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With Easter quickly approaching Walmart Canada invited me to shop at their stores for Easter basket gifts and other Easter goodies. I was sent a $100 gift card and was asked to share my findings with my readers.

After receiving the gift card I headed to my local Walmart to shop while my eldest was at school. I found the Easter product aisles were already set up and there were lots of items to choose from.

I really liked seeing a selection of Easter themed items all in one spot.

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I spotted the cutest baskets for the kid’s Easter Egg Hunt, all under $10. We already have baskets from last year so I didn’t buy any but it was very tempting! How cute are those monkeys?

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They also had some adorable Easter stuffies, including larger bunnies that were holding Easter baskets.  Most of them under $10!

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I found the Easter chocolate section as well, they have lots and lots of chocolate! They had my favourite Kinder eggs and a selection of many other brands including some pretty large bunny shaped chocolate. I purchased a cute Kinder stuffie + chocolate mini-basket and that was enough for us to share.

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I also spotted some cool Egg shaped Chalk for $3 and I thought that was super fun to have. I bought a pack for the kids so they can play in the backyard. Perfect for their Easter basket, I hope the rain stops soon!

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I then headed to some of the other aisles and picked up some Paw Patrol stickers for the kids (they are both obsessed with that show on Netflix!), some art supplies including an art smock and a toy for each one of them for their baskets. I even had enough money left to pick up some baby cereal I needed and some dishwashing soap for the house.

The grand total was $94.00

I was able to purchase a very nice selection of items for my children’s Easter Baskets and even things for the house for less than $100. I could have bought more little things instead of getting the bigger toys but I know the sorting toy will be a hit with my youngest and my oldest is crazy about Lego so he will LOVE his present as well.

At Walmart, you can find everything you need whether you are planning the greatest Easter egg hunt or a fabulous meal for your family. You can even find little toys and trinkets for your kids to share with their friends or to fill a fun Easter basket .

Do you usually make Easter baskets for you children? 

Disclosure: I received a gift card from Walmart to facilitate this post. All views and opinions are my own.