Exploring Burnaby Lake Park

Exploring Burnaby Lake Park

The sun has been shining in Vancouver and the weather couldn’t be nicer. Every weekend we try to go for a family hike or nature walk and we explore a new park or lake in the city. Today we ended up going to Burnaby Lake Park with the boys.

This stunning regional park is located right in the heart of Burnaby and it is a sanctuary of a variety of wildlife including some pretty rare birds. We spent some time feeding the geese and ducks and we even hand fed some beautiful and incredibly tame red wing blackbirds. If you are stopping by the lake I highly recommend taking some bird seed with you.

The viewing tower is a great place to get a bird’s-eye view of the lake and for spotting wildlife. Burnaby Lake also has a rowing course that is suitable for canoeing, kayaking and rowing training. The rowing pavilion at Burnaby Lake Sports Complex has change rooms and a public canoe launch.

Below a few photos from our little outing. If you live in the city or have plans to visit I definitely recommend you stop by this park during the summer.

Exploring Burnaby Lake Park

Exploring Burnaby Lake Park

Exploring Burnaby Lake Park

Exploring Burnaby Lake Park

Exploring Burnaby Lake Park

Exploring Burnaby Lake Park

Exploring Burnaby Lake Park


Burnaby Lake is a amazing haven for wildlife and people, you will find fish, ducks, geese songbirds, and more. Wondering about the benefits of family hiking? Read one of our latest articles with the top 3 health benefits of family hiking HERE.

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  1. Great photos, looks like lots of fun for all!

  2. Stunning photos! Gotta love the great outdoors!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Must be fun getting close to the birds.

  4. Great photos, love that some birds were tame enough to eat out of your hands, kids love that. 🙂

  5. Those are great photos! Haven’t been to that park in ages. Must put it on the list for this summer as it is relatively close.

  6. Those are beautiful photos! It’s always fun to enjoy the birds and wildlife.

  7. Thanks for sharing your video it was beautiful!

  8. Such a beautiful park. Children always love ducks!

  9. what a fabulous way to pass the time

  10. I remember when my oldest was about 18mths we were going sailing as a group. I’d got him ready and was then getting myself ready when I hear screaming outside. Sure enough my son had wanted to walk over the leaves to the ducks – unfortunately they were on the water! Thankfully I’d insisted that he wear a life jacket whenever we were near water. Others scoffed at the idea but it was money well spent on just that one day.

  11. Wow this lake is beautiful and I can’t believe that the birds ate out of your hands plus that wood pathway seems to go on forever. This place is amazing !

  12. What a BEAUTIFUL park! And it is always such a great feeling for the kids when they can get so close to wildlife like that. Heck, I love it when they are that tame too, lol.

  13. This looks like a beautiful park! I love to visit anywhere with water and wildlife.

  14. Looks like the perfect family destination for a day trip. I love getting outdoors with my kids.

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