Assigning chores to young children is essential. Helping out at home and learning useful life skills allows them to feel like they can contribute at home while they learn about responsibility at the same time. Simple things like asking them to clean their toys when they are toddlers, to doing their own laundry as they get older, will help them become self-reliant teenagers and adults as they grow up.

Both of our boys have a list of chores that varies according to their age. They usually have a schedule, and they know what they should be doing daily. Some days we find a bit of resistant following through with some of the chores, but they are usually pretty good at taking care of what’s on their list.


Age-Appropriate Chores for Children

Age-Appropriate Chores for Children

Ages 2-3

– Assist in making their bed

– Pick up toys when playtime is over

– Bring dirty clothes to the laundry hamper

– Neatly pile their books

Ages 4-5

– Make the bed every morning

– Help set the table before dinner

– Water plants

– Clear the dinner table

– Clean small messes, such as picking up crumbs

– Help dust easy to reach surfaces

Ages 6-7

– Keep their bathroom tidy

– Sort laundry (try starting with just matching clean socks!)

– Help empty dishwasher and put dishes away

– Choose their daily outfit and get ready for each day independently (shower on their own)

Ages 8-9

– Help carry groceries from the car and help put away groceries

– Bring in the mail from mailbox daily

– Help sort recycling

– Assist in meal preparation (peeling potatoes, preparing salad, etc.)

– Clean their room independently

Ages 10-11

– Responsible for exercising pets once each day

– Wash dishes

– Swipe the floor after dinner every night

– Learn to use washer and dryer

Ages 12 and up

– Help wash family car (with supervision)

– Empty indoor trash cans, bring trash outside each week

– Babysit younger siblings

– Learn to use washer and dryer

I know some parents pay their children to do chores, however in our housework, they don’t get paid to help with the family housework. We believe that they need to feel like they are contributing to our family because they are part of the family and not just because they are interested in the allowance they get after doing their chores. They still get a weekly allowance, but it isn’t in exchange for them doing their chores.

Do you pay an allowance to your children to do their chores? Share your family’s experience below in the comments.