By Contributor Kira Thompson

It’s that time of year again. The weather is getting cooler, at least here in New England, and the the days are getting shorter. The crisp air is perfect for hoodies and hot cider. It’s Apple Season! We love this time of year. It’s the time where we try to get in as much outdoor activity as possible before winter sneaks in and sends us back inside.

As a preschool teacher, I incorporate apples in my September lesson plans. Not only do we eat apples, we use them for everything! Apples, apples and more apples. We take the kiddos apple picking every year around mid September and it’s a blast every time. We really get into apple picking and always pick way more apples than we intend to but they never go to waste!


In the spirit of Apple Season I want to share one of my favorite “apple activities” we do with the kids.

Apple Math

We use apple shapes to teach the kids about numbers. Kids love the visual and when they’re done it becomes an adorable way to decorate for the season.

You will need:
1) One piece of red, green and yellow construction paper
2) Two or three pieces of brown construction paper (depending on how many kids)
3) Glue sticks
4) Scissors
5) Black Marker

You will need to draw your best apple shape on the red piece of paper (you’re doing this for toddlers or preschoolers so they won’t judge if it’s not perfect). Cut out the apple and trace and cut as many apples as you can fit on the rest of the red, yellow and green construction paper. You should have a decent pile.

Next with the brown paper draw your best basket (again, no one will judge). You’ll need one basket per child.

Once you have all your supplies the fun begins. Pick a number for the child (or let them pick their own). You can write the number on the front or back of the basket. The choice is yours. Then have the child count out that number of apples. They can then glue them onto their basket. That simple. You get a learning exercise and an art project in one!


Take Apple Season and run with it. Apples can be used in so many deliciously creative ways. Let the kids explore and see what you can come up with. Happy picking!