My son playing with the Nooboo Pound a Sound


We received the Nooboo Pound a Sound as a present from a friend of ours.  One of the first things I loved about it was the fact that it doesn’t have any plastic and that it is made of soft washable fabrics. A lot more eco-friendly than other plastic toys for baby.


It is made to catch the eye with all the bright colors and its cool design.  My son was very excited to play with it and wanted to grab it as soon as he saw it.


This toy is supposed to help babies learn cause and effect. Each one of the “buttons” makes a different sound when the baby takes a whack at it.  You will hear a BOING and other drum sounds.


Buttons make a different sound when they are hit


Hammer to hit the sensors


I loved the idea of it and how it looks but I was a bit disappointed with its design.  The sensors are really really small and very easy to miss when hitting them, making it very hard if not impossible to activate the sound with the hammer.   I have to  strategically strike to get a sound to play and I must say it is very hard for a baby to hit it hard enough and in the exact spot, even without the hammer


I think this product would be a lot more fun for babies if the sensors were bigger and easier to activate. He still likes the colors and playing with it without sound but I am sure that he would love it with the fun sounds.  I think until he is a lot older and can hit it harder he is not going to get the full experience when playing with it on his own.



Playing with it trying to get a sound