Run Out of Mints? Fill your Tin Can with Cloves! {Health Tip}

Cloves Whole for Fresh Breath

Do you usually carry a tin can filled with mints in your pocket to freshen your breath when needed?  Next time you run out of mints save your tin can and head to the spice section at the food store to get some whole Cloves.

Cloves are dried unopened flower buds of the tropical clove tree. They have a strongly aromatic, sweetly pungent flavour and they are know for promoting digestion, treating flatulence, nausea, vomiting and of course getting rid of bad breath naturally.

Cloves instead of Mints for Fresh Breath

If you want to use them to freshen your breath just place a clove in your mouth and park it between your cheek and teeth. Try to chew it lightly for a minute or two and park it back in your cheek. Some people make a clove last almost an entire day in their mouths but I am usually done with it after about 10-30 minutes.

You can use Google to find some more information on Cloves and their known health benefits.  Clove surely beats sugary mints or aspartame filled gum.

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43 responses to “Run Out of Mints? Fill your Tin Can with Cloves! {Health Tip}”

  1. Awesome idea! <3 Didn't know you could use cloves to freshen your breath.

  2. This is brilliant! I’ve heard of cloves health benefits before but would have not thought to do this! I’m filling up a tin this morning and throwing it in my bag! Thanks

  3. Super cool tip! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hmmm I don’tknow, how does a clove taste? They definitely have a lot if health benefits so Id be willing to try them 🙂

    • Like cinnamon, but not so hot. Like nutmeg, but stronger. Not bad really 🙂 Remember you are not really chewing them all but mostly sucking on them, when you are done with them you can discard them.

  5. Hello, OSM. Great article. So many health benefits. Who knew? I will definitely try this out. Thank you for the great tip, One Smiley Monkey.

  6. Awesome tip! I’ve heard that cloves have so many great uses, but I never thought about it for freshening breath! Sweet, thank you!

  7. That’s a brilliant idea! Thanks!!

  8. i would love to try this! hopefully the taste isn’t too strong

  9. Interesting, I might have to give this a try, I love the smell of cloves when I am baking.

  10. Do they taste bad?

    • Not at all! You should try one 😉

  11. My grandmother used cloves as breath fresheners! I remember her purse always smelled of them and this brings back great memories. I cannot remember what it is called but there used to be a clove gum. I will def be throwing some in my purse. No artificial sweeteners either!!

  12. That is so neat! Never knew cloves could do that in place of mints, I am going to have to try this! Sharing with friends and family!

  13. also suppose to be good to ease a toothache

  14. Great tip, I didn’t know cloves were good for so many things

  15. I love the smell of cloves. I use it in cooking and baking but never thought to use it in place of breath mints. Thanks for sharing…I will try this out.

  16. that’s a clever idea

  17. Cloves? Really? Wow, never thought of that!

  18. What a very surprising tip. I remember the dentist using some in his products a long time ago. Thanks for sharing !

  19. What a great idea! Where do you find whole cloves?

    • I got a bag of them in the condiment aisle at SuperStore

  20. OK,,,,I’m so going to try this and google cloves…lol. I always have them on hand for my baked ham.

  21. Ah yes, parents have been using these for years! Perfect for when you have garlic breath! We use them on a daily basis in our chai tea as well!

  22. One of the benefits of entering Blog contests is that I am always learning something new and usually interesting. I didn’t know that Cloves could be used in this way and I am fascinated to sample some and see their benefits for myself. Thank you for this excellent bit of information.

  23. Sorry I just can’t do it. Cloves are one of the spices I just can’t handle. I hope the others get more out of it than I would.

  24. This is interesting. I’ve never heard of chewing cloves before.

  25. Imagine that! Cloves to freshen your breath, Looking forward to trying this one.

  26. wow how cool I have never heard of this before..time to do a test

  27. I remember my Grandpa doing this. They have a but of a bitter taste but it isnt bad att al.

  28. I did not know about the health benefits!

  29. When I next buy cloves I am going to give this a try

  30. wow never knew this , its a great idea thanks so much for sharing , who knew they were used for these reason so cool 🙂

  31. What a neat idea, I am always up for trying new things especially if they are all natural. Thank you.

  32. This is great–especially because I hate bad breath, but mints and gum always give me stomach aches! The cloves not only have no sugar or artificial sweeteners, they actually relieve stomach aches!

  33. I love cloves use it for baking and its so good in BBQ sauces…fresh breathe is a bonus for sure

  34. I have been chewing it and enjoy it very much

  35. It actually tastes rather good

  36. Thanks this is perfect

  37. My friends thought i was silly carrying these little treats around till they tried them

  38. I think this is a great idea. I am going to try it as I usually use mouthwash. I do think whole cloves would be better. Thank you for the idea.

  39. A guy called Pliny the Elder, from around 20 AD, wrote that in 300 BC cloves were already being used for bad breath.

  40. So many health benefits,thanks for sharing with us !!

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