furReal Cubby The Curious Bear Plush Toy {Giveaway}

My youngest boy has always loved plush toys. He has a large collection of them in his room and he usually sleeps with a handful of his favourites. I’ve even tried to get rid of some of them before with no success, he has a name for each and would immediately know if one is missing. 

I think it is really cute that he loves plush toys so much so I was super excited for him when our friends from Hasbro sent us their new furReal Cubby The Curious Bear as a surprise.

furReal Cubby The Curious Bear Plush Toy {Giveaway}

furReal Cubby The Curious Bear Plush Toy {Giveaway}

Hasbro personalized a surprise package for him, featuring Cubby and he absolutely loved the bear and cute accessories he received, perfect for a little explorer. You can see a video of the unboxing and his reactions as he gets to interact with Cubby in the video below:

Cubby is the perfect companion for kids ages 4 and up. He is a friendly little bear who loves being picked up and hugged, he enjoys playing peek-a-boo, sings, closes his eyes to go to sleep, and more! The way he moves his eyes, nose and mouth is just too cute, so expresive!

Cubby also responds with 100 and more sound and motion combinations, moving his arms, head, eyes, ears, nose and making lots of different sounds. He comes with a bottle/comb/treat accessory.

Win it: One very lucky winner will win a furReal Cubby Bear Plush Toy ($130 value). This toy would make a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift for a child in your life. Enter to WIN the giveaway below via Rafflecopter. Prize to be fulfilled by Hasbro.


Good luck friends!

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  1. I like that the bear responds with more the 100 sounds and motions.

  2. I love the excitement over chocolate (I can relate) and the big hug from your little guy when first unboxed. (I love those as much as chocolate)!

  3. Cubby is so cute and l love everything about him. My grandson saw him and would love to have him. I would love t win Cubby for my grandson.

  4. Your lil guy is so cute! I just loved how he adored the bear!

  5. Cubby is adorable!!! My little girl would be so happy to have a best friend like him to cuddle.

  6. Both my boys would love this.

  7. What a sweet video. I love is many accessories there are.

  8. I loved when your son gave Cubby a hug that was so very cute!!

  9. How adorable!!! I would love yo see that same excitement on my plushie lover little guy’s face!

  10. I love when be hugged him. So cute!

  11. personally my favorite part of the unboxing video was when your son hugged him!! so adorable my goodness!!

  12. love your son’s reactions to all the cute sounds and actions and movements Cubby bear did! Sure can tell he loves Cubby Bear!

  13. I loved the little boy’s excited reaction to the bear.

  14. I like how interactive he is with 100 sounds and motions.

  15. My granddaughter will turn two in November….she and her parents are coming to Canada from overseas for Christmas. I love the size of the bear….works for all ages. I would really like this to give to her….a truly Canadian bear.

  16. The compass 🧭 is so cute and all the little accessories

  17. I liked the part where your son rubbed Cubby’s head and nose- very loving.

  18. I like the addition of s’mores

  19. I love when he hugged Cubby! So cute!!

  20. The most engaging part of the video for me was watching your little guy interact with Cubby. He was so excited and yet so loving to his new friend.

  21. I loved your sons reaction when he saw the bear He is so adorable

  22. I love how excited your son was to see the adorable bear and how interactive it is with more the 100 sounds and motions.

  23. I love how interactive the bear is. That’s something my daughter would like a lot. Your son is adorable!

  24. I absolutely loved your son’s reaction. So so so adorable oh my goodness! 🙂 I do also love all the accessories that come with Cubby.

  25. I like that he comes with accessories amd wow, he’s bigger than I would have imagined 🙂

  26. So so cute! This Bear is something my little girl would absolutely go crazy for! She loves stuffies !

  27. I loved watching your son interact with the bear and how he like it so much.

  28. would love to win – great gift to give!

  29. Love your son’s excitement and reaction over Cubby, such a cute video. Love that cubby responds to motion, is interactive and has so many sounds. My daughters would love it and all of its accessories

  30. How adorable!!! I would love to see that same excitement on kids face.it would make a great gift 🙂

  31. I loved when he gave the bear a big hug

  32. I love his reaction to the bear and the bear itself is fabulous too!

  33. I love how interactive the unboxing was! It really added to the excitement and joy in the toy!

  34. My youngest sounds much like yours. He loves his stuffed toys and never leaves home without one! Such a cuddle monkey!

  35. So adorable. I love that he said he wants to make a bed for the bear at the end. I have the perfect little one in my life who would love this bear from Santa.

  36. I like how cute he is, how he sounds and moves

  37. I loved everthing… especially when the bear coo’s when you pet him. I love all the extra treats too. The compass is something else.

  38. My favourite part was how excited your son was and how he asked so nicely if he could have the items he was opening. This is seriously cute (and so is your son). Thanks for the chance.

  39. I love how responsive the bear is! It looks like something both my kids would enjoy.

  40. I love the excitement and interaction between the bear and your son. This looks absolutely delightful.

  41. I love the way he sounds and moves. Great unboxing video and it was so adorable when your son hugged him.

  42. My favorite part of the video is definitely your little guy greeting him with a hug. So cute! I love how interactive the bear is. He’s so realistic.

  43. I love the interaction between your son and the bear!

  44. OMG it looks so real like life size. My little one is on the way and would love this fluffy toy.

  45. I like that it is more interactive and I like authenticity of the video in term of reactions.

  46. Personalizing the box for your son was certainly a lovely touch! I loved just seeing the joy on his face! Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity!

