4 Tips to Help Your Little One Recover From a Cold/Flu Fast {Giveaway}

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We are in the middle of the dreaded cold and flu season still and so many of our friends are sick right now. Prevention is always key but sometimes no matter what you do catching the cold/flu is inevitable! Is your little one sick right now? Here are 4 simple things you can do to help them stay comfortable and recover fast:

  • Get a humidifier for their room 

A stuffy or congested nose occurs when the tissues lining it become swollen. The swelling is due to inflamed blood vessels. Breathing in moist air can significantly help sooth the irritated tissue. Use a humidifier in your child’s room to help reduce congestion.  Don’t have one? Then take your little one to the bathroom, close the door, turn the hot water on the shower and allow it to run while you sit close to the tub. Breathing in the steam from the shower will help thin out any mucus and also reduce inflammation.

  • Use a Nasal Aspirator

Use a Nasal Aspirator or snotsucker to gently remove mucus from their nose. It may sound gross but it is actually very hygienic and safe. I have used it many times and it really provides fast relief for them. These are great with really young babies who don’t know how to blow their own nose yet.

  • Use a nasal saline spray

Just a few drops of a saline solution in each nostril will help clear and moisturize nasal passages. You can find these at your local drug store or you can even make it yourself as well.  These saline solutions also help thining the mucus, which in turn will help decrease the inflammation of their blood vessels.

  • Keep them Hydrated

Keep your little one hydrated with water, tea, soup and natural juices. If they are younger then ensure you are breastfeeding them often or offering enough water. Hydration is very important when you are sick, staying hydrated helps thinning the mucus, reducing pressure in their sinuses and pushing the fluids out of their nose.

Finally, don’t forget to get the flu vaccine, prevention is key! You can get your vaccination at your local Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacy.



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Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, however all views and opinions expressed are my own.

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288 responses to “4 Tips to Help Your Little One Recover From a Cold/Flu Fast {Giveaway}”

  1. I try to get as much rest as possible during the day and I take NeoCitran at night to help me sleep.

  2. I like to eat lots of garlic! I find it usually helps! Oh and lots of Vitamin C

  3. I always try to get my orange juice going, as well as Camada Dry Ginger Ale and of course some rest.

  4. Lots of fluids and rest!

  5. I snuggle up with good book or tv series and rest it out. Hot tea, chicken soup and a box of tissues.

  6. I use a humidifier and also take Cold Fx and echinacea. 🙂

  7. We drink lots of fluids and wash hands ect all the time. When the cold is finished we get new toothbrushes.

  8. Washing hands regularly, drinking plenty of fluids

  9. We always get our flu shots, but if we get a cold, we get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids!

  10. I try to rest and drink lots of liquids.

  11. Rest and lots of liquids seems to be the best thing I’ve found!

  12. homemade soup and lots of tea!

  13. I drink lots of fluids, rest.sleep as much as possible and take cold meds.

  14. I eat soup, drink lemon water (hot) with honey

  15. I’m a firm believer in washing your hands often and in getting your flu shot every year now that I’m one of the old folk ;-). If I do happen to catch a cough or a cold, then it’s lots of rest, lots of fluids, often a throat soothing tea and mainly soups. Tissues close by and I’m good in a couple of days. 🙂

  16. I take large doses of Vitamin c and get lots of rest

  17. I get lots of rest and eat lots of soup 🙂

  18. I drink more fluids and get plenty of rest.

  19. I stay in bed, sleep and drink lots of liquids.

  20. I take echinacea to recover fast from a cold.

  21. To recover from a cold or flu fast, I rest, drink plenty of fluids, eat vitamin C rich fruits and have chicken noodle soup.

  22. I drink lots of fluids, take Oregano-8, and make homemade soup.

  23. To cover from the cold/flu I drink Neo Citrans and rest.I drink
    lots of water and take vitamin C and use a vaporizer in my
    bedroom.I also like to eat chicken soup when I have the cold
    and I do get the flu shot every fall.

  24. I rest, take Shoppers Hot Cold Medicine and keep away from children.

  25. I make sure that I get a lot of rest and nutrition in the form of water, fruits and soups. I turn on a vaporizer with something menthol in it to help me breathe.

  26. i try and get lots of rest

  27. I wash hands & sanitize my hands when out & return home, daily take vitamins C & D, stay hydrated, sleep 8 hrs day, make homemade chicken noodle soup & stay away from sick people!

