Bamboo continues to be one of my favorite clothing fabric.  It is eco-friendly, antibacterial, anti-fungal, antistatic and extremely soft.  I had a chance to review the Kicky Pants Bamboo Overalls and I absolutely loved them.

I really like how breathable the fabric is and how it keeps my son comfortable in hot weather as it stays 2-3 degrees cooler.  The fit of the overalls is great and the design is very stylish.

I really like the color and how it stayed looking like new after several washes.  Color stayed vibrant and the fabric as soft as ever.

One of my favorite features is the leg snap openings for easy diaper changes.  I love the fact that I don’t have to remove the entire outfit to get to the diapers. It just makes life easy!

While surfing their site I fell in love with their many beautiful and stylish designs.  I know what online store I will be visiting soon πŸ˜‰   If you want to check out their latest collection and find a retailer close to you check out their page here