Handyman Leg Warmers by BabyLegs

I was very excited when I received a package in the mail from  Baby’s Best Designs Canada. They sent me a sample of Organic Leg Warmers and two pairs of very cute socks to review.  I got the Handyman Leg Warmers and two pairs of the Touchdown style socks.

The very first thing I noticed was how soft they are, I love having my son wear nice materials against his delicate skin and the organic cotton feels great to the touch. Something else I really liked was that they have more designs that are made for baby boys. I have bought a couple of other leg warmers before but their designs looked a bit too girly and I ended up selling them all.

Here is the package I got in the mail
BabyLegs:  Handyman Leg Warmers and Touchdown Socks

Leg warmers are a very practical item, you can use them to keep baby warm during the cold months and for simplifying diaper changes.  On top of that I know I will be using them to make potty training a bit easier.  Their little BabyLegs socks have sole grippers that will come handy when he starts crawling and for his first steps.

We definitively enjoyed testing our leg warmers and socks and I know we will be investing in a few more. They are pretty affordable and their selection is great, their girl tights are super cute and they have a pretty big selection for the little boy styles to choose from.

Baby’s Best Designs has generously donated a pair of  BabyLegs and the matching BabyLeg socks to be given to the winner.  



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