My son in the Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages



One of the things I love the most about having a baby is co-sleeping. It was great for us for the very first weeks of my son’s life, a life saver during the night specially while breastfeeding and during the day at nap times.  I love cuddling with my baby and just feeling him close to me. Best feeling ever!

During the first months I was able to co-sleep without any problems but as my baby grew older we had to move him into his bassinet.  He wanted more space in the bed and we were getting no sleep from getting constant kicks and punches at night. Oh well,  we have a little kicker!

I was o.k. having him sleep in the bassinet since it was just by my side of the bed and I was able to reach/see him easily.  We continued using it until he turned 4 months and he was above the weight/height limit for it. The bassinet was for babies less than 14lbs and my son was 15lbs then.  I didn’t want him to sleep alone in his room at 4 months and I was having a hard time finding a bassinet that was small enough to fit by my bed and that was made for heavier babies.

I ordered the Graco Travel Lite Crib online and loved the fact that it had stages depending on the babies weight.  Once I received it I was happy to see how easy it was to put it together  and that it was the perfect size to fit beside my bed.

Metal bars that can be adjusted in the hanging bassinet for Stage 1 and 2


Stage 1 is for babies up to 15lbs and Stage 2 is for up to 20lbs, then you can just remove the hanging bassinet and you are left with the crib that looks just like a playpen.   Right now we are still in Stage 2 but I have a feeling we will be removing the bassinet part soon so he can use it in the lowest setting.  In the lowest setting it is recommended for use up to 30lbs. The crib also comes with a very neat travel bag, I was impressed it doesn’t take a lot of space once you fold it up and I can see myself traveling with it if needed.


View from the top


Something else I really like about it is the fact that it is super breathable. The sides are all soft to the touch mesh so it is a lot safer for him as the airflow is a lot better than with other bassinets. So far we are loving it and I am thankful that I get to keep my baby in our room with us for a little longer.


Happy Baby, Happy Mom