The Lucky Butterfly: Handmade Items that are Good for your Family


I am already a big fan of using reusable sandwich/snack bags for my family,  I think it is a very smart idea to have a bunch of these at home instead of purchasing the disposable plastic Ziplock bags.  You are saving lots of money and the environment plus avoiding plastic residue contaminating your food.

I was given the chance to try out a few handmade reusable sandwich and snack bags from The Lucky Butterfly and I was very happy to add them to my stash. I recommend getting at least 5 if you want to stop buying the Ziplock bags altogether. Having some empty ones ready at anytime in your cupboard is definitively recommended.  They are good not only for food items but also for carrying medication, small toys, jewelry, make-up and much more.

I received the Monkeys snack and sandwich bags and the organic cotton cars sandwich bag.  As soon as I saw the bags I fell in love with their designs/pattern, I love the vibrant colors and how soft the material is.

The exterior of the Monkey sandwich/snack bags is made of 100% cotton and the interior of 100% nylon (water resistant). I really like the fact that I can use them to take sliced fruit with me and not have to worry about the “juice” leaking all inside of my diaper bag.  I really like that they are machine washable and that depending on the mess I can also clean them with a damp wipe.

The organic cotton bag has a 100% organic cotton interior and exterior. I love the fact that is made with organic cotton (less exposure to toxic chemicals) specially when I know the fabric is in direct contact with our food.  I also like its size, perfect for packing up a delicious and healthy home made sandwich. I find that having them around reminds me about making snacks for myself, I am always on the go so it is nice to pack something for me as well.

My favorite feature of all of the three Lucky Butterfly bags is the hook and loop velcro closure. I like it because I am not dealing with metal zippers and because the generous piece of hook and loop keeps the bags shut avoiding leaking or spilling.

I really like the attention to detail and the way the bags are carefully put together. You can tell that they were designed and made with care by a mom who is thinking about her little one’s well being and helping save the planet and other parent’s wallets at the same time.

Buy it: Visit Lucky Butterfly to check out their great selection of reusable bags and all of the super adorable prints to chose from.  NEW: Get 20% of your order by using “OneSmileyMonkey” code at checkout!!!! You can connect with them on Facebook here.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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25 responses to “The Lucky Butterfly: Handmade Items that are Good for your Family”

  1. These are great. Is there anything eco friendly for storing meat in the freezer?

  2. What a great idea! You can probably get a customized bag just for that purpose.

  3. Love these 🙂

  4. Those are so stink'n cute that I'm going to check this out. I love them!

  5. very cute!

  6. January 16–I think these 'Butterfly' reusable would be a good idea for school snacks or any snacks foo that matter. Of course, the machine washable part is a winner as well.-el03ro

  7. So cute!!

  8. my son would love them! the monkey for sure, lol

  9. Great idea!

  10. I love those! I have been wanting to get some but some are so expensive. I have never heard of them before and I think I might have to invest in some

  11. Cute bags! I wonder how long these bags would last…

  12. Great idea! I am not a big fan of plastic, so this is a great option to stop using ziplock bags or plastic containers!

  13. These look so well made, she's done a great job!
    I am also a huge fan of snack bags, though we just started using them not long ago I don't know how or why I went so long without them.
    Now I just need to get more because I don't have enough 🙁 snack bags look so cute in the fridge too!I love opening up the fridge door and see all the pretty baggies just sitting there looking cute! haha

  14. I've been making a lot of environmentally friendly changes in the home. This would be a perfect addition!

  15. Love the design! I think it would work better than the folding flap design!
    rasmith0506 at gmail dot com

  16. These look so great! And I love that they are cute too!

  17. I like that they are so CUTE as well as environmentally friendly!

  18. Great fabrics! Environmentally smart!

  19. These bags are so useful, we keep buying the plastic bags and wrap and just throw away almost everyday. I think it is time for my family to become eco-friendly as far as reusable snack bags.

  20. Cute!

  21. Cool post!

  22. these are cute!

  23. I am still looking for back to school items for my preschool and came across this post. These snack bags are adorable. Are they waterproof inside? I want to put grapes in them for my son, but I don’t want the bag to get from the washed grapes or if he crushes the grapes.

    • Jeannie, the interior of the bags is water-resistant. I would check directly with the shop before you order to ensure that what you are ordering is.

  24. I’m going to check this out,they are too cute

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