Avoiding Meltdowns when Shopping with Kids

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During the summer I have two shopping buddies that are always with me whenever I have to run errands at the mall or go grocery shopping.  Taking the boys shopping by myself can be challenging, but avoiding in-store meltdowns is possible. Below I am sharing a few tips to ensure shopping trips are pleasurable for all.

Avoiding Meltdowns when Shopping with Kids

Avoiding Meltdowns when Shopping with Kids

Plan ahead: Impromptu shopping trips don’t go so well for us. Picking the right time of day, when the kids are not hungry or tired is always important. I try to stick to shopping early in the morning when the stores are not very busy and the kids are not tired or cranky. They also are still full from eating breakfast so they are less likely to be hungry and asking for snacks while we shop.

Go to one store at a time: I try to limit shopping time and tackle one store per trip. Things don’t go too well when we spend the entire day shopping. I schedule different shopping trips during the week so shopping is not the main focus of a day. Doing something fun after shopping always keeps the guys happy and excited thinking ahead.

Avoiding Meltdowns when Shopping with Kids

Make the kids part of the shopping experience: If your children are older, get them to help you writing the shopping list, carrying the list while at the store and crossing out purchased items. They can even help picking the produce for you. Helping will make them feel useful and there is less chance of them getting bored.

Chat about expectations before you go:  Talk to your children before you head to the store, explain what you are going to do and talk to them about expectations and what you will be purchasing or not. Doing this always helps avoid melt-downs when walking by the toy/book aisles.

Use Interac Flash® to pay: Children can get impatient while waiting in line at the cashier. By that point they are often tired and getting out of the store in a flash is often on my mind. I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten my PIN number when paying and having the kids yelling or fighting while I deal with it all can be chaotic. So whenever possible I pay using Interac Flash because it is fast, easy and secure. I love that I don’t need to remember PIN numbers or fumble around looking for cash in my purse, so convenient!

If you are not using Interac Flash already then be sure to visit interac.ca/flash for more information.

Avoiding Meltdowns when Shopping with Kids

How do you avoid melt-downs when shopping with your children? Share your own tips below!

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15 responses to “Avoiding Meltdowns when Shopping with Kids”

  1. Good tips for shopping with kids. I often had 3 or 4 of mine with me when I went shopping – not an easy task but no one else was home so there was no other alternative. I only had trouble with one of mine once. My daughter was about 4 yrs old and wanted something that I wasn’t willing to buy for her. She laid on the floor in the shop and had a tantrum. So I walked away, just around the corner so she couldn’t see me but I could see her. A short time later she looked up and around and then started to get panic in her eyes, which of course is when I went back to get her. I talked to her about it and she never tried that on me again.

    • Sometimes that’s what you have to do when they are not listening and having a big tamtrum!

  2. Planning was always key for me. Great advise.

  3. I was pretty lucky with my two shopping, however bring snacks and planning to go when they are not tired is always a plus.

  4. Great post! Although meltdowns haven’t been an issue ( I was lucky this time round lol), I’ve witnessed many while out…

  5. Important to prevent anything before hand!

  6. Talking about expectations while out is so important prior to going on any trip (whether shopping, dining out, going to an attraction, etc.). Great tips!

  7. These really are great tips. Making sure everyone is full, comfortable and well hydrated helps a shopping trip go more smoothly.

  8. Good tips! I also plan ahead and make a list so that my time in the store is most efficient.

  9. Awe,what a cart full of handsomeness!

  10. Thanks for the awesome tips. It can definitely be a challenge.

  11. I think that you have to plan the whole trip. Sticking to visit one store per trip seems to me to be very important. Small children are easily bored (unless they are eating candy on the sly} and your tips are very sensible and invaluable. Thank you.

  12. These are great tips. Shopping with young kids is definitely a challenge… I also find that I have to manage my OWN expectations before we go!

  13. I was reading your tips again and I realized that your tips are sensible, doable and can really work. My oldest daughter, with four young children, had to travel with them as her husband worked away from home all day.
    She had a way of keeping them safe and reasonably quiet. They all held on to the shopping cart and were really well behaved. I still admire her courage and patience, born out of necessity.

  14. I also like to bring a snack for kiddo to keep him distracted/busy while I shop!

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