Discoveroo: Australian Wooden Toys – Farm Set Review

Discoveroo Farm

We are big fans of wooden toys for our son and we found the perfect wooden Farm Set for children. Discoveroo offers a beautiful classic wooden Farm Set, featuring a tractor, 2 trailers, the farmer, a cow, a pig, 4 hay bails, a rake and a shovel.

The Farm Set is very colorful and it is designed specially for little hands. We love the attention to detail on each of the pieces and how the entire set is durable and high quality.

All Discoveroo products are made from 100% plantation woods and they are designed to encourage creative play. Awesome!

Our son loves his Discoveroo Farm Set and he enjoys loading the animals and the hay bails in the tractor and trailers and putting the farmer in the driver’s seat. He loves playing with trains and cars and the Farm Set is definitively one of his favorites right now.

Discoveroo Farm Set

We love natural and simple toys because they help stimulate the senses and stir up imagination. Discoveroo offers a selection of affordable and sustainable wooden toys that provide a great learning environment for children.

If you are a fan of wooden toys I encourage you to visit Bug in A Rug, the official North American distributor for Discoveroo products. They have a great selection of Discoveroo wooden toys for all ages.

Buy it: ($34.99) You can purchase the Discoveroo Farm Set online at Bug in A Rug.

Win it: One very  lucky US/CAN reader will win a Discoveroo Farm set like the one I reviewed. Enter to win below via Rafflecopter.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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158 responses to “Discoveroo: Australian Wooden Toys – Farm Set Review”

  1. My son would love this!!

    • I think the music fruit would give me five minutes of peace!

  2. I love Big Goose “Auguste”!!!

  3. I really like the Music Fruit – but the Race track looks nice & easy & small too! 🙂

  4. i love the music fruit

  5. I like the wooden farm set that’s shown

  6. I really like the Patisserie Set.

  7. The farm set!

  8. sophie the giraffe

  9. I like the Music Fruit

  10. ohhh! Sophie Le Giraffe. we have the giraffe but didn’t know there was a book 🙂

  11. The wooden farm set is the cutest!!

  12. I love the Sophie the Giraffe Set!

  13. Sophie the Giraffe!

  14. Love the music fruit! Actually all of their stuff is cute!

  15. Music fruit!

  16. Sophie the giraffe 🙂

  17. Nothing beats Sophie the Giraffe.. my son couldn’t go anywhere without it!!

  18. Sophie the Giraffe (Gift Box)

  19. I am loving anything wood these days. But my fav would be the racetrack or music fruit.

  20. windmill stacaroo

  21. love the true story of sophie book!

  22. August 29-I really loved their
    Farm set.-el03ro

  23. It would have to be the big goose

  24. i like the Windmill Stackeroo

  25. i like the patisserie set

  26. Sorteroo Truck : My nephew would love this shape teaching truck!

  27. I love the Rabbit “Milou”- so dang cute!

  28. I love the Donkey “Charly”

  29. Love the Sorteroo Truck

  30. I really like the Windmill Stackeroo!

  31. The music fruit set

  32. Sophie of course!

  33. My favorite is the Patisserie Set.

  34. I love the music fruit.

  35. My grandson would love the Racetrack Set .

  36. Bath Oasis

  37. Sophie the giraffe and the book to be released!

  38. My favourite is the Sophie the Giraffe Set.

  39. I think the Patisserie Set is super cute!

  40. I like the Racetrack Set.

  41. I love Sophie the Giraffe!

  42. Music Fruit debbie jackson,
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  43. Our favourite is Sophie the Giraffe. My granddaughter loves Sophie!

  44. I also really like their Racetrack Set.

  45. music fruit

  46. All four of my children loved “Sophie the Giraffe”.

  47. Love the farm set but how cute is that Patisserie set!

  48. love the racetrack set <3

  49. I love ‘Sophie the Giraffe’

    annae07at aol dot com

  50. I like the Hevea toys and teethers

  51. I love sophie the giant stuffed giraffe.

  52. I like the Sophie the Giraffe Multi-Textured Rattle

  53. I like the Safe Sippy 2

  54. The teethers look awesome!:)

  55. I love the teethers!

  56. The Patisserie Set looks like a lot of fun.

  57. Patisserie Set!

  58. I love the Music Fruit set! So cute!

  59. I love the Big Goose “Auguste”

  60. i like The Patisserie Set

  61. I like the Big Goose “Auguste” plush

  62. Tethers!

  63. I love Sophie the Giraffe

  64. I love the sorteroo truck

  65. I love music fruit set, from mei ling liu

  66. We have her all ready but the next grandbaby will have one too. SOPHIE is awesome!

  67. Big Goose “Auguste” is what i would love for my baby!

  68. Windmill Stackeroo

  69. I really like the farm set, but that may be because we NEED it! But we also really like the Chan Pie Gnon teethers, just added it to our registery

  70. I like the spuds inc open cup. My daughter wants to drink out of a glass and this would maybe prevent us from having to hold the glass for her.

