Winter weather doesn’t enticeΒ me to want to go outside. Its too cold to have fun and wear off much, if any energy, or its too wet and they are soaked within minutes and back in the house. I’m getting creative because my kids are driving me up the walls with their energy.

Finding ways to get their energy out safely in the house without wrecking the house calls for a little creativity.

 photo 8 energying busting activities_zpszmpx1voi.jpg

Twister is a great place to start.

You can use the actual game, or you can make your own with an old table cloth and markers.

Build a fort.

You might have to let go of any sort of organization or tidiness in your living room for the time being. Some blankets, pillows, cushions, and chair or two.


There might not be a lot of moving around to this one but kids love to help out.


A plain balloon is super fun for kids, and I admit I can’t <em>not</em>Β hit one if its coming towards me. Add another level of fun and slip notes into them for fun actions – pop the balloon – act like a ___.

Pretend to be…

Mom, if you want to sit long enough to enjoy a cup of coffee simply call out different animal names and let them walk around acting like animals. Think “action” version of Ole McDonald Had A Farm.

Red Light, Green Light

This is simple for moms like the one above. We like to say different ways to move, ie: crab walk, jump on one foot.

Freeze Dance.

Crank the music, and then pause it! Dancing to music is a great workout for moms too!

Simon Says.

My kids take turns being Simon, and then Momma steps in and calms them down before handing the reins back to them for extended fun. And my taking a turn keeps them from fighting too much.

For some more ideas to keep your kids busy and entertained you can check out my some of my boredom busters.

What do you do with your kids on cold snowy days or wet rainy days?