Have you been feeling extra stressed and anxious lately? 

You are not alone! Some weeks I feel like my body’s stress management system is working in overdrive. The state of the world right now doesn’t help, and anxiety creeps up on me. Add regular everyday life stressors, and things can get overwhelming.

Enter the new wearable stress relief and anxiety relief device I have been testing out, called Sensate

Sensate: Wearable Stress Relief Device Review

What is Sensate? 

Sensate is an easy to use, wearable device that uses the power of sonic resonance to help you calm your body’s natural system. The device vibrates and sends infrasonic waves through the chest to reach the vagus nerve that sits deep in the core of our nervous system.

The vagus nerve sits deep in the core of our nervous system, and it is responsible for the way our body reacts to stress. This important nerve is responsible for how our body responds to stressful situations and positive and negative experiences throughout our day. 

Toning this nerve can help improve our digestion, heart health, and breathing rate and help us cope with whatever stressors life throws at us. 

Positioning the Sensate on the chest bone, and allowing it to emit low-frequency resonant vibrations for as little as 10 minutes a day, turns the thoracic cavity into a resonating chamber. As a result, a pleasurable hum feeling spreads through the chest to help you enter a state of deep relaxation and meditation.

Sensate taps into the phenomenon of bone conduction. Your chest resonates sound, sending out a frequency that signals the vagus nerve to relax.

You can measure the function of your vagus nerve by measuring your heart rate variability (HRV). A good HRV result assumes a good vagal tone, so your nervous system will be more flexible and return to equilibrium faster after stress. 

Sensate: Wearable Stress Relief Device Review

Sensate: Wearable Stress Relief Device Review

Sensate: Wearable Stress Relief Device Review

Sensate: Wearable Stress Relief Device Review

What do you get in the box? 

  • Sensate 2 device
  • Detachable lanyard
  • Eye mask
  • Case
  • Charging cord
  • User Guide
  • (Note that you need to download the free “Sensate” app on your device to start a session). The Sensate connects via Bluetooth to your device.

My personal experience using Sensate.

Sensate: Wearable Stress Relief Device Review

Sensate: Wearable Stress Relief Device Review

I recently started meditation and using breathing and other relaxation techniques more often, so I was very interested in trying Sensate myself. Whenever I feel stress or anxiety, I feel it around the centre of my chest. It feels like there is intense pressure in the area. Sometimes it feels like there is a tight knot in that area of my body that needs some release.

Since that particular area is where I physically carry my stress/anxiety, I was very excited to use the Sensate device. 

You have to position the device on the centre line of your chest bone (around 3-4 fingers below the top of the bone). As you place it on your chest, you’ll feel when it is in the “right” spot for you. 

After receiving the Sensate in the mail, I downloaded the app on my phone, went upstairs to my quiet bedroom, and selected their Breathe H2Ohm 10 minute session as my first session. I enjoy water sounds as they are the most relaxing sounds, so I was happy with my choice. 

I wore the strap around my neck,  adjusted it, placed the device on my chest, closed my eyes, and listened to the sound while feeling the vibrations on my chest.

The vibrations are almost in tune with the music, and you can control the strength of the vibrations using the intensity slider on the app. 

As I felt the vibration, my first thought was that the location was exactly where I carry my stress. That spot feels tight and almost painful when I am feeling overwhelmed. So using the Sensate for those 10 minutes felt pleasant. I immediately felt less pressure and a lovely feeling of “lightness” that I usually don’t experience when doing a regular meditation on my own. 

I have now been using the device every day. I’ve tried different sounds, intensity levels, and times. I often go for the 10-minute session because of my schedule, but I can see the benefits of trying a more extended session once in a while. I feel like my relaxation levels are deeper after more extended sessions. 

The battery life is good to last me a week before needing to charge. A full charge takes about 4 hours. 

I have been trying to use the device at night before I go to sleep just because it is easier for me to stay consistent with a structured routine. I have noticed that I drift off to sleep faster and am more relaxed. This routine is working nicely for me, and I am so happy to continue to experience the long-term benefits of daily use. 

I am enjoying using Sensate daily. I can see the benefit, and my meditation routines are more pleasurable after using the device. 

I love that you don’t have to lay down to use it, and you can even use it on the go if you wish. 

So far, I am loving using the Sensate and will continue to use the device every day. I recommend using headphones and putting your phone in “don’t disturb”  mode to avoid interruptions while completing your session.

If you want more information about Sensate, you can visit their website. If you would like to try it out, use code ANGELAOSM for a $25US discount. You can try it for 40 days with a money-back guarantee. 

Sensate: Wearable Stress Relief Device Review

Disclosure: I received a Sensate device to facilitate this review. However, all views and opinions are 100% my own.