We will be celebrating the beginning of 2017 in just a few days, and it is now the perfect time to start thinking about the goals we are setting up for the new year. I like picking just a few, simple resolutions instead of making a long list of things that I may just end up forgetting.  Healthy eating, exercise, quality family time vs. work time balance and personal hobbies are just a few of the topics I chose to focus on when picking my resolutions.

Below are some of my favorite inspirational TED talks that I use to help get me started and inspired when working on my resolutions for 2017.

I hope these help inspire you as well!

I am looking forward to what 2017 will bring for our family. A new year is always exciting and full of possibilities, isn’t it?!  What are YOUR new year’s resolutions? Do you make a long list or do you keep them short and straightforward?

Hope you all have a Happy New Year Friends!