  28. I drink some cognac and get lots of sleep

  29. I stick to bed rest or do the least stressful housework. In general, do as little as possible while I reserve my energy to getting better, and not expose myself to stress that will make it worse.

  30. I try to get lots of sleep, drink lots of fluids and a little bit of of peppermint oil on a bit of cotton on my pillow helps to clear my nose!

  31. Lots of rest and juice

  32. I stay in bed, sleep and stay in bed…

  33. Fluids,e(chicken noodle soup and room temperature gingerale) rest, essential oils rubbed on throat, chest, upper back. warmth.

  34. I take zinc tablets as soon as I feel a cold coming on, and it seems to lessen the symptoms!

  35. I sleep and rest as much as possible and try to take in as much fluids as I can. I make sure my electrolytes are good and chicken noodle soup and tea are comforts.

  36. I drink lots of fluids, sleep a lot and eat clean!

  37. Honestly, when I get the flu I’m normally down for weeks as I can’t get any rest (I still have to take care of the kids). Ideally, I would sleep and drink lots of fluids.

  38. We try to stay at home and get lots of rest. Sleep is one of the best things to help you get better.

  39. Lots of fluids and a lot of rest

  40. Sleep, sleep and more sleep. And fluids and soup!

  41. My family get a flu shot every year, we take a daily vitamin, drink lots of water and bundle up really good when heading out

  42. I pretty much continue with my normal routine, exercise seems to help.

  43. LOTS of soup, washing of everything including hands and lots of relaxing and cuddles under blankets! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  44. I usually try to go natural with honey and lemon. This year my imune system is low after the fight with cancer. So I think I will need more help with a flue.

  45. Drink plenty of liquids

  46. Drink lots of fluids, by fluids i mean water and rest always work best for my family

  47. I try to rest as much as I can, drink lots of clear fluids. If and when it gets really bad then I will consider medication.. But I try to fight it naturally!

    • Meant to say I get her to rest as much as possible!

  48. Drink lots of fluid and rest as much as possible.

  49. I lock myself in my room with lots of sleep and tyenol cold and flu. also vicks and hot showers

  50. Washing hands regularly, drinking plenty of fluids and zinc and vitamin c

  51. Making sure hands are always clean and keep them away from eyes and mouth.
    I use the nettie pot and clean out my sinuses twice a day.
    Infrared sauna if not too tired.
    Lots of hot tea and honey. Lots. Always have one in my hand kind of lots.
    Vicks on feet and neck.

  52. rest lots, drink lots of tea/water, chicken soup and Vitamin C

  53. I drink lots of liquid and sleep a lot in order to recover fast

  54. i am a new believer in organic Oregano Oil Shoppers sells

  55. To recover from a cold/flu, I drink lots of water, take Vitamin C, & gets as much rest as possible!

  56. Lots of rest, liquids, and home made chicken noodle soup.

  57. Once I think I’m catching something I pound the Vitamin C and echinacea. But it’s usually too late :0 So I try to stay home, wallow in self-pity, and watch Meg Ryan movies on the dvr. And sleep whenever I can, which always makes the pets happy. They like naps.

  58. I give myself two days of rest with lots of fluids and that usually gets me back on my feet.

  59. I drink tea and try my best to relax it away

  60. I take double doses of Vit. D & C plus drink lots of fluids.

  61. Try to get plenty of rest and drink lots of water and take vitamin C.

  62. I rest and drink lots of liquids.

  63. I drink a lot of hot drinks and soups.

  64. Stay home, rest, lots of liquids. Sleep is the best remedy!

  65. I get plenty of rest, take emergen-c and get some exercise to help get over the flu/cold

  66. sleep. drink my weight in tea. sleep some more

  67. get lots of rest, drink lots of fluids, hot homemade chicken soup

  68. I drink lots of water and rest.

  69. Bed rest, lots of water and vitamin C

  70. To help recover from a flu/cold, I take Life Brand cold/flu meds (usually a day/night combo pack), get lots of rest and drink plenty of water and/or electrolyte beverages.

  71. I love to use warm jello for sore throats and flu part is just a good book and a warm bed.
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  72. We always make some chicken soup, drink lots of liquids and sleep it off.