  71. I love the music fruit toy!

  72. i like the Sophie SO PURE Teether

  73. Big Goose “Auguste”

  74. I love the Music Fruit

  75. Music Fruit!

  76. Great.

    I also the stackable windmill.

  77. I love the Sophie the Giraffe

  78. The Patisserie Set is super adorable…but my son would much rather the Racetrack Set 🙂

  79. i’ve heard great things about the safe sippy 2, so i’d like to give that a try one day! 🙂

  80. My favourite toy on their website is the Racetrack Set.
    rafflecopter name: Lisa K

  81. Sophie the Giraffe

  82. I like Sophie the giraffe.

  83. I love the rainbow sorter.

  84. I like the Racetrack Set

  85. I love the racetrack set!

  86. I love the look of the Spudz open plate and bowl.

  87. Love the windmill stackeroo!

  88. My son would also love the Music Fruit!

  89. I like the Windmill Stackeroo

  90. I like the Racetrack Set – – Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  91. My favorite is the music fruit set

  92. I love the racetrack set & Sophie teether!

  93. I like the race track set – I think my little guy would love playing with the little cars!

  94. I like the Sorteroo Truck .

  95. I like the Sophie SO PURE Teether.

  96. I loved Sheep “Hilde” , looks so cute and cuddly too

  97. So much to choose from but I picked Elk “Elmar” as my favorite toy from the Bug in a Rug online selection.

  98. i like the music fruit set

  99. I really like the Sophie Dish Set

  100. i have little guy who would love t win this for the holiday
    and then it would be great for hijm

  101. I really like the Hevea PANDA teether 3 months +

  102. i love the music fruit!! so cute!

  103. love the “mahatma” toy

  104. Big Goose Auguste! Thanks.

  105. Hmm. For me it is a toss up between the music fruit and the racetrack. I think my little ones would love both!

  106. I love the sorteroo truck but the molar muncher could be very useful too

  107. We like the music fruit.

  108. I like the sorteroo truck – that would be cool to win for my grandson!

  109. Wow! love the farm set. I love wooden toys and I have never seen a farm set before SO CUTE!

  110. The Patisserie Set is so cute

  111. I like the Patisserie Set

  112. I like their Music Fruit set.

  113. The sophie dish set is cute! 🙂

  114. windmill stackeroo

  115. I had no idea there is soooo much Sophie product out there!!! We have 4 pieces but there are so many other cool pieces. Especially the bath toys and the new book

  116. i like the Sophie the Giraffe (Gift Box)! and the Big Goose “Auguste”!

  117. I like the racetrack set. Thanks for the chance.

  118. We like the music fruit.

  119. I love the music fruit!

  120. I like the racetrack set 🙂

  121. safe sporter!

  122. I like the Sophie Dish set.

  123. the music fruit!

  124. Love the Spuds Inc. – Utensil Set!

  125. My daughter would love the Music Fruit set!


  126. My kids would like the music fruit!

  127. My favorite toy that I would love to get is the Sorteroo Truck for my little guy so he can learn his colors and shapes while he plays.

  128. I like the Patisserie Set 🙂


  129. Sophie the Giraffe Fabric Rattle

  130. I like the Patisserie Set.

  131. my almost 3 yr old would love this! the farm set would be her favourite!

  132. Anything Sophie Giraffe! 🙂

  133. The Hevea PANDA teether

  134. My son would love to win this.

  135. Farm Set!

  136. The Construction Set is my favorite.

  137. The Windmill Stackeroo is adorable!

  138. I LOVE the Patisserie Set!! So sweet!!!

  139. I like the six car set

  140. I really like the Music Fruit set. Nex would be the Farm Set. Both look like great fun for my 2 year old.

  141. The Music Fruit is adorable!

  142. I love the little Patisserie Set

  143. I’m loving the Patisserie Set!

  144. My son would love Crocodile “Mahatma”

  145. I like the music set.

  146. I like the wooden racetrack set, also!

  147. I love the farm set and the sorteroo truck!

  148. My little boy would love this!,

  149. music fruit

  150. I like the construction set!

  151. I love Sophie the Giraffe!

  152. The windmill stackaroo 🙂

  153. I love wooden toys for children, they were very popular in Europe when my kids were young and we lived there.

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