Adventures of Little: Wean Green Wean Cubes Review {Giveaway}

Wean Green Cubes

Adventures of Little is an online boutique based in AB, Canada with a focus on offering cloth diapers, natural body products, natural laundry products and fun green accessories for parents and little ones.

They carry a wonderful selection of brands including Aden and Anais, AMP Diapers, BumGenius, Delish Naturals, OrganicKidz, The Laundry Tarts and more.  I had a chance to receive a pack of their Wean Green Cubes for review and I love that they also carry eco-chic Wean Green products.

Wean Green Cubes

The Wean Cubes come in a pack of four (4 oz) tempered glass food containers with colourful lids. These cute little containers are a safe way to transport and store food for your child, from infancy to toddlerhood and beyond!

Wean Green Cubes are BPA/PVC/Phthalates free and they are made from 100% recyclable glass that can go in the dishwasher and microwave (except the lid).  They are also freezer safe and are fabulous for storying home made baby food.

Wean Green Cubes Fruit

I found the Wean Cubes are the perfect size for packing toddler snacks on the go. They keep cereal, fruits, vegetables and other snacks from spilling all over my purse.

Once your child is older you can also use them for storing salad dressings, sauces, kitchen spices and more. The Wean Cubes really grow with your child and they are a must have for any modern parent.

I definitively recommend you visit Adventures of Little to find more information on their Wean Green products including their Wean Green Lunch Cubes, those are the perfect size to carry lunch on the go! Plus you can browse their large selection of green, eco-friendly products.

Win it: One lucky CAN reader will win a set of Wean Green Cubes like the ones I reviewed above. Enter to win below via Rafflecopter. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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  1. Feeling threads custom selections are really nice for kids!

    • They are all one of a kind as well as made with love by my favorite Baba. High quality fabrics with superior construction. My girls live in their FeelingThreads clothes.

  2. I would love to win this, they look so cool could use some of these

  3. Wool Dryer Balls by Nurtured Sew Naturally

  4. Love the Wean Cubes! Been meaning to get some for the kids!

  5. I love all the different baby accessories that Adventures of Little sell especially the Adan and Anais muslin products! They are expensive but oh so soft!

  6. actually really love the wean cubes

  7. My favorite product is the Golly Gee! Baby Mod Mommy Bag. I think I like the Groovy Guitars pattern best.

  8. I like the chewbeads, they would be great for my son.

  9. Wean cubes and the wool dryer balls!

  10. I like the ava diaper bag

    • The Ava is my fav bag…my babes are no longer babes but it the perfect bag for commuting with kids, going to their activities etc…and its looks amazing!

  11. Everything in their natural products section but especially the wool dryer balls.

  12. Got be the wean cubes! Just the perfect size. Love ’em.

  13. after sun aloe spray

  14. Delish Naturals Hippy Pits!

  15. Love the litterless lunches!

  16. wean cubes

  17. Love the Wean cubes!!

  18. Love love the Baltic Amber Adult Necklaces

  19. Sling Sisters lunch sacks

  20. I like the cubes and the Aden and Anais muslin products.

  21. In addition to the Wean Cubes, I love the Wean Green Lunch Cubes.

  22. Really love the wean cubes!

  23. I love the Aden & Anais swaddles.

  24. I like the OrganicKidz Stainless Steel Food Containers.

  25. Great Clearance Section!

  26. I love the Wean Green Cubes, but also the Ava Diaper Bag.

  27. What don’t I love from Adventures of Little?! AMP diapers, wean green, Sling sister bags, Laundry tarts detergent, the list is endless! Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. this would come in handy for baby items

  29. wean cubes + aloe spray 🙂

  30. Brimwear Glass Containers

  31. I would love to have this!! my favourites are the Wean Green Cubes!!

  32. I think the reusable snack bags: Snack Happened by Itzy Ritzy are so clever.

  33. Sling Sister bags. So many nice things!

  34. Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

  35. I like the Ava diaper bag.

  36. I like the Ava Insulated Cooler!

  37. I like the organikids stainless steel food containers

  38. Interesting enough I am thinking about Delish Naturals Hippy Pits. Has anyone gone to natural deodorant? I should seek out a review.

    • The deodorant is great. I personally use it. It is very different from the typical store bought…even the “natural” store bought. Instead of slather it on, you just need to dab lightly. The essential oils provide an antifungal/antibacteria base with an appealing scent. You still sweat as deodorant doesn’t block your glands, but it in a healthy way.