  73. I take vitamin C, chicken soup (lipton’s), plenty of rest. and hot mustard bathsDr Singhs)

  74. I eat a lot of chicken soup, take lots of Vitamin C and Ginseng

  75. I try to get more rest if possible. I also like to drink tea and eat chicken soup.

  76. Right now I am suffering from pneumonia. But, I try to stay healthy by eating lots of garlic, taking extra vitamin C , staying hydrated and getting proper sleep.

  77. I try to sleep it off and drink plenty of fluids.

  78. I sleep as much as possible. I try and kick it with fluids and rest.

  79. Rest up and stay hydrated!

  80. I take vitamin C, drink hot water with honey and lemon, a bowl of chicken soup and get lots of rest

  81. Tea and a hot water bottle on my feet at night and when resting, My grandma ALWAYS did this!

  82. I eat chicken noddle soup to recover from a cold/flu fast.

  83. When my son gets sick I try to get him to have honey and warm water, lots of fizzy vitamin C drinks, rest, and stay home. No school. We also go for a walk, to get some fresh air. I would like to put a bubble around him sometimes though.

  84. Rest and drink lots of liquids.

  85. I try to rest and take in lots of fluids. Steamy showers help get me going in the morning too!

  86. Lots of rest (when possible as kids are not always accommodating on that one!) soup and lots of liquids!

  87. sleep as much as possible, drink water and o.j. and eat healthy foods

  88. Lots of rest and water

  89. I use the ACV Tonic with garlic, onions, hot peppers, ginger. It burns anything out of your system. I also use essential oils if I am feeling stuffy or have a cough

  90. drink lots of water and take fish oil daily

  91. I recover quickly by drinking lots of OJ and getting lots of sleep

  92. I recover or actually nevrr get sick because I take 1 tbsp of raw, unpasterized honey everyday

  93. I drink a lot of tea

  94. Drink a lot of fluids and get lots of rest

  95. I try to get as much rest as possible and I take vitamin C.

  96. I drink soup & plenty of tea with honey!

  97. I rest lots, take echinacea tablets and stay hydrated

  98. I drink a lot of hot tea and get lots of rest.

  99. I get plenty of rest

  100. Lots of sleep, lots of juice, lots of letting go, and taking care of oneself.

  101. Chicken soup and sleep, lots of sleep.

  102. Get lots of fluids and adequate rest, wash my hands.

  103. Sleep sleep sleep

  104. To help recover fadt from a cold I water and Neocitron!!

  105. I drink lots of water, and try to sleep lots.

  106. To recover fast I take time off work, rest and drink lots of fluids!

  107. I sleep as much as I can, hot baths & simple food

  108. plenty of rest

  109. I get lots of rest and drink warm fluids.

  110. rest as much as I can

  111. I rest, drink lots of water, and take oil of oregano.

  112. Lots of rest, lots of water, lots of orange juice, and vitamin c tablets.

  113. We try to get as much rest as possible and try to contain it to one room to save it from spreading, so far no luck with that lol

  114. Lots of rest, lots of water and I take Sambucol.

  115. I get lots of sleep.

  116. We use Neocitron, chicken soup, lemons, teas and good humidifier

  117. Rest, drink hot lemon ginger tea, chicken soup, and sleep when I can.

  118. I drink hot fluids and get as much rest as possible.

  119. Rest, and drink lemon ginger tea.

  120. If I even start a sore throat, I rasp ( finely grate) fresh ginger, mix with a little honey, lemon juice and mix in a little citric acid as a perservative. I keep a small jar always made up so therefore the acid. Take 1/2 – 3/4 tsp. It is strong ginger and will burn for a few minits. I snort ( or use neti pot) warm salt water with a little baking soda a few times that day .( dont swallow it like some people I know !). I also take echinacea tincture, vit c, vit d, before the ginger. Have not had flu or cold for years and years. Ginger usually stops cold with one dose, but if still have a bit of sore throat a few hrs later, take again. Must do immediately ,if you wake up in the night with the start of a sore throat, get up and take it .

  121. I drink tea, and rest.

  122. I try to get as much sleep as I can, medicated, so that I can actually rest.

  123. Chicken soup and vitamin C.

  124. Rest, rest, rest and more rest! Plus we try to drink as much fluids as possible. Hot soup also always seems to make us feel a bit better. Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  125. i wash my hand often

  126. I find that getting lots of sleep helps a lot.

  127. Getting a lot of rest is a must for me

  128. Rest, self-patience, and nice warm teas help me recover in greater comfort.

  129. I make sure to drink lots of water, take extra vitamin c and take things easy

  130. Adequate rest and proper hydration are key to getting over the flu fast!

  131. I head for bed to rest up for a full day, if possible, and drink hot drinks. Also, Cold FX seems to work for me and Tylenol for aches and pains.

