Flying with Kids, How to Entertain Them

Our family travels a lot. My husband and I have flown all over the world with the boys since they were babies and we love jumping on a plane whenever a travel opportunity arises. We travel so much that flying with the two kids is getting easier and easier and we have found some great ways to keep them happy and entertained while waiting for our plane to board or while flying.

Keep reading for some of our tips to help you entertain your children when flying.

Flying with kids? How to entertain them!

Flying with Kids, How to Entertain Them

Crayola, Color Wonder Mess-Free Colouring Kit: The ideal art activity for on-the-go coloring or anywhere mess can be a concern. We got a kit for each kid and they use it at the airport when we have to wait for boarding and when we are flying.  The kit includes a 12-page Color Wonder activity book, 4 Color Wonder mini markers, and a storage case.

iPad filled with their favourite Netflix series and movies: We download their favourites the night before leaving for them to watch in no WiFi zones like the plane. Netflix members all over the world can now download Netflix series and films to their phones or tablets, at no extra cost. Netflix on the go is perfect for when you are traveling, stuck in an airplane for hours or somewhere with no WiFi available. Want to set it up for an upcoming trip? This post has step by step instructions on how you can start downloading.

Bring Magazines: The boys have a subscription to Chirp Magazine and the Free LEGO Lifestyle Magazine and I usually save and bring copies of both for the boys to read. Interactive magazines with puzzles, crosswords, comics and colouring activities are perfect to keep my eldest entertained for hours.

Lots of snacks: Eating always keeps my boys happy and quiet! I usually pack a small bag with a bunch of small snacks that take a while to eat, think cereal, fishy crackers, nuts, granola bars. I give them the healthy snacks and often pack a lollipop or some small candy in my own bag as a treat to offer when they are getting restless or losing their patience.

Small Toys: A bag of small toys from home can really help keep kids entertained. I often pack a few of their Hot Wheel cars in a bag with some LEGO figures and let their imagination go wild.

Sticker Activity Books: Sticker books are a big hit with toddlers and even older children. They are mess free and are fun and easy for kids to do. We always bring a couple of DK Sticker Books with us when traveling.

Do you also travel with kids often? Do you have any other tips to add? Comment below if you do! Would love to hear your tried-an-true tips!

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Netflix and I am part of the StreatTeam. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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15 responses to “Flying with Kids, How to Entertain Them”

  1. More or less what we did with our 7. You have to be well prepared to prevent boredom and tears from creeping in.

  2. Lots of great tips!

  3. This is a great list! My parents entertained us with colouring books, games, word puzzles and so much more when we were growing up. We flew quite a lot.

  4. These are all great tips and ideas and they can also be used for road trips as well, a busy and occupied child is a happy child!!

  5. Can’t go wrong with devices, but when that’s not an option, sticker books have always been a hit!

    Great post!

  6. Our children are adults now so entertaining is not a problem. I read all your tips and thought that they are really relevant and useful. Thank you for sharing these helpful tips.

  7. Preparation is definitely important. We often fly overnight so that the kids are more likely to sleep on the plane.

  8. I am normally one to limit screen time, but when travelling, I say use it; especially iPads. My BFF just recently travelled to Hawaii with her son who is 2.5 years old; she told me that the old iPad I gave her (my boys have newer models) was a life-saver as he could watch his shows (like Paw Patrol and Daniel Tiger) and play games on the 5 hour flight.

  9. When I was a kid, I was quite content with coloring books.

  10. This is something I learned from your blog, the travelling tips with kids. I’ve never flown before so when I do I will definitely need some of these tips and tricks! Thank you for all the ideas regarding small toys, a sticker book. The iPad with Netflix etc. All ideas are great ideas! Thank you

  11. good idea about sticker activity books! those can entertain for a long time !

  12. I can also entertain my own inner kid, netflix for the win!

  13. You’ve got great advice and tips for parents with young kids. I wish I could travel like you and your family

  14. I don’t know if anyone is still reading this but when mine were a little younger I would keep a mystery bag. I would buy little things that they’d like (littlest pet show, books, stickers, small toys, tattoo pens, treats, etc.) and hide them so that when we were on the plane, or on a long road trip I could pull out a new surprise. Because each thing was new and exciting it really worked. Also saved movies they hadn’t seen so it would hold their attention more.

  15. My kids have been flying since they could walk. We had 1 really bad flight, where my son cried for 4 hours when he was 11 months. The looks were awful, I tried everything but he just would not sleep and was passed exhausted. Id still relive that just to go somewhere again. They are very good flyers, even the 8 hour plane ride, I suppose a one off I can’t complain about. Being prepared is definitely key but sometimes nothing works.

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