  47. I love everything about this bear!! So cute!! My son would love this!!

  48. I felt the love when your son hugged Cubby. Such a sweet moment!

  49. I like how interactive he is with 100 sounds and motions. And the smores kit is so much fun!

  50. About the unboxing. I love the excitement of the little boy. It does my heart good.

  51. I love his excitement as he is unboxing it.

  52. I like how interactive he is with 100 sounds and motions.

  53. I love the way he moves and sort of purrs.

  54. I love the hug the most in the unboxing video.

  55. I love the reaction of the boy the most! So cute.

  56. the bear moves and makes sounds, and looks like they give great hugs! thanks

  57. Love the bear.so many kids in my family would love him

  58. I liked the first bear hug the most when un-boxing the bear

  59. The hug was so heartwarming to watch.

  60. I love how there are ingredients for s’mores in the unboxing to pair with Cubby! I also love how interesting this toy is, how realistic the movements are, and those eyes are enchanting!

  61. The reaction of the boy

  62. I love how he sounds and moves. My girls would love this!

  63. It’s so cute and speaks 100 phrases!

  64. How interactive Cubby is.
    I like the different sounds.

  65. Your son’s reaction. 😍

  66. I love the reaction the little boy had.

  67. I love that the bear responds with more the 100 sounds and motions!!

  68. This is weird but I can’t find a video however I do know that I love the massive grin on your son’s face – obviously he was thrilled to bits.

  69. Your little guys reactions were the best part of the video! I love that Cubby is so interactive! All the sounds and movement. What a fun toy!

  70. I love the reaction the little boy had when he was given the bear!

  71. I love the boys’ excitement.

  72. My sons would be obsessed with this adorable guy!!

  73. When he pats the bear on the head. So ADORABLE!

  74. My 5-year-old granddaughter would love this bear. So would my 7-year-old grandson.

  75. I like that the bear has more many sounds and is interactive

  76. I love how excited your son was and when he gave him a hug!

  77. I love how he moves

  78. I love the way it moves!!! So cute! Also it can make so many different moves and with different sounds

  79. sorry, but the video wasn’t there for me. I will give my answer relating to kids in general and also what I already know about furreal friends. my favorite part would have been the excitement that your son showed as he opened it up and discovered all the cool things that it had included…..also I have had some experience with furreal friends and they are pretty hard not to love with the variety or the friends available as well and the cool things they can do….hard not to love kids enjoying furreal friends!!

  80. I love how excited your son was to receive Cubby. You can really see his pure joy having this cute new toy. My nephew would just love to have Cubby as a new plush toy friend.

  81. Adorable. My favorite part was the first hug he gave him !

  82. Besides his big smile, I like that the bear smiles.

  83. I am amazed with the 100 sounds and movements This little bear has. The smile is the best. I hope they sleep well together.

  84. I loved the sounds he was making – so cute! Also adorable how he closes his eyes to sleep. My 6 year old would love Cubby!

  85. What I love most is the smile on the kid’s faces.

  86. I love seeing your boy interact with the bear. I gave their tiger to my nephew this past Christmas and he just sat and played with it for hours. He still plays with it all the time. My brother said they can hear my nephew talking to him at night after they put him to bed. I know my nephew would absolutely love having this bear as well. It would be such a joy to be able to give it to him.

  87. Your little ones excitment was amazing

  88. That is so sweet! I love how life like the little bear is so lifelike. I can truly see why your son loves his new bear.

  89. Such an adorable video!!! I loved when he hugged the bear 🙂 . The teddy bear looks so cuddly.

  90. This is so cool.

  91. His little outdoor gadgets are so cute. I love those!

  92. I love his excitement and hiw he adored the bear.

  93. My daughter would love this – would it be OK to enter from the UK?

  94. “Whoa! It’s. Bear!!” How sweet! My daughter wants one sooooo badly!! I love the joy the bear brings!!!

  95. I love your son’s face and joy! Would love to win one for my sweet niece!

  96. Very sweet ! Love your sons excitement for Cubby! Looks like a great pair 🙂

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  98. The Cubby hugs and humming!

  99. I loved his reaction! So cute.

  100. oh wow it’s super cute and interactive. i had no idea of the size of cubby. loved your son’s smile when he was playing with cubby

  101. Oh my Cubby is so cute I want one of these for my daughter so I can play with it. I love furReal toys they are always so interactive and fun to play with.

  102. The excitement over chocolate I can relate too. This would be a great gift for my nefew

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  104. I love that the bear plays Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. This would be a great help at night.

  105. I love the child’s reaction to the bear, the bear is the cutest thing ever.

  106. Th video was so cute. I like how interactive the bear is. My daughters would love him.

  107. Thank you for the opportunity! My son would love this!

  108. I love furreal pets! I love how real they look!

  109. I love how interactive this bear is. Your son looks very happy.


  111. I loved the bear hug 🙂

  112. What a cool giveaway my niece would love a chubby bear thanks for the chance to win

  113. I love the exhilaration Cubby sparks!

  114. That’s one happy kiddo! I think my son would love Cubby!

  115. I loved how excited your son was about the whole process and how polite he was when he asked if he could have the items that he opened!

  116. I love how he immediately hugs the bear!! So sweet!!

  117. My Granddaughter saw the commercial for Cubby earlier tonight and she immediately fell in love! She is generally a Unicorn girl but Cubby put a smile on her face and a request that she get Cubby for Christmas. Great job Hasbro!!

  118. I love that the bear has so many different sounds!

  119. Congratulations Pauline, this is a great prize. 🙂

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