  132. Lots of fresh juices for the vitamins I find helps a lot and I disinfect all the door knobs and light switches in the house.

  133. We use a humidifier, vapo rub and cold medicine.

  134. I get lots of rest and take cold and flu medication.

  135. I drink hot tea and get plenty of rest

  136. To recover from a cold/flu fast I take vitamins, drink lots of juices and teas.

  137. To recover from a cold / flu fast, I drink a lot of fluids (hot soup, tea with honey, juices) lots of sleep, take extra vitamins and use over the counter medication as needed.

  138. I drink lots of orange juice and get as much sleep as I can!

  139. I take Oil of Oregano as soon as I feel a cold or flu coming on, add it to milk to take the bite out of the strong taste!

  140. I love Shoppers Drug Mart

  141. lots of rest and lots of fluids

  142. Drink lots of water, eat lots of soup and use my humidifier to help me get the sleep I need to recover.

  143. I don’t get sick. OK, maybe once every 5 years or so

  144. Lots of Citrus Fruits, lots of chicken soup and as much rest as I can grab.

  145. I drink plenty of fluids and get a lot of rest

  146. honey/lemon in my tea

  147. I take oil of oregano

  148. I drink a lot of water and rest

  149. I get lots of sleep

  150. i take four cold fx a day for three days and its gone

  151. We just got over the worst flu we have had in over 20 years. Over Christmas 🙁 We were looking forward to it for months because our daughter, son in law and 3 year old grandson were flying home to spend the Holidays with us. We rested when we could, drank LOTS of ice water and tea and tried to keep our nutrition up with soups and fruit. I tried the Vicks on the the bottom of the feet with socks at night to help with coughing ( I was desperate ) I think it helped. Thank you for this Great Giveaway it would be nice to be prepared if something like this goes around again.

  152. Chicken soup and orange juice are what I generally use for cold symptoms.

  153. I’m grateful for the experience and allow my body to heal, Then I use rest and fluids to assist

  154. I try to get plenty of rest

  155. a drink of hot rum and rest!

  156. I cook with extra garlic in the winter months. Try to eat lots of fresh veggies and fruit, drink lots of water and wash hands a lot

  157. lots of vitamin c and rest

  158. I always make sure I get lots of Vitamin C especially in the cold/flu months. I drink lots of fluids and try to gets lots of rest. Other than that I ride it through with TV or a good book.

  159. I take Vitamin C

  160. Get plenty of rest and drink lots of liquids

  161. I would take some vitamin C and drink lots of fluids.

  162. I like the buffalo plaid/sherpa fleece blanket — or is that somebody’s hoodie?

  163. I try to get lots of rest, drink OJ, eat chicken soup and take some cold medicine.

  164. I drink lots of tea with ginger and get lots of sleep!

  165. Gatorade and chicken broth!! (separate of course)

  166. I make sure to rest and take my medicine.

  167. take Sambucol and increase fluids

  168. I drink lots of herbal tea and eat plenty of citrus.

  169. Lots of fluid, rest and over the counter meds to help control the symptoms.

  170. Drink lots of fluid, get as much rest as possible, and vitamin C.

  171. I rest and drink lots of fluid which includes chicken soup.

  172. I usually take Nyquil or some other form of liquid cold med, and then go to bed. It seems to knock it right out of me.

  173. We live in health 98 % of the year , but for the 2% we may get a sniffle or 2 , we just drink alot of water, take vitamin D ( oregano and garlic pills also ) and get some rest .

  174. I do sinus rinses to help clear the congestion and make me feel better faster.

  175. Rest, fluid and chicken soup

  176. I try to get lots of sleep to recover quickly

  177. To recover from a cold or flu I drink lots of fluid and get as much rest as I can.

  178. hot citrus juice with honey

  179. I take lots of hot fluids and get rest

  180. When I get sick, I try to sleep more and I also take an over the counter product to help facilitate a speedier recovery.

  181. Lots of rest and Vicks Vapor rub

  182. To get over a cold fast I take Vitamin C and Cold Fx which I buy at Shoppers Drug Mart so the gift certificate will be well used by me, thanks.

