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I recently had a chance to check out the new Windows Phone 8S by HTC. The 8S phone runs on Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system and it features a fun two-tone colour scheme with a matte finish in a variety of colours. The 8S is very slim and light and it feels solid and durable.

I am familiar with Windows 8 and I love the user friendly interface with the colorful tiles that can be moved around to personalized your home screen. It is new and unique and very different from other platforms. Kudos to Microsoft for coming up with something new that’s user friendly and easy to navigate.

Another one of the very unique features of the Window’s 8 platform is the Kid’s Corner. After setting it up your kid’s will have access only to the apps, games, videos, and music you choose for them,  preventing them from accessing your important stuff at the same time.

The Windows Phone 8S by HTC has a 4″ touch screen with 19:6 aspect ratio that is great for all streaming media, it also features Gorilla Glass screen that’s hard to break or scratch.

camera HTC 8S


This phone has a 5-megapixel camera with a f/2.8 lens and there is no front-facing camera. The photo quality is acceptable but definitively lower than the 8-megapixel camera of the Lumia 820 or the iPhone 5. The 8S takes nice-looking video clips and the audio recording is smooth and clear. A great feature of this phone is the built-in “Exclusive Beats Audio” that provides high quality audio, making music sound crisp and clear every time.

The 8S also features a 1-gigahertz dual-core chip that keeps things running smoothly and fast. In terms of memory, it has a good 4-gigabytes of storage that is a good starter size and you can always add additional storage with a micro SD memory card.

In general, I had a great experience testing out the Windows Phone 8S by HTC. I like the phone’s slick design, the organized home screen and the high sound quality.  To find more information about this phone and its official specs click HERE.

Disclosure: I received a sample unit to try out to facilitate this post. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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11 responses to “Windows Phone 8S by HTC Review”

  1. This looks like a great little phone! Thanks for the review.

  2. I have an HTC phone and I love mine! Thanks for the review.

  3. I love the phone reviews! I’m looking for a new phone and totally open to anything. Great to read about the HTC phone. Didn’t know they had a windows phone as well.

  4. I will be shopping for a new phone and I have to say the features on the HTC Windows phone are really attractive to me. I love the Gorilla Glass screen – my current phone has a crack right now (*sigh*).

  5. That sounds like a great phone.

  6. Nice! I have a Blackberry and don’t like it as much….

  7. Sounds like a great phone but I have the Samsung Galaxy S3 and it is a BEAST!!! Love it!!

  8. My sister just got this phone. My goodness is it ever cool.

  9. That looks like a great phone, I wish I had one like that.

  10. Im really liking all i hear about this phone, especially from a camera viewpoint. I gather you can shoot your photos and it will take one a 1-2 seconds before you actually press the button. For myself, that is usually when the best picture happens and by the time i DO press the button, its gone so this feature will very likely be the reason I buy it

  11. I had windows 7 htc phone, which I hated. I am skeptical about all windows phones.

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