  39. Aden and Anais Swaddles!

  40. My favorite product is the Fuzzibunz Perfect Size Diapers

  41. Brinware glass container (school of fisher) for sandwiches

  42. I love the Luna Leggings and Gotcha Briefs for girls.

  43. love the wean cubes love to win these

  44. I love the adan + anais products!!!

  45. I want to try one of these Tots Bots Stretch Bamboozles!

  46. Golly Gee! Baby Mod Mommy Bags

  47. i like the sleep sack

  48. wean cubes

  49. Brinware Glass Storage Container. thanks

  50. Visited Adventures of Little and my favourite product from their store is “Delish Naturals Hippy Pits”

  51. My faves are the Wean Cubes, Baltic Amber Necklaces and the Bummis Tote Bags.

  52. I like Bummas Eco-Friendly Cloth Diaper Wipes

  53. Love the Wean Cubes, but the Katherine Changing Clutch is really stylish!

  54. Delish Naturals Simply Soap Multipurpose Wipe Solution

  55. I like the OrganicKidz Stainless Steel Food Containers

  56. the ava diaper bag is sweet

  57. my favorite item from their store is the tots bots stretch bamboozle fitted diaper!

  58. These wean cubes will help my family eat healthier

  59. I like their Delish Naturals Simply Soap Multipurpose Wipe Solution

  60. the sleep sack

  61. I have always wanted to try the Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

  62. I love the muslin blankets

  63. Chewbeads look fun.

  64. Wool Dryer Balls

  65. Perfect for little snacks!

  66. The wean cubes!

  67. I love the idea of the wool dryer balls, sounds like a great idea.

  68. Of course wean green products would be my favorite, but I also like the AMP Duo pocket diapers.

  69. I like the “AVA INSULATED COOLER.”

  70. The Hippy Pits product looks great and fun name!

  71. i love that they have cloth diapers! got my eye on a lovelybums wool cover!

  72. OrganicKidz Stainless Steel Food Containers

  73. I love the Aden & Anais Bamboo Muslin Swaddles.

  74. I love the Nurtured Sew Naturally wool dryer balls. Those colours are just too cheerful!

    • Thanks! They’re custom made for the store in the brightest, most energetic colours possible!

  75. Wean CUBES!

  76. i like the happy pits deodourant

  77. I love the Ava Insulated Cooler.

  78. the after sunny aloe spray

  79. I would like the Ava Insulated cooler

  80. I like the Clean and Soft Gift pack

  81. Ava diaper bag

  82. I found the greeting cards to be very nice, along with everything else of course.

  83. Wean cubes ! Love them

  84. These look awesome! I love having glass to be able to warm good up in.

  85. I like the Ava Diaper Bag

  86. With having to pack 3 lunches every day for my daughters, the OrganicKidz Stainless Steel Food Containers would definitely come in handy!

    So would the Wean Green cubes so thanks for the chance to win!

  87. There is so much to like on the Adventures of Little website! I especially like all the organic items that are available like the diapers and Loveybums covers!

  88. I like the chewbeads Bleecker Necklace — pretty colours.

  89. I love the After Sun Aloe Spray,easy to carry and use.

  90. anything aden and anais!

  91. Like the Organic Kids Stainless Steel Food Containers

  92. OrganicKidz Stainless Steel Food Containers

  93. My favourite is the Delish Naturals Hippy Pits product.

  94. I like the flip Day Time Organic Cotton Day Pack.

  95. I love their litterless lunch containers and bags very cute!

  96. I love the Wean Green products!

  97. I like their reusable snack bags 🙂

  98. fav products are the diaper bags, coolers, etc.

  99. I like the Delish Naturals Super Woolie Wash Bars.

  100. I like several of their bags

  101. I visited the site Adventures of Little and I loved do much! If I had to pick one thing, it would be the Fav Mama Gift pack… Be aide it would be great to get a gift for Mama for a change!

  102. would like to try Delish Naturals Pucker Lip Balm

  103. I really like the Clean and Soft Gift Pack

  104. Love me some wool dryer balls!

  105. i love the bigger containers!!!! great product!~!

  106. I like their After Sunny Aloe Spray.

  107. The after sunny Aloe spray product.

  108. I like their wean cubes and the wool dryer balls

  109. Hippy Pits. *giggle*

  110. Vivien Diaper Bag

  111. I like the Wean Green Lunch Cubes

  112. Love the wean cubes!

  113. I love their wool dryer balls

  114. wean cubes & dryer balls

  115. I love the AMP Pail Liners!

  116. They are so cute, and would be perfect for small snacks or salad dressings and sauces.

  117. I like the Baltic Amber teething necklaces.

  118. Laundry Tarts

  119. delish naturals hippy pits

  120. Love these cubes!

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  127. Delish Naturals Glam Glow Brown Sugar Scrub

  128. I like the chew beads. I’ve been looking for some but haven’t totally loved any but these!

  129. Wean Green Lunch Cubes are great So are the wet bags

  130. The wean cubes are great for snacks! This will make it great for now that my girl I starting preschool!

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  132. The teething jewellery is really cute!

  133. love the Ava Insulated Cooler…

  134. I love these cubes I am trying to convert to all tempered glass storage containers!

  135. What a great product – so handy !!!

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  137. I liked the Brown sugar Scrubbie Bars.

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  148. Great info. Lucky me I recently found your blog by chance (stumbleupon).
    I’ve saved as a favorite for later!

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