  183. I drink loads of orange and grapefruit juice.

    If i feel every selfish i give it to someone else.

  184. I make chicken soup.

  185. I try to get lots of sleep, take zinc lozenges and Vitamin C

  186. get lots of sleep

  187. Drink plenty of fluids, get enough sleep and eat healthy

  188. Gargle with salt water twice a day, get plenty of rest, take extra vitamin E and drink ginger tea with honey and lemon

  189. I try to get as much sleep as possible. The body seems to heal faster when rested.

  190. Lots of fluids and rest

  191. I try to rest and sleep as much as possible

  192. I try to get plenty of rest and drink lots of orange juice!

  193. Cliché as it sounds, I rest, sleep and try to relax in order to recover from the cold/flu. It’s the one true method I know that works…

  194. most importantly, get lots of rest

  195. Drink plenty of fluids and get fresh air.

  196. Usually a shot of Southern Comfort puts me out like a light when I’m sick and helps me get the sleep I need to recover. Otherwise, I used to have a recipe for a cold remedy tea using sage, horehound, cayenne, peppermint and honey that worked amazingly well!

  197. Lots of water and sleep is what gets me through an illness.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  198. Lots of sleep and orange juice and hot tea.

  199. I drink lots of fluid and stay in bed.

  200. I try to get more sleep, increase my fluid intake, and take Cold-FX

  201. erst and fluids. thanks

  202. Drink lots of fluids and get lots of rest

  203. I drink lots of orange juice, eat chicken noodle soup and take medication.

  204. Awesome giveaway, thank you for the opp priority, could certainly use these.

  205. To recover from a cold/flu fast, I drink tons of water! Flush it out of your system. I sleep, this give my body the chance to fight the nasty little critters that have invaded my body. And I do drink my own little concoction of green tea, lemon, ginger, and raw honey.

  206. Lots of rest and water!

  207. Lots of water , rest , warm baths and snuggling with your blanket 😀

  208. we make sure to get lots of rest and drink lots of water.

  209. I use use lots of chicken soup. I also use the products that sell.

  210. I try to get lots of sleep… if possible.

  211. Vitamins, Liquids and Rest!

  212. Lots of rest is important when I’m sick. and i double up on vitamin c

  213. Lots of rest is my cure.

  214. I brew some tea— earl grey with half a lemon and two dashes of cin
    3 tsp honey extra vit C and hot hot bath

  215. Rest and chicken soup.

  216. Rest & lots of fluids. If a nasty cough, I make a brew of cinnamon sticks, lemon, cloves & honey which works really well to speed up feeling well

  217. lots of vitamin c, lots of rest, lots of water and juice

  218. my tweet link for 1/17/16 https://twitter.com/BeeWBedard/status/688921789540388864

    hit enter to soon – paste didnt work

  219. I get lots of rest and drink juices.

  220. Lots of rest, liquids, and chicken noodle soup!

  221. Drink lemon honey water!

  222. I sleep and drink some oj..rest is key though

  223. Drinking lots of fluids like chicken soup & tea with honey, lemon, peppermint, echinachea, along with a ton of sleep & Vicks vaporub.

  224. A combo of lots of rest fluids and meds

  225. I use essential oils in my diffuser! Eucalyptus really helps…plus, I eat a lot of cough drops to help me from not coughing too much!

  226. Lots of rest and fluids

  227. I get lots of rest, drink lots of fluid.

  228. take a day off work and drink lots of water

  229. I drink lots of fluid.

  230. I drink lots of hot water with lemon and a bit of ginger.

  231. Lots or rest and more than a few cups of hot tea

  232. I take vitamins to try to recover from a cold faster

  233. get lots of rest and drink plenty of fluids and take some kind of cold meds

  234. Lots of rest and chicken noodle soup!

  235. Lots of rest and tea!

  236. I take cold FX when I feel anything starting to come on. Seems to work cause I rarely get sick.


  238. Hot drink with lemon, Vicks rubbed on soles of feet

  239. We take high doses of vitamin c, a lot of liquid and rest.

  240. Stay home and drink lots of fluids.

  241. Fluids, rest, and vitamin c.

  242. I eat chicken soup, drink lots of fluids, rest, and use a humidifier.
    Just a note to those using a misting humidifier with SPRING OR WELL WATER,if you have a gas stove or appliance, the mist will interfere with how the flame burns. Orange flames are bad news. The humidifiers that use a filter do not have the same effect.

