One thing we don’t want to cancel this year… Halloween!

We love October and of course, Halloween time, and even though it is going to look different this year like everything else is looking different during this pandemic, there is no need to cancel it.

We are still celebrating Halloween and making it fun for the boys. Trick or treating will be cancelled, unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have any fun leading up to Halloween and on Halloween night. 

Decorate your home.

We decorate our home every year with some simple but festive decorations inside the house and usually add some Halloween touches to our front door stoop as well. We don’t go all out, but we still like adding some minimal touches to mark the season. 

Have fun decorating this year!

Carve a pumpkin.

Something fun we do every year is carving our pumpkins as a family. It is a fun tradition, and we are excited to do the same this year. Do you carve pumpkins every year as well?

We also love toasting the pumpkin seeds afterwards to make a yummy snackβ€”Cant’ wait.

Get a fun costume, even better, make a fun costume with the kids.

There is no reason not to dress up on Halloween. It is true you probably won’t be going anywhere dressed up, but you can have fun dressing up as a family. To make it even more fun, try to make all your own costumes this year. Get creative and make some fun, unique costumes. There are so many great DIYs on YouTube and online blogs.

You can also work on Halloween crafts with the kids.

Have a Zoom Halloween costume party with friends.

Another reason to dress up. Set up a fun Halloween Zoom party with friends. You can do a kids version with your kids and their friends, and host an adult party later in the night as well. Houseparty games, a glass of vino, some chocolate and funny costumes sound so fun!  

Visit the pumpkin patch, safely. If you are comfortable.

If you are comfortable, head to your favourite local pumpkin patch to pick up your pumpkins to carve. We may try to go during non-rush times if we find a good day. Be sure to pack the basics, masks for everyone, and hand sanitizer, and keep your distance.

Make some popcorn and watch some fun Halloween movies.

Scary movies your thing? Make some popcorn, (this is how to easily make it in a brown paper bag in the microwave), and pick your favourite Halloween movies for the night. There are so many great movies to stream on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, or whatever other streaming services you subscribe to. 

One of our favourite family-friendly movies?  Hotel Transylvania! 

Get some candy and snacks to share!

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without the candy. Since we are not going trick or treating and getting random candy from people, this is the chance to pick the candy you like and get some high-quality chocolate and candy in smaller portions instead. You can pick your favourite candy or try something new. You can even make it a real treat and get a box of gourmet chocolate to share with the family instead. Yum!

You can also make some healthy fruit Halloween themed snacks. Super cute and the kids would love them! The Boo-nanas and Jack-o-lanterns are always a hit in my house!

How are you celebrating Halloween this year?