Choose Your Own Adventure, Go Now!


A few days ago, we were melting in the heat when my daughter suggested we go to a spray park. Great idea! Now, which one…We all huddled around my tiny laptop with sweat beading down our foreheads, photos of spraying water against a backdrop of mountains, blue sky and green green grass delighting our senses.

 photo IMG_0789_zpsqqzizt1r.jpgThey all looked amazing. We sat in silence for several moments, smelling the fresh cut grass, listening to the gentle hiss of the water, feeling the coolness of the shade penetrate the sting of burnt skin.

Let’s go to all of them.

The suggestion came from my five year old daughter, who looked up at me… beaming. Just as I started explaining how difficult that would be, she cracked in:

Not today Mommy. We have a whole summer.

Fun! Let’s visit all the parks on this list. The subject flashed across my mind as a great blog post comparing the different spray parks in East Vancouver.

But then… I missed the point again didn’t I? Better, I wanted to write a short blog post imploring readers to take my daughter’s idea and make their own list. Be it spray parks or art galleries or parks or beaches. Make a list and check them off. Pack a lunch and a camera.

I’m keeping this short because even though you have all summer, it’s best to get started on it’s adventures now. Are you planning to take some time off, unplug and go enjoy time outdoors with your family this summer? We sure are!

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Allison Tai is mother to two young girls, Amelita and Seren. She is also an elite obstacle course racer and fitness coach. You can find her blog at where she muses about her life as an athlete, and her life as a mom.

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7 responses to “Choose Your Own Adventure, Go Now!”

  1. So very true, thanks for posting. A good reminder.

  2. Thanks for the reminder,we are finally getting a warm day ,21 today

  3. Make the most of everyday. Explore the city or town where you reside

  4. So true! Great reminder to get outside… The kiddos spend all their free time outdoors. Great for physical and mental health.

  5. Sounds like fun! A great way to explore awesome places not far from home.

  6. Great reminder! I think I will organise a picnic this weekend for my cousin who will be visiting from out of town, my elderly mother who has always adored picnics for as long as I can remember, and give my husband a break from the kitchen. Even if he adores cooking!

  7. What a good idea to already have a list ready then you only need to get up and go. 🙂

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