How to Clean your Washing Machine Without Using Harsh Cleaners! {Cleaning Tips}


What you need:
  • Vinegar* or Lemon Juice
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Small Brush  (toothbrush)

1. Start by wiping down the exterior of your washing machine with the cleaning cloth using the vinegar.

2. Pour two cups of lemon juice or vinegar into the tub and run  a full cycle on the hottest setting.  (If you have a front-loading machine then put the vinegar/lemon juice in the detergent dispenser instead).

3. Scrub the lid/door and all the corners with vinegar using the small brush and/or the cleaning cloth.

You are done!!!

Note: Remember to always leave the door open after you finish a load to allow the washing machine to dry out completely. This is specially important with front-loading machines to prevent mildewing.

*White vinegar is ideal, but you can definitively use cider vinegar if you wish (just keep in mind that it is a bit more expensive). Cider Vinegar  is more likely to be organically produced, which is better for the environment.