When my middle baby was a baby her room was always dark and we never had a night light in her room. She shared a room with her sister for a while without a night light. But when we separated them, she suddenly was afraid of the dark, needing a night light at all times. Now we’re trying to get baby number three to stay in his new toddler bed, but without the use of a night light at all times it can be a struggle.

Then we got Charley the Chameleon from Cloud b. He plays 2 soothing sounds (Rain Forrest and Tropical Tunes) as well as lights up. Light /sound options: Rain Forrest and transitional lights (colors transition gradually to the next), Tropical Tunes and strobing lights (colors jump to the next), and lights only. There is also a 45-minute sleep timer.

I’m using “he” but it could easily be for a girl or a boy, ours is our son’s. Charley is making the awake to sleep transition easier. The lights keep the dark away and the sounds are keeping the sounds from other rooms dimmed so he isn’t wondering what is going on in the rest of the house.

But he isn’t just a bedtime friend, being ultra plush, he’s also a great toy. While he is sturdy with the workings of the lights and music in him, he is also really soft and cuddly, and light enough for a young toddler to cart around with him. Charley the Chameleon is a great size. While I wouldn’t want it in a crib with a young child, it is great for a toddler in a bed.

Charley is a combination night light, music player and plush toy that features:

• 2 soothing sounds: Rain Forest & Tropical Tunes
• A 45-minute sleep timer (auto shut-off after the 45 minutes)
Light/Sound Options:
• Press once to turn Charley on, play the Rain Forrest tune and activate the transitional lights (colours transition gradually from one to the next)
• Press twice to hear the Tropical Tunes and activate strobing lights (colours jump from one to the next)
• Press three times to play just the lights
• Press a fourth time to simply turn Charley off

Disclosure: I received Charley the Chameleon to facilitate my review, no other compensation was provide. All opinions and views are 100% my own.