. Thanks for sharing this healthier recipe.

  10. That sounds great. I love french fries and other “fried” foods but want to cut back on the grease.

  11. soooo yummy!! i have never done homemade fries but i will definitely try out this recipe! homemade is always so much better

  12. love fries

  13. I’ve seen similar appliances and I would really love to have one! Much healthier than deep frying!

  14. No more greasy unhealthy french fries! Looks delicious!

  15. I have been curious about these fryers. I’m so happy to hear that they work so well! I’ll be putting it on my list of kitchen must haves!

  16. I love the idea of low fat fries

  17. I have the tfal actifry. I got it for Christmas I never knew there were other products like it. if I had known I would have shopped around a bit. I still love my actifry but I like looking around for options and seeing what is the best deal/value.

  18. I love fries never had any in the airfrier , but they look DELISH , Thanks for sharing 🙂

  19. the less oil the better, I wish I had one of these

  20. I have heard such good things about the airfryer versus traditional baking or frying. These look delicious.

  21. I love my air fryer as well…thank you for the tip about soaking the fries for 30 minutes before cooking. I’m looking forward to seeing what a difference that will make.

  22. I would like to try these – they look so good.

  23. Guess I’m just used to eating greasy fries. I can’t imagine what they would be like without all the grease lol.
    I’m curious about the taste/texture of fries cooked this way…They’d probably be great in a loaded poutine 😀

  24. I would love to try one of these. Looks great.

  25. sounds fantastic, anything that reduces the amount of fat intake has a big plus from me!

  26. reduces fat,thats a plus

  27. I am a total sucker for crispy fries on the outside and soft mashed potato texture on the inside!!

  28. These looks so good,I have not had fries in years

  29. We don’t have this kind but we do have an actifry and we love it!

  30. We have been considering getting a healthy fryer,so thanks for this review. There are so many options out there now. We don’t fry often, but when we do, I find that we are ‘binge’ fryers and will fry everything from fries to wings.

  31. Not sure why I haven’t heard of the Airfryer……those fries sure do look tasty tho!

    I’ll have to look this up!

  32. I really want this for Christmas

    • I got one as a gift for Christmas and I did not make. Habit of eating fried foods in the first place but when I do this is perfect. I love it and I can enjoy things I would otherwise say no to even a little

  33. Hoping to find one under the tree

  34. Homemade fries are the best,I have not had them in years

  35. I own a Philips AirFryer and use it often to enjoy French Fries, Fried Plantains, Chicken Wings, Chicken Fried Steak, Homemade Sweet Potato Tater Tots, you name it! IT’S AMAZING! Everybody should have one! Just saying…

  36. Those fries look delicious

  37. I have not had fries in years,I really need to get an Airfryer.

  38. I love my Actifry! I will definitely try this recipe.

  39. I like the fact of using less oil,getting older and wiser…trying to eat better

  40. Yummy,I will definitely try this recipe.

  41. I won an Airfryer awhile back and I love it…makes the best fries

  42. Air-fryer works so much better than the actifry

  43. I don’t have this air fryer but I’ve been considering buying one and every time I see the fries I want one even more

  44. Well I finally bought one of these air fryers. I did fries for the first time and they were so good that I can’t wait to try it again. I told my husband to be prepared because we’re going to be eating a lot of fries and he nodded and said “can’t wait”

  45. gonna try your recipe in a while will update you about the results

  46. These fries look yummy!

  47. You’re nuts. Fries will never get done at 180. The Airfryer nook says 400

    • That is 180 deg CENTIGRADE, which is very different from F.

  48. Hi,

    Does the cooking time change if the quantity is reduced to one fourth of the specified?


    • Hi, I would reduce the time but check on them to see if they are ready before. Try 15 minutes and check before adding more time.

  49. I now have an airfryer, not the same maker though. I do love my fries and it’s always good to cut down on this sort of fat whenever possible. I don’t think that I’ve quite got the knack of it but I’m learning. 🙂

  50. I now have a Tefal but so far I’m not having much luck, I can’t get the length of frying time right for only one person for frozen fries. I normally make mine from scratch like you’ve done and I’ll follow your recipe for another try, not too happy with mine at the moment.

  51. I’ve had another go with frozen fries and 15 mins was much, much better though I could probably get away with even less.

  52. I have been considering this fryer for a while…I love french fries!

  53. Right, well I’ve now made real fries and those were absolutely delicious – no more frozen fries for me now. 🙂

  54. Thanks for suggesting the fryer in your post that requires very less oil. It is really very good from both the points, economically and healthy.

  55. These look very good

  56. I love making homemade fries I use a salad spinner to get the water out after soaking the potatoes I dont have an air fryer yet

  57. Obesity is a problem in my household. No matter how much we tried we couldn’t discard fast food. The air fryer helped to make same delicious fries with less oil. After that I found lots of dishes that I could make with the air fryer. It didn’t solve our problem, but it sure helped. I recommend this recipe to everybody who loves to eat fries and to eat healthy. Also use garlic sauce with french fries it is just amazing.

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