Cloves Whole for Fresh Breath

Do you usually carry a tin can filled with mints in your pocket to freshen your breath when needed? ย Next time you run out of mints save your tin can and head to the spice section at the food store to get some whole Cloves.

Cloves are dried unopened flower buds of the tropical clove tree. They have a strongly aromatic, sweetly pungent flavour and they are know for promoting digestion, treating flatulence, nausea, vomiting and of course getting rid of bad breath naturally.

Cloves instead of Mints for Fresh Breath

If you want to use them to freshen your breath just place a clove in your mouth and park it between your cheek and teeth. Try to chew it lightly for a minute or two and park it back in your cheek. Some people make a clove last almost an entire day in their mouths but I am usually done with it after about 10-30 minutes.

You can use Google to find some more information on Cloves and their known health benefits. ย Clove surely beats sugary mints or aspartame filled gum.

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