The true character of society is revealed in how it treats its children – Nelson Mandela

Children are our greatest treasure, and we have to protect them. We have to do better. It is heartbreaking to learn about what has been happening in American schools. Innocent children are being killed at their schools, where they are supposed to feel safe, where they go to learn, to grow…

Families are being destroyed in a second,  lives changed forever, and innocent children are left with heavy trauma, PTSD, and life-altering wounds.  

Something is terribly wrong with how things are being done in our society, and there needs to be a big change. Whether the solution lies in gun control, prioritizing mental health, bullying prevention/intervention, etc., or all of the above, we have clear that something has to be done NOW. 

School shootings and massacres are becoming a common occurrence, and this is not o.k. But, we have to do better.

My heart is with the families affected by these tragedies and our children.  It is not easy to explain these things to little ones. It is heartbreaking to explain how something like this can happen at a school. 

I hope we see reform and real change happening soon because there is no future without our children.

Our children are the future! 

Stay safe.