  243. vitamin D and C

  244. lots of fluid (orange juice ) and rest

  245. Nothing beats, Chicken Noodle Soup

  246. Rest, rest, rest! And stay away from dairy products until the cold is over.

  247. I got a flu shot back in October & if I still got the flu I would rest in bed, get a lot of sleep, Drink a lot of fluids like orange juice & eat soup.

  248. as soon as i start feeling the illness i start taking echinacea and vitamin e also vitamin C and eat a clove of raw garlic a night for a huge infection fighting immune boost

  249. I get plenty of rest, drink lots of fluid and eat a plain diet.

  250. I try to rest as much as I can

  251. HOPEFULLY I dont jinx it, but I can’t even recall the last time I was too sick to work etc…. so maybe 8yrs? maybe longer as I’ve been at this job for 10yrs and I prob take 1-2 sick days in a year (I don’t include surgery in that as I was off for 4 months one time in those 10 yrs) I think I take enough vitamin C maybe. I make sure I wear a jacket when I go outside etc… I dress for the weather , not like a teen LOL

  252. Lots of fluids and extra vitamin C

  253. I take Suro Syrup, an organic blend to fight it off, as well as giving my body the nourishment it needs to recover (rest & sleep, more fluids, ginger lemon tea, warm baths, humidifier, eucalyptus, etc.)

  254. I recover from flu by taking extra vitamins and drinking plenty of water and eating soup!

  255. I drink fluids and stay rested

  256. Drink lots of fluids and get lots of rest.

  257. I stay hydrated and be lazy for a couple of days.

  258. I rest a lot and eat nothing but chicken soup…

  259. Lots of fluids and rest!…

  260. I would take some nyquil

  261. Tried and true: Rest in bed, drink plenty of fluids, take aspirin.

  262. Sleep and fluids.

  263. I take oregano oil and feel it helps. Good old vapor rub and lots of gingerale!

  264. I take vitamin C daily and drink lots of fluids. Try to rest up.

  265. To recover from a flu/cold, I drink tea with lemon, use vicks vapo-rub and stay cuddled up in a blanket. If I have a sore throat with my cold I use zinc lozenges.

  266. Keep hydrated & load up on vitamin C and multivitamins!!! allllways works soo well when i start feeling poopy 🙂

  267. lots of fluid, humidifier, menthol chest rub, multivitamins, fresh juice, lots of garlic, lots of sleep

  268. use aromatherapy oils

  269. Lots of soup, citrus fruits, fluids and sleep!

  270. Lots of soup and rest.

  271. i try and get as much rest as i can sometimes hard to do when i got 4 little ones running around lol i also make sure i drink lots of fluids especially orange juice sometimes a hot cup of tea helps sooth the throat

  272. Rest, keep hydrated, also drink lemon tea and eat my homemade chicken or turkey soup

  273. My family was just down with a terrible cold and I knew it was coming a few days before when I felt the tickle in the back of my nose. As soon as I felt the tickle, I made a HUGE batch of chicken noodle soup and froze it in portions. My whole family lived off it while we were too sick to make large meals. It was a life saver, and I told myself to make sure to do that again!

  274. I take a boost of vitamin C, eat some good food and sleep it off.

  275. great advice and contest

  276. As I am just recovering it’s first hand so to speak. I tried to rest, drink lots, and lots of fluids and cough medicine at night.

  277. I stay in bed as much as possible and drink lots of liquid.

  278. We relax, take vitamin D and try to recover naturally.

  279. I try to eat lots o soups loaded with good veg and get lots of rest

  280. Drink lots of clear fluids and get plenty of rest

  281. To recover from a cold/flu fast I try to get as much rest as possible, relax in Epsom salt baths, drink lots of orange juice and healthy smoothies.

  282. Lots of soup, lots of rest and vitamin c helps me when I am sick.

  283. I drink Vitamin Water and I try to get lots of rest each night.

  284. I get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids.


  286. We drink lots of fluids, rest and practice good hygiene.

  287. I am fortunate in that I seldom have a cold. I do suffer from sinus problems in one side of my face, especially in the winter. I use salt and water to irrigate my nasal passages and take Tyenol for the pain, if it is severe.
    Three of my children suffered from Croup, which can be very scary in one so young. I found that a vaporizer was invaluable in helping them clear up their air passages and allow them to breath without diffi

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